Now, the rest will be the testers :P

The aim of this project is to help the babies or even the adults to fall asleep easily during the night time.

I, for one, suffer the occasion insomnia - randomly.

(Hence the usage of aroma therapy product, just FYI)

What motivated me to find this particular music was when I found my colleague came into office in an exhausted look - asked for the reason why - it's because the baby would wake up and crying in the middle of night, frequently.

Project sort of started on 26/10, when I collected some Bach's music to test(detailed post, here)
Then, in the second week, I found that it wasn't quite useful, so I used Google to search for alternative, and found this album - The Mozart Effect: Music for Babies, Vol. 2: Nighty Night

It has 4.5 /5 stars on Amazon, so I thought of giving it a try.

So by logic, the music that works for the active babies in the middle of night, should work for adults, too.

Testing and Filtration
A week of listening test was given, with me as the tester - in non-good sleep environment.

In 5 out of 7 days, these things were refrained to aid my sleeping:
1) Air conditioning (means, only ceiling fan was used)
2) Aroma therapy product (such as pillow spray & burning essential oil)

And I had even tried to go to bed earlier than usual (normally it's 12.30am++). I slept at 11PM+- in 5 out of 7 days.

Test Summary
Day 1
Slept @ track#5

Found that track#4 Symphony No. 11 in D Major, K. 84: Andante was louder than the rest of tracks.

The album from the next day onwards reduced to total of 8

Day 2
Slept @ 1 album cycle + track#7
(With the aid of pillow spray + aircon, cos I drank caffeine drinks before I slept)

Day 3
Slept @ track#4

Day 4
Slept @ track#5

Day 5
Slept @ track#3

Day 6
Slept @ 1 album cycle + track#3
(With the aid of pillow spray + aircon, cos I had 3 hours of nap in the evening + I was awaken by a text message)

Day 7
Slept @ track#3

How I Did the Testing?
I playback these MP3 using my handphone's loudspeaker - not at very high quality but hey, the point here is to make you sleep, not music review, right?


Final Tracklisting
1. Don Giovanni, K. 527: Deh! Vienialla Finestra
2. Piano Sonata No. 11 in a Major, K. 331: Andante Grandioso
3. String Quartet No. 10 in C Major, K. 170: Adagio
4. Divertimento in D Major, K. 131: Adagio
5 Oboe Quartet in E Flat Major, K. 407: Andante
6. String Quartet in B Flat Major, K. 174: Adagio
7. Divertimento in B Flat Major, K. 287: Adagio
8. Clarinet Quintet in a Major, K. 581: Larghetto

Total Playtime: 45minutes

So I thought the test was quite ok. Further testing will be done by my friends, but I guess, the important thing is, we can have better sleeping quality.

Yep, insomnia is frustrating. I know and hence I did this :P

Limited time download: HERE

P/S: Oh, and another tips from my friend, Sherry: she let the baby drink the milk @ 11PM, then the baby would sleep till 7AM (i.e. the next day).

Hope this will help for the insomnia-er too.

Thanks, Sherry :)