Yesterday Kuan Yew called me for yamchar.

I was in Genting.

So I told Kuan Yew: "Sorry la, i'm in Genting"

Kuan Yew: "Wah, so syok ah!!"

Me:" No la, alone leh"

Kuan Yew:" Wah, so pathetic
(痺) ah??!"


See, the wording part (which carries only 7% of total message of human could deliver, according to research) can make such a B-I-G difference

I went to Singapore few months ago. June, in fact. But I kept forgetting to blog about it.

I stayed at Fatimah's house. The first time and the last time.

That trip is not exactly a trip - more like a colleague visiting trip - I visited four hospital in total - I was perfectly fine - to visit my ex-colleague.

It was nice meeting up the colleague whom I had been talking over the phone.

By the way, before that, the last time I really visit Singapore was years ago. This time, the perception of Singapore's food has changed a bit - their JAPANESE FOOD ROCKS! FRESH AND JUICY! YUMMY~~~~!

Dahao, me and Sarah - taken at Clarke Quay

Francesco in Singapore!

Francesco with the lion status (outside the delicious taiwan porridge restaurant - thanks to Denis for the intro!!!)

Francesco eaten by the lion

BIG THANKS TO DAHAO and SARAH for thier hospitality! not to forget about Denis and Jerome :)

Er koestet - zwanzig Ringgit.

Es war teuer. Und ich wirde essen nicht mehr


That was to practise my rusty German - and it's very much broken still.

I tried this prawn noodle with Nicole (my ex-colleague cum san po cum best m***h in h***en)

It cost RM20 per bowl. If you want extra soup - it cost RM4 for an extra small bowl.

Taste? Nice, the soup was cooked with the pork ribs. That's why the tasty.

Next time? I don't think I'll pay a second visit - it's bloody expensive ok! (Champ's is located in Central Point, PJ)

Hari Raya made the weekend a bit longer, so I extended my stay in my grandparents house :)

Activity is basically the same - eat, sleep, watch drama series

But well, before I went up, I went to FRIM to have a walk with Weihan and Agatha.

It's a walk but it's a 1 hour 45 minutes walk. A lot shorter than the usual woman shopping time though

Here's the proof

Preview: There'll be a new Korean restaurant opening, just beside my uncle's shop. The price... erm erm... no comment - I wonder if they can really sustain? (according to the Korean tauke, they can, because there are about 100 Koreans coming up to Genting, daily, on average)

That day I tried out my uncle's shop's curry pork rib noodle. The taste? The soup was nice, but the pork ribs were a bit dry.

Sunday morning: My granny heated the curry puff I bought from Ikea. My cousin brother, who saw me eating - wants to eat to. He asked me if it's hot (my cousin bro can't take hot food) I said if you wanna know, you need to try.

Muahahahaha. I did 'big' him, i said, "You scared ah" Then he picked up and eat.

While eating, his got his tears and snot dropping.

And had to go to washroom to clean up.

My grandpa was amazed by the sight - it's not usual to have so many houses lightened up. Thanks to the long weekend.

Francesco in Genting - taken while my grandparents went to sleep. (yeah, I don't want them to have the 'cultural shock' by my bear)

Going down the hill on Monday afternoon.

This is a funny song, I think I blogged about it about 3 years ago. But it's just funny to listen again.

Look at how Londoner rant about their underground train - what shall we do with ours?


Some people might like to get a train to work
Or drive in in a Beamer or a merc, 
Some guys like to travel in by bus, 
But I can't be bothered with the fuss today 
I'm going to take my bike,
Coz once again the Tube's on strike.
The greedy bastards want extra pay
for sitting on their arse all day
even though they earn 30K .
So I'm standing here in the pouring rain, 
Where the fuck's my fucking train? 

London Underground
London Underground
They're all lazy fucking useless cunts
London Underground
London Underground
They're all greedy cunts I want to shoot them all with a rifle.

All they say is "Please mind the doors", 
and they learned that on the two day course,
This job could be done by a four year old.
They just leave us freezing in the cold.
What you smell is what you get
Burger King and piss and sweat
You roast to death in the boiling heat, 
With tourists treading on your feet
and chewing gum on every seat, 
so don't tell me to "Mind the gap" 
I want my fucking money back. 

London Underground
London Underground
They're all lazy fucking useless cunts
London Underground
London Underground
They're all greedy cunts I want to shoot them all with a rifle

The floors are sticky and the seats are damp, 
Every platform has a fucking tramp,
But the drivers get the day off when we're all late for work again, 

London Underground
London Underground
WaWa Wankers , They're all Wankers , 
London Underground
London Underground

Take your Oystercard, and shove it up your arsehole.

Download the mp3


Belgian Chocolate... yummy

This morning I went to Bangsar Village II to have the Häagen-Dazs all you can eat session. (I was on leave but I didn't purposely take leave for this)

I ate 12 scopes in total. I think 7 out of 12 were Belgian Chocolate.

I purposely took the photo above to show that the amount I ate was real (I missed another 6 scopes, though -_- )

12 scopes may not sound much for some people. But it's enough to explain why I look round :)

Special thanks to Kexin for the on dutch session

Screen grab from Radiohead website
Taken from BBC: Shopping cart of "In Rainbows" album

Radiohead's latest (7th) album is optionally available free, online.

Why optionally?

Cos in the website, you can pay between 0.00 to 100.00 pounds to get the digital copy of the album.

I paid 0.00 and I got the download link for the album :)

It's not their best album, but it's definitely one of the best album advertising :)

Get your copy from the website:

1. "15 Step" – 3:57
2. "Bodysnatchers" – 4:02
* 3. "Nude" – 4:15
* 4. "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" – 5:18
5. "All I Need" – 3:48
* 6. "Faust Arp" – 2:09
* 7. "Reckoner" – 4:50
* 8. "House of Cards" – 5:28
9. "Jigsaw Falling into Place" – 4:09
* 10. "Videotape" – 4:39

Rating: 3.5/5

This is a song about my previous relationship. It was a long, memorable and an important one. Was pity that it was over, but definitely, I believe we both gained a lot from it.


Lyric: 2006, 2007
Music: 2006



Good Morning and good evening,
Though you might be sleeping.
Can't you wake yourself with the sunshine?

It's pity that it ended,
Though it's complicated.
Maybe we were sick with the white lies.

Isn't it fine?
Isn't it right?
Would that be nice?
Would that be kind?

You wake me up,
You shake me down.
We made what life's for,
Walking down the street of light.

We let the life (move) on,
There's so many left in past
We'll be fine.

Would that be right?
Thinking back, stepping back with
So many, so many doubt

Would that be ok?
Slipping back, turning back with
So many, so many sigh.

(Definitely not)


Dedicated to everybody, who still can't recover from the ex-relationship

You know, the reason why I switched from Opera years back, to FireFox was because:

1) It didn't open ('render' is a better term, btw) the page as fast as FireFox
2) It hangs frequently when opening heavy pages like picture rich, or jave-based website
3) It lacks the customisablity like FireFox

Now, I don't know why, starting from FireFox 2.0x, I feel that FireFox has some sign of not doing its good job anymore.

And for some reason, I tried Opera 9.5 (Preview version), it reminds me the good memory when I switched from IE -> Opera about 10 years back - the light but fast web page loading software.

It blows off my mind :)

Starting from Opera 9, there's a good function called "Speed Dial" (Firefox fan had create a similar extention, which you can find it HERE)

Opera 9.5, at the moment, is recommended who intended to try the new stuff at risk. It's still at Alpha Preview version (yes, not even Beta version), so if you wanna use it at your own risk, grab a copy at HERE

Else, stick to stable Opera 9 @

The picture below shows the DSK-customised Opera 9.5 ;)

Big thanks to Zmin, who enlightened me that there's even better options to download video from site such as YouTube.

I DSK-ed, and found an exciting tools, yes, better share it out

It's called VDownloader 0.61

Using the software is easy, but I'll share the personal preference below:

1) When you launch the software, go to Download section and select "Output Format" as "ORIGINAL FILE (NO Conversion).

The default setting is "AVI", but I don't like it because it:
i) Generates larger file
ii) Conversion takes time, I can't enjoy the movie instantly

See the bigger picture below :)

Then, proceed to SEARCH section, and search for a video.

The result appears, and as an example, I just double click on the first result - Sophie's Me and My Imagination

Here, I only focus on YouTube (i.e. I deselected all the other sites option, as shown in the picture).

And the download window will pop up!

Last but not least, et voila! The downloaded file in .flv, hot and ready to be playback :)

Look, you don't have to rename the file from get_video to bal blabla.flv, like in the

Installation Guide:

1) Download from SoftPedia

2) Extract all the files to a folder.
3) Create a shortcut of VDownloader.exe in the deskstop if you wish
4) Run the VDownloader.exe
5) Enjoy

This is an audio enhancement plugin I've been using for my laptop and deskstop, for the past few months.

You should have been seeing SRS brand in TV speakers etc. It is good in doing the psycho-acoustic thingy, which helps on enhancing the sound quality on lower range of the speakers

My verdict on this little plugin is that, it REALLY enhance your speaker output. You can get extra clarity + BASS with this plugin. And this is no bull shit. (tips, if you already turned on the SRS audio enhancement in your Windows Media Player, please turn it off, else you may get audio distortion)

Get a copy to try, you have my word :-) target="_blank"

1) Install GreaseMonkey

2) Click on the "Restart Firefox" button (it will save all your session, but advisable to save your work :) )

3) Click on this .js file and select "Install" on the pop up window

While I was blogging about how to download YouTube video with Firefox, I found that they no longer working. Which means that, it has been a while since I last downloaded YouTube video with FireFox.

Now, a quick one, start with this:

1) If your computer can't play Flash video, with the file extension .flv, grab this installer and install in your computer
(Download the FULL version please)

This install is called K-Lite Codec Pack, it's one of the best codec packs available that lets you playback many many kinds of video files :)

2) Go to YouTube, search for the video you wanna download.

3) Then right click on the search result item, and copy the link (example shown below, using FireFox)

4) Then go to website like KeepVid, please do click the picture below to see the enlarged version, and follow the steps

5) After that, if you had rename the downloaded file to .flv, you should be able to see the icon shown below

Double click it, et voila! You'll be able to enjoy the dowloaded YouTube video ;)