The movie was slow but the big take away from the film, are the following lines

Matt: "Why did you stay with me all those years when you knew that we're doomed?"

Abby: "I didn't wanna hurt you"

Matt then commented on his relationship: We almost spent entire, the rest of our lives together, because we didn't wanna make the other person mad.

Verdict: No focus, too much shadow of LoTR made this unnecessarily long movie far from being the greatest movie of the year 

It's been 9 years after we started following the great LoTR trilogy. It really is one of the greatest epic films that were made this century, yet.

So no wonder Peter Jackson et al were ambitious to make another trilogy: The Hobbit

I have to be frank: the film productions' screenplay and film editing departments need to be fired from attempting the next installment. In this film, the first 45 minutes should have been replaced by a few minutes summary that tells how Bilbo met the thirteen dwarfs and started the unexpected journey.

For the rest of the film, I felt that they over explained a lot of other things, too many cliché (of LoTR), nice scenes a la LoTR, no climax and in the end, no significant death to mark the end of first episode: the head of orcs was still there, the dragon was just awaken.

As a matter of fact, there's nothing much to tell in this film, which should have been 90 minutes instead of 180 minutes. As a person who appreciates LoTR, I'll definitely watch this and the next two episodes.

Even Snow White & Seven Dwarfs did better by having character development with each and every dwarf - but this Hobbit's 13 dwarfs - I can't remember any of them having special ability or any of them being unique.

They really need to re-look at their film editing: a film is supposed to be entertaining, instead of making the audience questioning why did they make it unnecessarily long.

Rating: 6/10

Verdict: For a film that's meant for kid, it is suitable for adults too, as it demonstrated beautiful imagination.

This animated film talks about Jack Frost, and how he became the children's guardian to save the world from darkness, along with Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and (sweet) dream maker.

Perhaps the weakest point of this film was that it started slowly.

Quite sluggish to be honest.

The graphic was nice but not at the awesome level. Perhaps kids won't realise and they don't care. For a moment I even though their facial expressions were too stiffled, and their conversation is lack of passion (i know this is like pin-pointing the smallest details that didn't quite matter, but here am relating to the standard nowadays)

But from the middle till the end of movie, all the fairies showed off their magic and charm - this is where the imagination portion kicked in. Quite well done I must say.

The takeaway from the film is simple yet practical: As long as you still believe in something, you can turn the impossible into possible.


Personally I think religion shouldn't be part of the country policy, especially in the world nowadays, where pluralism is a norm.

First, many laws from the religion were created many many years ago - some of the elements might not be relevant to the society nowadays

Second, it's a nature that human will compare - if you apply law to a certain group, that others get different treatment, that's when the frictions started

What made the above two points worse is that, information flows easily nowadays, it's easy to compare with other people, other countries or even other religions

Just think of religion as a music genre: Would it make sense to play techno music in a classical music concert, and ask audience to accept it as it is?

No. The audience will leave, the audience will protest.

Therefore, in this country, it cannot be a wishy-washy hope that it is a secular state, as well as Islamic state.

Just my two cents - someone really need to make it clear.

Verdict: Quite a creative combination of supernatural and missing person thriller.

The movie started slow, and some draggy here and there thru out the movie.

But the story telling is clear - that such a movie won't really kill your brain cell.

Perhaps some scary moment might make your heart stopped.

It tells about the sister arrived at her late mum's house, searching for her missing sister, just to realize something seriously went wrong with the house.

To be frank, I feel that such a combo (supernatural + missing person) quite make sense.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: A film full of randomness, I don't quite get the actual goal of this movie. But I guess it is trying to describe a little drama happened during that time.

The movie started in random fashion, ended in random fashion.

The randomness give you some inspiration on new way to film or describe something - which in a way, is good.

The story tells how a young male, in the 13-15, randomly fell for a girl around that age. They planned for running away from their parents, then they were randomly married. A storm randomly came, it randomly created drama on the church and they wanted to suicide but were eventually saved.

The colour, the casting, the production are top notch - but it lacks of intense drama like "Argo". For that, it loses some points.

It is still a film worth watching - who said a film must be filmed in orthodox way?

Rating: 8.5/10