Second trip to Genting... to chill out :)

Photo taken as I stepped out from the car park

Not short after I met my grandparents, my uncle asked me to go up the hill.

Hmmm... first time testing my Kelisa to go up the hill hill.

After we went up the hill (for him to buy 4D -_- ), we went to Chin Swee Temple.

The road - American style at Chin Swee Temple

"Tian Tan" - really like in the sky liao.

Like in heaven fairyland (That sounds more suitable, Ron, thanks :) )

Looks like Genting has less and less trees

A view from observation tower.. further away is the cable car station

And like last week, it rained around the same time...

P/S: Oh ya, my Kelisa is capable to go up the hill without issue :)

Maybe that means I'm light (i.e. not fat) enough as well. muahahahahah

Yesterday went to grandpa's second house at Genting (Gohtong Jaya). He and grandma would go there because the weather condition there is better for his health.

The reason I went there was because their TV channels had lost tune.

His condo is hard to get a parking, therefore I parked at the restaurant beside the condo. The photo was taken when I was out of the parking bay.

And when I arrived at the lift at his block, it requires card access before you could press the lift button. I called up my uncle to come down. While waiting for him, I took another photo.

After I had fixed the channels, it started raining. And what the fog! (took from the window of my grandpa's condo)

After it stopped raining, I accompanied my uncle to take his late lunch nearby. It's a restaurant area which normal tourist won't go. It's meant for the workers there. Therefore the price are very reasonable :)

A shot taken after the lunch session (erm, I didn't eat lo), while waiting for him to start the car.

I farewell-ed to grandpa+ma and uncle about half an hour we returned from lunch session. It started raining again, so what the fog again.

I love this shot. The rain, the wind, the coldness reminded me of the weather in UK!


I gained a lot from this trip.

1) It is the first time, I felt enjoying driving up to Genting
2) The car had no major issue 'climbing' up the hill. (maybe it's because it's just me alone, and it's just half the hill)
3) Sometimes, looks like even Proton Gen2 and Wira is struggling while my little Kelisa was climbing!
4) I felt really relax (maybe becos of the weather), forgetting the tireness I gained from the weekday :)
5) And I had the thought like: "Why not I go there every weekend? Kinda good for destress it seems"

Lotsa things been going on in the past two months in my life.

I must say at this point of time, everything is back on track(especially the new job), if not, almost.

Thanks for all the supports. Love you all. Muaks.

P/S: On the other hand, I guess my friend, Kitty (a.k.a Yin Fong) had finally back on track also. Good to hear that. And am honoured to be part of the 'helper'

This video was recorded in the studio. All the Beatles members looked so sad.

FYI #1: The Long and Winding Road is one of the songs from their last recorded album, before the split up
FYI #2: The song was "inspired by the growing tension between The Beatles at the time". see Wikipedia for more info

And personally, I really dunno why the heck Yoko Ono was sitting inside the studio, beside John, it's just distracting.

One of the most innovative album in the history - The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band celebrated its 40th birthday on 1/6/07. BBC gathered many artists to re-record cover version.

This version of With A Little Help From My Friends is nice.

But I still think Joe Cocker's (see the video below) version is the best :)

P/S: Joe's version, IMHO, is 2x or more passionate than Beatles' version :) HOT!

Last month itself, I had attended two primary school mate gathering.

It's been a fantastic experience. Seeing the people whom I almost can't recognise (actually, on the other hand, many of them can't believe the 82KG me), talking to them, and seeing the primary school photo (BRAVO to Tick King, who still keep those photos well) and talk about the fond memory of primary school.

We only managed to gather almost 20 people this time (yep yep, almost 50% of the total) and quite a number of them couldn't join because they were in Singapore.

It's really good to meet back the friends, whom I had lost contact with.

BIG BRAVO to Ken Lam and Tick King who's behind all these 'network reconnection'

All these, are priceless.

Title: So Much For a Mirror
Melody: 2007
Lyric: 2007
Short note: it's an unfinished song. I've only got the ending part completed. Will complete it when I have time :P


Lyric (ending):

We could've chatted all night long,
But you chose to mute it all.

That is a long and winding road,
Which we have no time on.

But It's only you who'll make,
Make me understand (x3)

There are some updates about this movie - just to recap, it's a musical movie based on The Beatles songs,

Movie Website

It has been much revamped since last month. You get to listen to the clips from the soundtrack which, to me, is very very impressive - they really made the music doesn't sound like 60's at all.


Movie Soundtrack

Now there comes the discrepancy, the track listing from official record company and as per wikipedia on 9/9/07 is different.

Track listing from Interscope

1. All My Loving
2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
3. It Won’t Be Long
4. I’ve Just Seen A Face
5. Let It Be
6. Come Together
7. Something
8. I Am The Walrus
9. Oh Darling
10. Across the Universe
11. Helter Skelter
12. Strawberry Fields
13. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
14. Blackbird
15. Hey Jude
16. Lucy In The Sky

Track listing from Wikipedia

  1. "Girl" Performed by Jim Sturgess (cast member)
  2. "Helter Skelter" Performed by Dana Fuchs (cast member)
  3. "Hold Me Tight" Performed by Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Lisa Hogg (cast members)
  4. "All My Loving" Performed by Jim Sturgess (cast members)
  5. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" Performed by T. V. Carpio (cast member)
  6. "With a Little Help from My Friends" Performed by Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess & Dorm Buddies (cast members)
  7. "It Won't Be Long" Performed by Evan Rachel Wood (cast member)
  8. "I've Just Seen a Face" Performed by Jim Sturgess (cast member)
  9. "Let It Be" Performed by Carol Woods, Timothy T. Mitchum (cast members)
  10. "Come Together" Performed by Joe Cocker, Martin Luther (cast members)
  11. "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" Performed by Dana Fuchs (cast member)
  12. "If I Fell" Performed by Evan Rachel Wood (cast member)
  13. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" Performed by Joe Anderson (cast member)
  14. "Dear Prudence" Performed by Dana Fuchs, Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, T. V. Carpio (cast members)
  15. "Flying" Performed by The Secret Machines (not cast members)
  16. "Blue Jay Way" Performed by The Secret Machines (not cast members)
  17. "I Am the Walrus" Performed by Bono and the Secret Machines(cast member)
  18. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" Performed by Eddie Izzard (cast member)
  19. "Because" Performed by Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, T. V. Carpio, Martin Luther
  20. "Something" Performed by Jim Sturgess (cast member)
  21. "Oh Darling" Performed by Dana Fuchs, Martin Luther (cast members)
  22. "Strawberry Fields Forever" Performed by Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson (cast members)
  23. "Revolution" Performed by Jim Sturgess (cast members)
  24. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Performed by Martin Luther (cast member)
  25. "Happiness is a Warm Gun" Performed by Joe Anderson (cast member)
  26. "Blackbird" Performed by Evan Rachel Wood (cast member)
  27. "Hey Jude" Performed by Joe Anderson (cast member)
  28. "Don't Let Me Down" Performed by Dana Fuchs (cast member)
  29. "All You Need is Love" Performed by Jim Sturgess, Dana Fuchs (cast members)
  30. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" Performed by Bono (this is an end title song and is not performed on camera)
Hmm... Bono from U2 will sing for the movie! Cool :D

Movie Availability (In Malaysia)

While the movie will be available in North America, next week, my DSK finding about Malaysia's, from GSC, as folllows:

wtf, JAN 2008???! Hey, by that time DVD will also be released already, ok...

Earlier on chatted with a friend about classical music. She asked me why classical music.

So what I like about classical music? I can be biased at time. So, if you wanna read some 'biased' opinion about classical music, read on.

I kinda remember that the classical music that suddenly touched me (FYI, my parents have been listening to both Chinese and Western classical music since I was young) was Beethoven's Symphony #6 (Pastorale)

If you listen after a couple of time, you can really have a picture, of the walk in forest, and then you arrived in a village, seeing people dancing. Then the thunder storm came, spoiled the party, and when the it stopped raining, it was as if, the new life begins again.


...Due to the constraint at that time, the classical pieces are valuable, because the artist could only express their thought/feeling thru the notes. And it's even without lyrics (except opera)

Unlike the modern music, the expression made easier by using the lyrics and you can enjoy the live music performed by the artist, and at times the artist would even write/talk about what is the music about.

That wasn't really done by the artists during the classical music period.

So to enjoy classical music, you may want to try different approach like how u enjoy pop music, since both of them are kinda in different kind of world

But why 'kinda' different kind of world ?

Cos classical music is still influential.

Just take Canon in D for example

Just take Bach's Minuet in G for example

They are the music that, if you let people listen and most of them would say 'yeah, i heard of this before'

Where, in the case of you let them listen a #1 pop song in july 1995

They may say ' i think i heard it before'

That's the beauty of classical music.. that's the longevity that classical music has been enjoying.

It's just the fact that classical music has managed to survive centuries after centuries

Which, even, The Beatles may also have issue to be remembered in the next century ;)

Image:Autopatcher Logo.gif

I love AutoPatcher. It's a cumulative installation of all Microsoft Windows patches in just one package.

And now what: After 4 years(oh, yeah, 4 long years), Microsoft forced the host/creator of AutoPatcher to shutdown because 'no third party should redistribute their patches, fearing that hackers could take the advantage bla bla bla'

Ya right.

Imagine your new copy of (original) Windows, unpatched, and when you tried to connect to internet to download the patches legally from Micro$oft, your computer is immediately infected with allllllllllllll kind of virus.

Do you want that?

Shame on you, Micro$oft.


P/S: Now I have to find an alternative way to get the similar package - either for my personal use or work.

I'm not sure if most of my friends know, I can't dance but I really love techno music. Oh, it's not those cheeeesy techno music you hear in the clubbing (nowadays, R&B is the trend, btw)

I've been The Chemical Brother's fan for almost 10 years. I fell in love with them when I heard the tracks Setting Sun and Block Rockin' Beats

Their music has been changing a lot since then. They are no longer as hot as those days but well, to me, their music still worth listening.

Their sixth studio album features the tracks as follow:

1. “No Path to Follow” (featuring Willy Mason)– 1:04
2. “We Are the Night” – 6:33
3. “All Rights Reversed” (featuring Klaxons) – 4:42
4. “Saturate” – 4:49
5. “Do It Again” (featuring Ali Love)– 5:33
6. “Das Spiegel” – 5:51
7. “The Salmon Dance” (featuring Fatlip) – 3:40
8. “Burst Generator” – 6:52
9. “A Modern Midnight Conversation” – 5:56
10. “Battle Scars” (featuring Willy Mason) – 5:50
11. “Harpoons” – 2:25
12. “The Pills Won't Help You Now” (featuring Midlake) – 6:35

I enjoyed most of the tracks, which are as follow:

- We are the Night does have the night element - I could see the star shining.
- All Rights Reversed will be a techno hit for sure.
- Saturate - A classic techno
- Das Spiegel - it was a track - full of fun :-)
- Burst Generator - somehow, it reminds me of U2 (?)
- Harpoons - was a calming track that sounds as if to make you prepare for the last track on album
- The Pills Won't Help You Know, which was one of their best closing track of their albums.(I loved Surface to Air from "Push the Button" very much)

I'd give this album a 3.5/5 rating. It's considered not bad, for many old bands would have lost inspiration etc.

P/S: Quite a number of Chem fans like their upcoming single - The Salmon Dance.. yep, it's dancable, but I personally find it.. boring(?)
P/S 2: Thanks to this album, it was the album that accompanied me during the journey to Singapore (neh, the trip to Sarah + Dahao's house, which sounds like it's the first and the last visit to that particular house)

Title: 镜子(The Mirror)
Lyric: 2007
Music: 2007

Short Note: I saw a mirror lately, but I found out that its reflection is so different from what I expected, and yes, I could imagine that it's hard to accept and to move on.

Strange, but true. Or I need more time to accept/understand the reflection?

P/S: The 'Mirrorarian' refers to the reflection I see in the mirror, lame eh?




Love is waiting,
But she is leaving.
(I'm) Hesitating,
Struggling and worrying.

'Lonely' is killing,
Who is (also) haunting,
This little living,
Making it silly.

You were different from what it supposed to be,
I can't tell if you'll have the love from me.

I can't be who you really want to be,
I'm not sure if this is what I wanna be.

So can't you believe?
Won't you believe?
It's me?

(Told you not to trust this mirror,
We might be fooled by this little mirror.)