Verdict: Imaginative "ability", but lost marks on the storytelling method

A good fiction movie is something that is made up, but is able to convince you with some 'wow'.

So I thought, time traveling is a good element for fiction movie.

It's a love movie, I won't deny. But it's not those ordinary cheesy love story (and hence I chose to watch it)

It's kinda sad as well to learn how helpless it is for the time traveler's situation.

The weakest part of the movie is how the story was told.

While the idea about 'time traveling' is good, the movie seemed to be a bit slow and lost of focus sometimes - telling the interesting parts apart, filled with unnecessary-feel scene (at least that's basically how I felt)

But two things I learned from the movie:

1) Appreciate the moment you have
2) If you know your ability, make full use of it (he made a fortune from his ability - go figure out how)

Rating: 6.5/10