Went to Tanjung Sepat last Sunday with the family.

On the way to Tanjung Sepat (we're not taking plane btw :P)

Seafood bahkuteh - one of the nicest I've eaten so far :-)

At the beach nearby

Pantai Morib

Cute little crab which was in defensive mode when I approached it.

Fly (uncle Charlie) kite

On the way back

I always love the sky - the cloud shape is always unique and the evening sky is so amazing.

Overall, a relaxing one day trip.

After having 110 friends in three weeks, my facebook account was disabled.

To summarise their FAQ, it simply means except human, others are not welcomed!

Forgive me for my rudeness, this is really WTF and it's beary (very) discriminating!

Bears have rights too!

Luckily, there's this place called BearPlace.net, they have a forum so I'll start my new social life there.

Of course, at the same time, I'll be blogging as per normal.

Thanks for 10% of the human support in Facebook, and of course the 90% of the bears!

Finally I've a chance to attend a Malay wedding dinner. I had chances earlier (invitation from my colleague) but I couldn't make it for any.

Kompang performance

It's Rizuan for this time. He's my ex-colleague when I was in helpdesk last year.

Reporters couldn't afford to miss every Raja's moment

So he's the king of the day + night

Sweet couple :)

Congratulation Rizuan & Diana!

I've mentioned many times that when it comes to ice cream, I'll choose none other than chocolate to rate the quality.

Introducing Bud's Lava Brownie. One of the best chocolate ice cream I've tasted so far.

My family likes it. My sister's friends liked it. I've yet to let my friends try it.

And the chocolate brownie in the ice cream adds the fun of chewing the ice cream (er, whatever, I don't know how to describe the feeling)

There's one thing to take note about this ice cream tube.

If the tube is wet and you are using your hand to open it - when you smell your hand you'll get some kind of chemical smell.

I believe it's something in the painting of the tube.

I've made a complain to the manufacturer but they haven't responded since a month ago...

Rating: 4.5/5

P/S: I feel sorry for Pinolam. It seems that he didn't get the same ice cream as I did. Feel like Exchange the ice cream, Pinolam?

I think it's interesting to find two style of a same songs - that sounds equally good.

Chemical Brother's original take. Music video is stunning as you'll see you're having one of the most interesting train ride. Music wise, is in slight relaxing style.

Shinichi Osawa's cover version. The style is more suitable for DJ mixing for clubbing purpose... But hey, it's interesting as it's energetic!

It's a 5/5 for both artists. No losers here :)

What do you think?

Update 27/10/08: Demo 2

Title: Seventh Dream

Music: 2008
Lyrics: 2008

Short note: This is a song, dedicated to some of my friends. I know recovery isn't an easy thing but hey, don't worry cos I went thru the same process too!

The song may not be relevant to your past but basically, you get the idea - it's the recovery that counts.

The song is partially inspired by my past relationships. :-)

First dream: One took things for granted when everything is stable
Second dream: Relationship had gone
Third dream: Found a new relationship because of loneliness
Fourth dream: Things turned sour because the love isn't real
Fifth dream: Decided to break up again
Sixth dream: Recovery.. tried to get over the pain
Seventh dream: Found that one needs to be him/herself again, before he/she can start a new relationship, or, start to love someone.


Demo 2: Download

Demo 1: Download


In first dream, I was rich.
I can be who I want to be.

In second dream, all were seized,
Everything was history.

Nothing's left so I'll leave.
But I've found love in the (third) dream.
Now I see everything:
They are beautifully complete.

On next dream, the valentine,
It isn't sweet as used to be.
On the fifth (dream), suddenly,
My love said I'm incomplete.

Lord I need, one more dream,
Cos I need to housekeep my memory.
The seventh dream, is incomplete,
Cos I'll be who I meant to be.


P/S: I can't reach the key on the song I wrote!!! It's a shame but since it's just a hobby, so be it :P muhahahaha. Hope you can bear with me, my dedicated friends :P

I can't think of a better explanation of the current economy situation.

IMHO, the efficiency of the information exchange - largely contributed by the internet - is part of the reason why the whole world is in panic.

The media used this channel to broadcast or even boast the efficiency of the 'rescue package', which helped the market to 'recover'

But a few days later, new rumour about the new worries created the new panic again... and so on.

While "How to use internet wisely" is no longer a topic to discuss, I've gotta think of "How to use every penny wisely" :P

It's been 2 months since I last had a walk with Weihan + Agatha - such a long time!!

However, this time was the most interesting session so far! We had strange encounter and some fun encounter. Now, please read on...

We saw a snake! It was quite dangerous for Weihan because we thought he stepped on the snake or something. The snake 'jumped' to Weihan's shoulder height, luckily it didn't do anything to him, but it instead 'jumped' again, into the drain beside us, and swam away.

The journey continued, we found an area that looked like a stage. Let me introduce the actor and actress...



More 'stage lights'

Now this looked a bit like "UFO light"

Weihan saw the 'big leaves plant' and tried to take a picture of it.

Leaf & Trees


We saw an ant's hive, we disturbed the hive a bit, and the ants ran up and down.

Weihan mentioned that we are like the alien, disturbed their livings. I was instead, amazed that they can build a hive like this, given their body size etc. Ants are one of the most interesting things on earth I must say :)

Lens cover, lens strap and two friends.