Looking back what happened in the past one year, the first half was drama to the max.

I would say my mind and soul went thru various dramatic encounters, be it willingly or unwillingly.

The second half was a lot more peaceful. But I consider yet another drama - initiated in the first half of the year - ended in early April.

To be honest, I don't regret for the decisions I made, I believe they were the best attempts to move forward in life.

I am happy, especially on the career part. At least it was something that I've been searching in the past few years.

Life wise, I triggered a drama early last month, by chance.

Quite positive so far but the insecure me, will always worry how long will it last, what if it doesn't last, what if it lasts.

Should I blame it on horoscope for it tells that, from my natal chart, I have very mutable personality?

To summarise my currrent state of mind: happy, nervous, positive, worried, calmed, contented, hollow

Or put it in this way: split personality at work.