A few friends talked to me lately about their job interviews.

Then I gave them some opinions, that I think it's a bit interesting to share:

1) When you go for job interview, take it as "the company needs your help/skill/experience to do the job" not because "you need the job, without it, you have no other options"

2) Being landed a job is like creating a win-win situation: the company gives you a good environment, good salary, so that you are motivated to help the company to grow.

3) (This is applicable if only you think you have good working attitude) One of your selling point could be your working attitude, that's the reason why you are worth the higher salary, and of course, worth for the company.

4) You can try to relate your previous job experience, and then, relate to the current job - tell them that your past experience is not in vain - they help you to be experience enough/suitable for this new job

5) Without having mutual understanding of the above 4 points, you can roughly tell that the company won't appreciate you - so you should go for the company that appreciates you. (i.e. that can have mutual understanding of the above 4 points)

Verdict: 2 Movies at the price of one, and it's.. OOOH... 3-D!

It's nice to revisit the Toy Story series - they are classic.

This movie is a good deal - two movies at the price of one.

The 3D isn't something that we would 'WOW' about - but most importantly, one could still laugh out loud on the funny scene shown in the movie, be it episode 1 or 2.

I don't need to tell/review the story but there's some funny 'extra' shown in between TS 1 and TS 2, while some people might miss it for toilet break.

Watch it as serve it as a warm up for Toy Story 3.

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: Dang. It took a long and winding road to reach a conclusion.

Actually the movie isn't bad.

The story tells two polices were sent to Shutter Island -which is a hospital for the criminally insane patients - to investigate the disappearance of a patient.

The pace is slightly slow, but still acceptable.

I can't quite reveal the ending cos it'll spoil the whole show - but in the middle of movie, you can already guess what's going on. But the ending still managed to blow my mind.

I can't quite give a high rating cos it's not a show that I would watch for 2nd time in near future :)

But Leonardo has done a very good job in acting in the recent 5-6 years - it's totally different from the Jack that we know in Titatic.

Rating: 6.5/10

An old friend of mine whom I didn't contact for months sent me a link of this video

It's inspirational and motivational.

Then we caught up with each other on how's our life lately.

Basically, we're grateful for what we have, and with a 'but'.

I told her that I'm fortunate to have everything in place, but just that I've yet to find a right one.

She told me: well, I'm fortunate to have everything in place, too, but just that, I can't have kid yet, and I don't know what's wrong.


I'm not trying to say who's more fortunate here.

But I think if you could appreciate things that you have and improve them, rather than trying hard to gain what you could not get - you'll be a happier person.

It all depends on how you look at things.

That's how I take care of her, sometimes :-3

So till the very today, I still have no idea what's her real name.

Let's just call her rainbow this time (for she has a rainbow colour ribbon on her neck)

In the past one month, I not only introduced her to my bear band "The Bears",

I also brought her to Singapore and had a KL night view.

Last but not least, she was reluctant to leave us - but well, she belongs to Trevor's friend.

She'll have to go back to home one day, too!

See ya Miss Rainbow.

I'm not sure when we'll meet again, but let's hope it'll be real soon!

P/S: Do you still remember that, we might have the chance to travel around the world? When you're ready, please let me know!

I signed up as organ donor today (just sent out the form via snail mail)

I thought like, I've been fortunate to live till today.

If I have a healthy body, I should donate my healthy organs when I die one day, to the people who would need it.

When I discussed with my family about my decision, my mum was a bit shocked cos I suddenly mentioned about this thing.

But they supported my decision.

Therefore, from today onwards, I should take care of my body so that I'll have healthy organs - so that the patient who accepted the transplantation programme won't go for yet another round of suffering.

And with that, I told my family, so that, one day if I die, I get to live in another way.

If you are interested to become an organ donor, please click here

The scenery was amazing,
My heart said "Amazing!"

His question needs answer,

I then gave the answer.

"When are you coming to Finland"

I said, "I'm going to fairyland"

Apparently, the uncle was bored in the land of fairy tale

The city thru the 'eye'

It's hard for me not to think 'yang bukan-bukan'




I like the colour combination

Nice opera house?

I was like "What if there's a Hollywood scene that will break those beautiful glasses"




Ron shared the photo,
I stole the photo.

He granted the permission,
I blogged upon the permission.

He was lost on the captions,
I blogged on my own captions.

Gothic or what?

Cute arc de triomph

Cute hotel

7.50Euro drinks - looks really nice and tasty and refreshing

I called it "dual monorail track" - which they aren't.

Strawberry as the topping?



Alternative edition of the sculpture

When Ron shared the photo with me, I was like "OMG, not only Barcelona is a beautiful place - the food looked equally-beautifully delicious!"

Therefore I took some photo to blog about it - a country that I definitely wanna go next time! (with that, I don't know what's the priority of Finland now :P)

Seafood paella @ Taberna del Cobre

Grilled Swordfish

Something that looked like Singaporean Beehoon, which is not :P

Jamon, Asparagus and Scallops + Trout roe (dunno why, when I see this, it was as if I could smell the asparagus)

Ben & Jerry waffle

Cañas de hojaldre, rellenas de nuestra crema catalana....some sort of pastry rolles with crema catalana filling

Lemon sorbet with mojito flavoured jelly

Yesterday I started two monthly donations

1) Sponsoring a kid in a country

I called up the company and asked which of the 4 countries needed the most (they have Bati (Vietnam), Indonesia, Thailand & China in the list), the person in charge said it's Indonesia.

Hence, I chose an Indonesian kid as the child I'd like to sponsor.

You can start doing it by clicking here

Thanks to my friend Jen for giving me the idea (she sponsored a child in Vietnam)

2) WWF 'Our Living Planet' Fund

What triggered me was the recent volcano eruption & earthquake activities - the earth is no longer healthy.

While I don't think I can really do much, but what I can do, is to donate some money to a group of specialists, who have the know-how on how to protect/save our planet

You can start doing it by clicking here

The 'bonus' part is, this donation will be part of your tax relief in the coming year's income tax filing :-)

Thanks to TC for the idea, she's been donating to WWF fund since 2008


What I did is very little.
But when many people do it - the 'little' will become 'a lot'.

It's quite disturbing to see the endless volcano eruption or earth quake happening lately.

One cannot help but relate to the 'end of world' theory.

But whatever it is, there's one thing we need to admit - our planet earth is not healthy.

It's evident from the global warming etc etc.

One thing I recalled - which I read from somewhere:

To prevent pollution - buy only the the things that are necessary

(i.e. if you don't buy the unnecessary thing, there will be no wastage issue, no tree/plastic used for package etc etc - just think of, how the whole process of a final product is made)

Verdict: Solid performance from the actors+actress, solid depiction of Hong Kong (ordinary) citizen's life in 60's/70's era - an ordinary but unforgettable movie of the year

This is a movie about the life of an ordinary family, living in the end of 60's/early 70's.

The story couldn't be simpler - it tells how the family strive for a living (here we're not even talking about decent living), how the family hope for their son to excel and how, as the time goes by, they actually lose everything - in a way.

The story was also made simple because, at times, the story is being told from a child's point of view.

This movie also raised an undeniable suffering faced by every ordinary Hong Kong citizen during that time - corruption.

Actors, especially the child, delivered very very solid performance - it was as if we were peeping (instead of watching) a kid living in that era - what I mean is, he acted so naturally that I forgot that he's just an actor.

Some say, this movie is actually the movie director's childhood experience - perhaps that's the reason why the story looks very realistic.

The only drawback I'd comment about the movie is the depiction of Hurricane Betty - yes the scene looked too exaggerated but this is not a movie about CG - so I guess it's still forgivable.

The conclusion I got from the movie is to appreciate what you have around you - it's never too late to appreciate, starting from now.

Be prepared to bring a packet of tissue paper - you might cry in the cinema (but I didn't :P)

Rating: 9.5/10

So Emoody still has one last issue with the guitar - it doesn't have a strap.

Yesterday Emoody complained to Colleen again, and the following was their conversation:


I don't know about him la, but the way Emoody said was very like those Taiwanese series style.

Ever since my sis changed from Digi to Maxis (last year July) Maxis had been sending this bill - due to some amount due during the conversion (or whatever)

So, while her and my father's lines are my sub-lines, we used the e-statement (save the paper, save the earth, save the additional RM5 spent on hardcopy)

Therefore I've been ignoring this statement.

Yesterday, I called up the customer service, and I got this confirmation - as long as I don't pay that RM2.55, Maxis will forever send me this bill.

I questioned back "OK, how can we settle that? cos the paper and postage you spent are already more than the cost of RM2.55"

He said "you can pay by credit card"

For once I felt it's a bit silly to be charged RM2.55 on my credit card, I asked him "Can you put into my e-statement?"

He said "No"

Then I asked "Can you help me to waive this? Since I've called up and make Maxis aware about this issue that doesn't really make sense"

He checked with his superior and got back to me with the statement "Since you are a good customer, we'll waive that RM2.55 for you"

(the following are the gems)

Me: So means I'm not gonna get the RM2.55 bill from next month onwards right?
Him: You're still gonna get one last bill.
Me: What is it? and why?
Him: The last bill will tell you that you don't owe us anything, anymore
Me: What?! A bill to tell me that I have RM0.00 owing to Maxis?
Him: Yes
Me: Can you... help me to waive that RM0.00 hardcopy too?
Him: No
Me: OK.... -_-


Moral of the story:
1) Big organisation does have some stupid policy - it is the process that make him strong, but sometimes, rigid as well
2) Communication is important, many problem can be solved with just one phone call.

There are many people
Who love to do assumption.

Assumption that,
led them to the wrong direction.

Unnecessary/undesired result

Time and effort

I did
wrong assumption and led to the wrong direction
and unnecessary/undesired result

And of course
Wasted my time and effort

What's done is done

The past is a
Lesson for me

Now I know better
On the direction I should proceed

Now I know better
On what I want

I thank God for giving me the opportunity
For learning things in this way

A way that I believe
Will appreciate more on what I could have

Now that my direction
Is clear

I just need
Time and patience

And insistence on
Making less assumption

Cos action
Speaks louder

Title: 12 Hours
Lyrics: 2010

Short notes: Finally - a piece of work that I call it a 'milestone'. Ever since I know music composition about 12 years ago, I never thought I could make a piece of music with 'complete instruments'

So in this song, 3 basic but essential instruments were used - Piano, Drums & Bass.

Glockenspiel was added for some 'kiddy touch' (I can't quite explain what was that, but it was a replacement for the electronic guitar)

Best of all - I don't know how to play any of the instruments mentioned above.

So thanks to music notation software Sibelius, that made all these possible.

Notation was hard, but thanks to Google, I managed to find the proper chords & notation.

This song was inspired by a friend - she wasn't quite happy in her life (though one may think she is happy) .

"12 Hours" means the time I spent waiting for her reply (I sent a text and asked her how's she), it could also mean that "12 Hours" is a very short moment.

etc etc.

Download (Instrumental)

Sitting here on my own,
Writing this little song.
Tried to call your telephone,
Then I'll be 12 hours old.

Searching for the perfect soul,
Or maybe soul mate that could make you grow
For every pieces of life it seems
It's worth the 12 hours old

I saw the metaphor,
Another story that had made you fall.
Life isn't short at all.
Another 12 hours is gone

Tried to send the message dove,
Returning home only at the dawn
Oh Lord I think I've lost the count
I guess it's 12 hours lost

(Chorus - no backing vocal though :P)
Am I gonna sing this song,
Like I've never done before?
Maybe you should feel life,
Like how it is really meant to be.

Aren't you gonna feel bored,
For being sad - did you really check the clock?
Sky is gonna feel bright in another
12 hours more
(Chorus ends)

You said you'll fly,
Like a bird with no legs on
But trust your eyes
You'll see more than just life

Few things to be ironed out before I call it a 'small milestone'

1) Getting rid of the stupid smoke alarm sound at the background
2) Stop the stupid laptop fan noise
3) Add some back vocal
4) Individual instrument mastering
5) To consider whether to get rid of guitar portion
6) Cross my finger on the proper mixing technique
7) Better singing

Then... et voila!

It's the thing that every human seek for, I believe.

In fact, I feel that the people nowadays, should live happier than last time.

With technology, you get to contact your friends easier.
By understanding more about human rights, people know what they can actually ask for
By understanding the freedom they have - people get to choose the subject they want to study, the job they want to work (and leave the job if they're really unhappy about it)

People can sing in the pub if they want to.
People can take the photograph if they want to.
People can choose the country they want to live in.

But but but.... by abusing the rights.... one might potentially make the people around unhappy - while you are selfishly happy on your own.

Is that the reason why we see some people nowadays, who seemingly look happy, but is unhappy inside?

It's all about the balance, after all.