Verdict: Typical Ayaka style music that's relaxing to listen to.

1. "Yume wo Mikata ni" (夢を味方に?)
2. "Koi Kogarete Mita Yume" (恋焦がれて見た夢?)
3. "Kimi ga Iru Kara" - Live ver.(2009/2/13@SHIBUYA-AX)

4. "Yume wo Mikata ni" (夢を味方に?) (Instrumental)
5. "Koi Kogarete Mita Yume" (恋焦がれて見た夢?) (Instrumental)

*Italic-bold track indicates the tracks that I like

The thing I like about Ayaka is her voice. It's powerful yet she's able to sing teh sentimental songs, that gives relaxing effect.

This single is quite complete in the sense that, all of the tracks were good.

Third track is a live version of a song from her last album.

She'll temporary put her career on hold by end of this year, because she's diagnosed with Graves' Disease.

Until then, I shall wait for her next album ;)

Rating: 4/5

This mashup/medley basically gives the idea on how Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" sound-alike with Ting Tings' "That's Not My Name"

It's been a good refresh activity, as it's been a while since I did such a music editing stuff.

Original Material:
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (Tom Neville's Nameless Vocal Mix), Length: 5:15
The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (Dj Smuggla Diy Acapella), Length: 4:24

If you wanna have a copy, click here

Similarity Rating: 3.5/5

I didn't know that in the KL Marathon 2009 that I participated, I was taken photo twice.

Few days after the race, I received the email and told me that my photos is available on for sale.

I wasn't even asked to say "Cheese"

And this one was badly taken

Some more they put copyright on the photo featuring me -_-

I'll use my friend's quote: I feel exposed, intruded and violated.

Had the dinner with my friend after gym session. (Yes, I confirmed what I just said was true)

This Singaporean restaurant is nice, it serves good but affordable western food.

Set dinner(Chicken chop), comes with fruit juice: I can't quite remember the price, I guess it's RM18.90

Buffalo wings as side dishes. Forgot the price.

Surprisingly, there's not much people in the restaurant during that time, 9PM during weekend.

This dinner was worth it.

But the important point is: We had this after the gym session.

I heard "Diet programme" again, from far....

Rating: 4/5

Of McDonald's lunch selections, I tend to choose McChicken instead of others.

Reason being:
1) It's one of the cheapest
2) It uses lighter packaging as opposed to the example below:

That's not so environmental friendly isn't it - for people won't really care bout the packaging for this cheap lunch.

Or, should I take lesser McDonald's so that even lesser packaging will be consumed?

Sometimes rumours can be quite scary.

From a goodwill "staying at home cum clearing leave"

The rumours among my colleague were as worst as "I'm infected by H1N1 virus and is currently being quarantined in the hospital"

What happened was, I met up with my friend who's back from London, and we had mutton steamboat.

She got fever on the next day.

The hospital report on the day after she got fever said that she got "H1N1 positive"

But on that exact day, she's fully recovered, as well.

Therefore, to be fair to my fellow colleagues, I took the leave even without having any symptom.

But well, it doesn't matter - it was a good rest, and I watched hell a lot of movies and drama.

So there were 9 people responded on this survey (oh that shows my readers are really countable :P)

Btw, with 56% said her title shouldn't be stripped - that shows that the we're quite OK with the 'fun culture'

While I thought that her title shouldn't be stripped - I also agree with the 44% people that, this is Asia and well, it might not be that nice to have so much fun, since she's representing Singapore.

*This post may be inappropriate for some. :P*

So, Miss Rachel Kum, the Miss Singapore 2009 is now in the hot soup.

Hot soup because she's Miss Singapore 2009, and she took some 'inappropriate' photo.

Let's have some quick look:

Some 'feel good' moment with rubber doll.

Penis-shaped birthday cake. (Credit to the cake maker for being creative)

The 'aftermath'

Now, a bigger version of a human-sized-penis.

Full story here

Now, what say you?

This is one of my favorite restaurant in Shah Alam, one of the 'bird won't lay egg' (鳥不生蛋) places that I know and I have to go.

So this time, I ordered Mixed Grill. Consist of beef steak, a lamb chop and a chicken fillet. (+ some salad + jacket potatoes)

Note at the 50 cents I put beside the plate, to show you the portion.

Oh ya, this mixed grill comes with a sausage as well. Price: RM26.50

50 cents at a nearer shot.

This is Ian's grilled chicken, with 50 cents beside too. Price: RM17.50

The food quality is there. The main reason is none other than the price - with this kind of portion, you can expect at least RM50/RM60 at Chilli's.

Result? Satisfied stomach with big potential to have bigger belly - if we are to become regular customer.

Note that, this shop only accepts cash.

Address: 27, Jalan Alfa F U6/F
Subang Permai, Shah Alam.

Tel: 03-78458073/03-78591078

Rating: 4/5

Finally, decided to get AP set of Sony Ericsson C901 - which cost me RM880, instead of the ori = RM1200.

Would like to thank the people who gave the opinion in the poll as well as in Facebook, who mostly supported for Original set.

Poll result

However, RM880 vs RM1200 is quite something. More over the AP phone nowadays come with 1.5 year warranty - so, this is how it ended - an AP phone.

I still think this phone is overpriced. For RM880 - there's nothing much to boast about (no front camera for a 3G phone, no wifi) - except the camera with xenon flash.

SAR value is quite high - 1.57, I shall use more handsfree or probably get a bluetooh headset instead.

OK. Let's see some of the photo taken:

Photo of moon with Smart Contrast function

Photo of moon with full auto function

Francesco with the "frame" function in the camera

Camwhore with my sister

Photo - traffic jam in the city

While the photo quality isn't really that impressive, but for a camera that's small form - I shall rest my case :P

Still, a slightly overpriced handphone, if you ask me :-)

Earlier this month (ok, I know now it's still early of the month) Google had change some interface to the Gmail.

To my surprise, my "Bin" folder has gone!

So how to see the email I've just deleted? - by enabling back the "Bin" folder:

Just follow the guide:

1) At the left panel of the Gmail, click on the "X more" under the Label section
2) Click on "Manage labels"

3) On the right panel of Gmail, you'll be able to see the "show" option of the Bin.

Click on it and you're done.

I have a friend who had pressure on work, more than half a year ago.

The friend would call me sometimes in the middle of night.

As the listener, I listened and gave my advice, which I thought helped to sooth the friend's sleepless night.

While I symphatised with the friend's situation, I also gave two advices:

1) Try to find motivation from the job - it's not necessary the direct benefit of the job, but things are always two folded - there must be some bright side of a disaster you face

2) Get a proper hobby. Proper hobby can help to balance the stressed work - and divert the attention

I'm not sure if my friend took my advice - but I did see since then my friend started doing and enjoying the hobby.

Since then, there's no more call in the midnight.

No, I'm not complaining about those nights I was awaken.

Rather, I'm glad that my friend no longer felt pressured to that extend.

He died last Thursday, 25 June 2009.

I remember that the traffic (on my way to work) was clear with every radio stations playing his songs - a lot of people were shocked, I guess.

To many, he's a complete entertainer - he could dance, he could sing and most importantly he wrote beautiful songs.

That's why many were shocked.

While people are still arguing why he died, I guess we can pretty much conclude with one word:


Imagine, 50 concerts at the age of 50.

And the long-awaited come back was certainly something that put further weight on his shoulders - at least from his last rehearsal (luckily, documented) he was rehearsing well and it was said that the concert will be something "big and amazing" (with 3D thing... erm, it doesn't matter now)

Plus, a Virgo like him, who is perfectionist, would want his body, his dancing, his singing at tip top condition.

All these = pressure

No matter what, he had brought big impact on pop culture, at least he is still by far the most complete entertainer that we know.

At least we are lucky to witness him alive and performing - with the music industry nowadays, I don't foresee we'll see any complete entertainer like him.

At least, Michael Jackson was a perfect entertainer.

He will rest in peace for sure.

OK, the advert was just shown in North Korea - for a locally brewed beer.

2 and a half minute length of advert - what can they put inside?

Well, I'll leave you to figure out.

I've to remind you that, this is a 2009 ad with people from 2009.

Apart from screaming "NORTH KOREA ROCKS!",

I do feel for the people over there - we are much more fortunate in Malaysia.

Me, Emoody and Emoody Sr

Finally, Emoody meets his 18 years old uncle - Emoody Sr.

OK, that means we've proved every human wrong - who says bear can't grow up?

The reason I didn't grow much in the past 8 years is because I chose not to grow up.

There are many problem in adult world, at least that's what I heard.

OK, I know I'm the smallest among all.

Btw, Emoody Sr's birthday is on 25/1/1991.

That means he's an Aquarius.

According to Trevor, some Aquarius sees things differently - that's why many Aquarius artist produces avant-garde product.

They are charming but sometimes they don't speak much.

Of course, they are stubborn too. From Emoody Sr's mouth you can tell he's stubborn.

So what can I say? Welcome on board, Emoody Sr!

Update 4/7/09: This post will be invalid due to the wrong information.

Verdict: Starting to get tired with Dreamworks classic series.

Ice Age, Shrek, Madagascar series were among the most famous animated film from Dreamworks.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite a fan of those series.

Ice Age 1 was good, didn't quite like Shrek (I don't get the idea of a lovely monster) and only watched Madagascar 2.

So, Ice Age 3, apart from the cute characters + actions that could make you laugh - there's nothing much.

There's one logic issue as well - Manny (the mammoth) was smaller than Tyrannosaurus - how can that be educational?

I hope Ice Age series would end here, but the effort of making you laugh was good.

Rating: 5.5/10

Verdict: Informative, educational and entertaining!

This is a 2007 film.

Me and my father were awed by many scenes in this film - a collections of various wild lifes in action, as well as some of mother nature's rare look.

I seriously don't know how they filmed the whales, the polar bear and the birds in the jungle.

Yes, it's possible but I'm sure the production team had waited patiently for that exact moment - God knows how long it was.

At the same time, it sends the strong message - human is deteriorating the environment and the next generation can only see mother nature and wild life in DVD or stored media.

Rating: 9/10

Yesterday I saw a lizard in my car on the way to work.

Me and my sister screamed in the car.

That's not all.

Actually, last Tuesday (i.e. a week ago) after watching Tranformers 2 @ Times Square, I saw this lizard in my car.

But I failed to get it out of my car - instead, it crawled underneath the seats.

On that day, actually I called up my sister and asked her to bring back the air freshener from her office (somehow she left it there) - I sprayed and let the door open, hoping that it will come out of the car.

She did and when she asked me why, I answered "Well, suddenly I felt the car is smelly"

And to my surprise, exactly after a week, it 'resurfaced' - That, was the reason why I screamed in the car

"Oh, it looks thinner than last week" was my first thought when I saw it.

Gladly, me and my sister worked together to get the creature out of my car.

My sis will kill me for knowing that the lizard had been in the car for one week (yes, she's been driving my car for the past one week)