Finally, got this project closed.

It's tiring, but I guess it's worth it.

Within hours after I posted the photos (cropped and adjusted from the Mun Choong Year Book 1995) my Gmail inbox hasn't been free.

Yes, 63 conversations (and growing) were what I getting and

One of the conversation has 41 threads - means I processed at least 150 mails!

Yes, I was really busy approving photo-tagging, new friends request, replying comment... etc

It's nice to see some of the school mates gathered together again (in a way)

I dunno what I'm procrastinating about, for 6F's gathering.

Perhaps I should outsource everything to my so called assistant.

And another thing, the comment on the photo album is totalling 83 comments with 154 persons tagged.

Which draws to only one conclusion:

Facebook is powerful and dangerous!