To me, election gives you the chance to choose what you need in life.

For example, my family has been eating Gardenia bread, but as the time pass by, we found that the bread's size has shrunk, and not as tasty as before.

Then we tried High 5 bread - not bad.
And lastly we found Massimo - even tastier at even competitive price.

We've been sticking with it since last year.

Every loaf of bread has its expiry date.
Finishing a loaf of bread is like giving you a chance to choose the brand again.

That's the same purpose of election.

Old doesn't mean gold - discover yourself with the news on internet, read them.

Anybody who can vote, should be mature enough to think independently, on which party makes more sense, and whether the party's pledge meets your needs.

Then, you should be able to choose who you want to vote.

Government is just a product you choose to run this country - you have the rights to choose/switch to a better product that suits your needs.

Well, this can be a long topic - but I'll cut it short.

Malaysia Proton/National Car policy (i.e. high tax on imported car) is a legacy, started almost 30 years ago.
USA's law that allows possession of guns, is a legacy started as far as 1792.
Apartheid was a legacy in South Africa, started in 1948, ended in 1994.
Malaysia's Social Contract were agreements made by the country's founding fathers in the Constitution - it is definitely a legacy to Malaysia.
Dynasties in China were legacy, until the formation of Republic of China in 1912.

One thing for sure - these legacies help to define how the country works, how it looks, and how people will live.

But as the world progresses - things change.
Legacy maybe important, but is not necessarily relevant to the present time.

Some, or even many, may have affection on the legacies - but let's look at the real needs of the people, you will know why some of the legacies that I mentioned above, has become history.

Two challenges before giving up a legacy:
1) How to convince people (or maybe the minors) that it is no longer relevant
2) What are the alternatives available?

Let's forget about PEMANDU/Police's report that crime rate has reduced.
Let's ignore what media has been reporting on paper/news, about robbery, murder cases etc.

Let's just face it - after so many years:
Getting security guards in housing area has become a necessity,
Hanging out after 9PM will get questions from friends or family that "are you sure you wanna go out this late?"
Public's perception that police will only work harder before festive season. (and on top of that, you know what I actually mean)
Tendency of public chose not to report criminal cases
Robbery or murderer cases has become near uncontrollable situation...
Government chose to apply high definition CCTV for those road offender (i.e. speeding/skip red light), instead of installing on streets to do surveillance on street crime (i.e. robbery,murder cases)

You can tell that the security level of this country has gone towards the wrong direction.

The thing about HK drama is that - it's a pretty stale factory productions - the story elements are easily predictable:

1) The fight between the ladies in the palace
2) Police/Firefighter/Doctors/Anti corruption stories
3) The fight in the family business

Today I observed some comments on FB about 护花危情's ending.

OK, it's not the first time that TVB disappoints audience.

So my humble suggestions, are pretty simple:

1) Watch the first and last episode (OK la, maybe the first 5 and last 5)
2) Watch Japaneses drama series which would normally end within 10 episodes

You will suddenly find that you have a lot of times to do other (or better) things.

If you look at the lyrics of Malaysia's 55th Independence Day theme song,

You will realise that the government treat their pure subsidy-based programmes as their 'fulfillment to requests by citizens of Malaysia"

If that's the case, it's very pathetic - subsidized services won't solve Malaysia's root cause of poverty, corruption or even the safety issue.

If rakyat is earning enough, living decent life - they won't need those subsidized services at all.

Is this what the current government can achieve, after 55 years of independence?
Is this what Malaysia has become (a subsidy-dependent country), after 49 years?


Macam malam ikut siang,
Macam bulan ikut matahari,
Satu Malaysia terus berjuang,
Janji kita ditepati,
Kata kita dikota,
Janji kita ditepati,
Hidup rakyat dibela,
Masa depan diberkati,
Janji sudah ditepati,
Kini masa balas budi,
Janji siapa ? Janji Kita,
Janji apa ? Janji Satu Malaysia,
Janji siapa ? Janji Kita,
Janji apa ? Janji Satu Malaysia,
( ulang dari awal )

Ini janji kita, BRIM Satu Malaysia
Ini janji Satu Malaysia, Terima Satu Satu Malaysia,
Kata kita dikota, Klinik Satu Malaysia,
Janji kita ditepati, Kedai Satu Malaysia

Stage 1: Marinate the chicken cube.
400g of chicken cube
2 tablespoons of fish sauce
4 teaspoons of cornstarch (optional)
1 teaspoon of sesame oil (optional)
1 teaspoon of light soy sauce

After mixing all the ingredients, "spin" the meat like a washing machine. (until you feel the meat are very sticky)

You may then leave the meat a while.

Stage 2: cooking time (you may refer to the recipe at the back of Maepranom Green Curry paste packaging)

Pour one cup of coconut milk on the heated pan
As it boils, put the Maepranom Green Curry paste into it, and stir fry it.
As you see oil appearing, put the meat & another 2cup of coconut milk
Turn to medium heat.

Put 20g of kaffir lime leaves (daun limau purut/麻风柑叶)
Leaving it cooking for a while.

Done, you can eat with bread, rice or even spaghetti.

Verdict: A great trilogy, finished in Chris Nolan style.

So Chris managed to make the Batman movies, in his style

Though the movie is based on the comic, but movie would make you think - what if those crisis happens? It's freaking possible!

To start with, everybody should manage the expectation - the movie is flawed.

I can name two flawed scenes, that I could remember:
1) How Commissioner was easily found, after wounded
2) How could Bane unnoticed of Bruce Wayne's capture by his own army?

But comic-based movies are meant to be flaw - it's the same thing you'll be asking 'how come Tony Stark didn't die even if he's in the ironman suit? It can't withstand those hit by rocket etc'

OK, throw away those logic, let's move on with the script:

Dark Knight Rises is emotional - removing the superhero portion, it can be an independent story on its own, about what to choose in life, how to move on from pain etc.

Dark Knight Rises is deep - it is deeper than Dark Knight, as it forced even larger group of people to make choices during the crisis.

I thought the ending was good - but I strongly hope that the film company won't wanna extend the franchise of it (well, Chris has already said this will be the last of his Batman series)

It's lengthy - but worth the time.

Rating: 8.5/10

Verdict: Thought provoking with nice Swiss snowy scenery

It's always good to put low expectation on a movie - I did just that for this Spanish movie, and probably that's why I was amazed at its quality.

The story line was rather interesting - set in the future, it is about a man trying to invent a machine that can emulate the the human emotion, and react like a human.

In short, he tried to put emotion into a robot.

This film is emotional, especially the ending. But it is exactly the whole point - emotion is something that, perhaps, robot can't understand, respond, or even emulate.

Because, when one is being emotion, the person can't think straight, when the person can't think straight, the fella will do something 'out of the mind'

I love the futuristic computer interface design (it is somewhat superior than Tony Stark's robot design system in Ironman), I love the twist, I love the meaning behind and it leaves me thinking whether a robot should be a robot, while human should be a human.

(a totally random & separate note: Samsung Galaxy III phone is designed for human, inspired by nature. So the robot can't use the phone)

I believe emotion is something that is hard for robot to express or comprehend effectively, as robot is meant to be a very logical thinking machine.

Simply, emotion in most of the cases doesn't have absolute logic.

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: A French version of Taken. But a better one.

This is how an action movie can be - without the exaggerating action scenes which are common in American movies.

From the start till the end, the movie didn't bore me.

It is about how a nurse strive to save his pregnant wife, kidnapped by the bad guys.

He had to fight with both police and bad guys (or, "police or bad guys") and even to the extend of pairing with the "convicted" guy to achieve his objectives.

It's a French movie, but it is a movie that American can learn a lot - about the pace, about the movie edit, about the story line, about twist - etc.

I don't mind to give this movie an 8.5 - the only complain that I have is the ending seems to be overdoing.

Rating: 8.5/10

Music: 1999, 2008
Lyrics: 2008, 2012

Short notes: Plan to rewrite this song, so will complete the lyrics first.


Nothing surprising,
Nothing colliding,
Nothing to save when it's all the same.

Nothing worth crying,
Nothing worth fighting,
Nothing to say when it's all the same.

(Yeah you're gonna say it again)

"Nothing's gonna change my name."
"Nothing's gonna change my faith."
Nothing's gonna fake my way
Nothing's gonna take my sane.

Nothing to think about,
Nothing to sigh about.
"Nothing to save" that's what you said.

Nothing to whine about.
Nothing to cry about.
Nothing to pray, when you've lost the faith

(Would you say it again)
"Nothing's gonna change my name."
"Nothing's gonna change my faith."
Nothing's gonna fake my way
Nothing's gonna take my sane.