Verdict: While it is still entertaining, I still think that it should be a DVD release only :)

I know. I know. I know.

Everybody was talking about this movie.

And I only watched when it's like... nearly the end of the heat.

"This Is It" is a recorded backstage and/or rehearsal documentary of the "This Is It" concert - which was unfortunately canceled due to the loss of the big star - Michael Jackson.

So, there's nothing more that you can expect - you can also treat it as a musical movie as well, where they also have OST released along with this movie.

While you can really see how talented was (or maybe, 'is') Michael Jackson - who could dance in that demanding manner at the age of 50 - one really has to wonder all the hard work he had been doing all this while, to achieve that.

The movie is nice to watch, but like I said, I strongly believe that it should only be a DVD release.

Reason being - if it wasn't the death of Michael Jackson, and if "This Is It" concert could have started as scheduled, this documentary movie might not even release in the cinema at all.

So, apart from tribute, I believe the commercialise element plays a big part too.

Nevertheless, it's a good documentary.

I have no doubt about that.

Thanks R. for this movie treat.

Rating: 6/10


ZMiN said...

Not so much bout it being documentary or what. To me, I was in awe most of the time - I didn't know he could still hit the high notes like he did 20 or 30 yrs back. Very lame to say this, but I used to be like a big MJ fan. And I liked every bit of the movie!

Anonymous said...

This Is It is definitely a way to salvage the unrealised profit from the concert that would never happen after all that investment, while giving closure to manicly-anticipating fans around the world. Afterall, im sure they would also release the real concert (should it have been executed) some time after, if they managed to obtain rights to it.

I wasnt a fan before. But after watching, i was awestruck. Agree with ZMin, its amazing how MJ still hit those notes & those moves! So effortlessly. See how much effort on his backup singer/dancers' end? ;P

I'd say, airing in the cinema did bring out the necessary hair-raising sound production effect like how a live concert would :)