That was my first job.

But in the past 7 years, I was able to re-use that knowledge in different job, to create tools to automate manual processes.

Recently I was tasked to automate some manual works, the objective is to have data keyed in, and the tool/application should generate a Gantt chart to clearly show the dependencies and timeline.

While it is definitely a challenging task to do, but I think if it is done, it will be my personal breakthru, too.

I feel blissful to have given the opportunity.

Something wonderful happened to me in the past 7 months.

New job, new environment and bumped into an interesting person.

Unfortunately timing was wrong for me to get to know that person further.

Actually from day 1 I knew the person would vanish.

Now everything is back to where it started. The person has vanished. I've learned the power of "source of inspiration"

It was a memorable roller coaster ride

Let's look at the big picture: the government who knows how to give cash to citizens is nothing.

Any country can do that.

The current government, which failed make good policies, and make them well run, is the root cause of this country's deterioration.

This is the reason why you hear noises against the government which failed to make good policy, that people can feel.
It is the policy

Bonobo's fifth studio album(I disregard the last remix album as a studio album) is a matured downtempo album.

One example is "Cirrus", which its MV is like a kaleidoscope show.

Easy to listen, but with groovy beats and hint of exotic feel.

It's not just Bonobo's orchestral of different sounds - the album also feature soulful voices of singers such as Erykah Badu.

All in all, with a full glass of Bailey's on Saturday night, you won't go wrong (to chillout) with this album.

Rating: 7.5/10