Seremban 2 building. I wonder where's Seremban 1 or even 3.

I'll always remember this day.

It's not because it's Sebastian's birthday (his birthday was 11 Sept, same as 911 incident) and sorry to say that, all of the bears forgot about his birthday.

Ok, back to the story.

This day was quite meaningful. I traveled to Seremban. I understand that 'Se' means 'one' in Malay.

I wonder if there is "Duaremban" or "Tigaremban"

It's actually the first time that three of us (me, Emoody & Emoody Sr) traveled together.

But if you realise one thing, Colleen only pulled up the seat belt for Emoody Sr.

And the rest of us were left to face the dangerous consequences if anything happens. (that's why she was masked because she felt ashamed to face the public)

In the afternoon, we went to Rawang. In a very heavy rain. I could barely see the road in front but I know it's an upgraded road (recently) in a jungle.

Then in the evening, I sang the award winning song (at least we won a Macbook Air) - "If I Have 100Meg"

We are now studying hard on how to use Macbook.

I heard this Macbook Air is lighter than our combined weight.

We shall see.

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colleen-error said...

so maybe there're "Duabsstian" or "Tigabsstian" lor =_=