Congratulation!! FINALLY, this is the moment for you!

After Mclaren's appeal was over, Kimi is confirmed to be the WDC of F1 2007.

For many years, Kimi had been struggling to be a #1 - even he can drive fast + nice.

Now, finally, from the third possible WDC, he won the championship by just 1 points extra of Hamilton and Alonso.

Now this time, this the moment.

I saw him almost cried during the press conference.

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This is one of my favorite songs from Radiohead's latest album - In Rainbows

The guitar plucking was cool and soothing. The melody of the strings are a bit strange but the combination is nice.

Read more about it HERE


One, two, three, four.

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine
It's on again, off again, on again
Watch me fall like
Dominoes in pretty patterns
Fingers in the blackbird pie
I'm tingling, tingling, tingling
It's what you feel now
What you ought to, what you ought to
Reasonable and sensible
Dead from the neck up
Because I'm stuffed, stuffed, stuffed
We thought you had it in you
But not, but not, but not
For no real reason.

Squeeze the tubes and empty bottles out

Take a bow, take a bow, take a bow
It's what you feel now
What you ought to, what you ought to
An elephant that's in the room is
Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling
In duplicate, and duplicate,
And plastic bags, and duplicate and triplicate
Dead from the neck up
I guess I'm stuffed, stuffed, stuffed.
We thought you had it in you
But not, but not, but not.
Exactly where do you get off?
Is enough, is enough.
I love you but enough is enough, enough
And now stop - there's no real reason.

You've got a head full of feathers.
You got melted to butter.


Picture taken on my birthday eve :D 24/8/07

She's considered my neighbour. I knew her since 1998 but we only got closer this year since August.

She's one of the friends who'd been walking beside me thru the hard times - which I truly appreciate it.

She's going to Singapore to further her studies next year January - and I have every reason to foresee that she'll be working over there - and settling down over there.

It's a bit late to know you, Yin Fong. I know I'm gonna miss you.

I wish you all the best for your future.

Good luck, kitty. :)

7 Keys to Success is a project management method that is currently adopted by IBM.

The training was interesting and in fact, it gives me more idea in how a project should run.

The keys are as follow:

1) Stakeholders are committed

2) Business benefits are realised

3) Work and schedule are predictable

4) Team is high performing

5) Scope is realistic and managed

6) Risks are mitigated

7) Delivery organisation benefits are realised

Read more about it HERE

It's been a wonderful 3 months experience in IBM. 

Personally, i think it's a cool company. It's a huge organisation - matrix organisation is a better description and you may have never discovered the total number of the departments in IBM.

I guess most importantly, working in organisation like this - first thing is to understand their system - else you won't understand and you may even whine on why you need to do something that may not sound make sense to oneself.

I still remember the three things my manager's manager told me:
1) IT operation
2) Securiy 
3) Project management

While security is considered #1 priority in IBM operation, I thought a training on project management I attended earlier on was very beneficial.

The 7 keys to sucess is interesting.

I feel there are more to discover about my company. And yes, I feel interesting.

Quiz #1

Question: Four "10" - guess a Beethoven's famous piece

Quiz #2

Question: One day, me, WeiHan and Agatha walked past a fruit tree in a forest. We saw a fruit - that we've never seen before. No one knows the name but Agatha is able to tell the name of the fruit.

Guess what's the name of the fruit?











Answer for Quiz #1: Symphony #5 in C minor - Ten Ten Ten Ten!

Answer for Quiz #2: Wild fruit

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Title: HiStory III (demo 2)
Melody + Lyric: 2007
Short Description: Erm... HiStory II was skipped cos the lyric has never been finished -__-

This song, melody part was inspired when I looked at the nice view of Genting, while enjoying the cool breeze.

Lyrics part - I wrote it in train, during the way back home from office (can't recall how many journeys though)

btw, I plan to make this song a full version - piano, guitar, drums, strings...It will be the first full version composition - to pre-celebrate 10 years anniversary of song writing? (muahahaha)

Thanks to Monkey in advance :)

Same as HiStory I - this song is dedicated to all the people, who still can't recover from the previous relationship - all the best, tomorrow is always a better day :)



Would you stay the same?
I thought it's you who made me to change.

Could you stop the rain?
I saw it pouring down from your face

Give me your precious time and listen to me
I may not be as kind as I've used to be
You could be one of the strangers that was found on street.
Who would care about what they would think of me?

Could you spell my name?
Cos you (only) called me 'honey', but not my name.

Love will find the way,
But love has no use when you beg one to take

Would you stand beside me,
Watching the plant blooming as the sun rises?
Could you send the message in the bottle,
And give my luck a hard try
Should I wave you goodbye
After you took away all of my pride?

Would you lie again?
God knows what you were hiding from me?

Love can heal the pain,
But words that you said hurt me like mad.
Cos you made the blame.
I feel the pain

In the first album, her style was teenager + innocent style
Second album - quite a rock style
Third album - doll style

I guess in the coming album it will be punk style?

Yellow is Kaela's second single since her last album - Scratch

Yellow is a cool rock song
No Reason Why is a Britpop song, written by British band Farrah
Dejavu... didn't really pay attention cos the above two songs are good enough to listen to :P

This single was released on her 23rd birthday itself.

Rating: 3.5/5

Yellow MV (psychedelic!)