Verdict: Great performance from all the actors + actress (with many of them, being first time acting), great presentation of Thailand's local music group. Great script writing to make this movie worth watching.

Many of us would have seen Thai advertisement - the funniness is no worse than HK or Japanese's humour.

Many of us would have seen Thai horror movie - many of us have perception of Thai movie = horror movie.

Try this movie - you will know that Thai movie industry is way beyond just horror movies.

In the past one year I have closer encounter with Thai people. So in a way, I would want to learn their language - the quickest way is to watch movie or listen to Thai music.

OK, back to the movie.

This movie tells how a group of young people, striving to succeed (hence 'suckseed') in the music competition.

I watched it with Jen and my dad.

All of us like it.

This comedy delivers what it should deliver.

I shared some same thoughts as my father:
i) The movie is all-rounded. It shows that Thai kids can act (the scene in the classroom - all the children acted naturally)
ii) The movie managed to introduced some Thai rock music groups - which, I believe, many of the non-Thai people won't know them before this movie.
iii) It is a movie with proper ending (many of the movies nowadays have 'strange ending', which you won't know what is it trying to say)

My personal view: I like how the movie shows the atmosphere when you listen to music - it really feels like someone is beside you, talking to you about how you feel.

The beginning part of the movie, which talked about their childhood - reminds me of Fan Chan, another well delivered movie.

As the walkman generation evolved into discman generation - then into iPod generation (yep, the evolution is 'subconsciously' shown in the movie): people grew up and have chosen different path to move forward.

I'll repeat what I had just mentioned earlier: By watching this movie, you will understand that why Thai people can produce funny advertisement, and their movie industries are definitely more than just horror movies.

I would definitely invite all of my friends to watch this movies.

Rating: 9.5/10

P/S: This post is dedicated to all my Thai colleagues whom I have worked with. Thanks and it is great to know all of you! One day we will definitely suckseed na krub!