It's been a long sabbatical since I last blogged.

I was watching movie non-stop. And there was one weekend that I've watched about 10 movies.

Therefore I'm gonna blog/share some of the movies that I've watched.

Title: 28 Days Later
A virus outbreak made Britain a deserted area. This movie talks about how the uninfected human are fighting their way for survival. The movie might have been inspired by movie such as "Dawn of the Dead"

But this is more sensible.

Rating: 8/10

Title: Babel
The Mexican director chose no better title than this - Babel. It really reflected how the communication barrier can affect a human life or even development.

It's all about communication.

Rating: 8.5/10

Title: Batman Begins
Batman Begins is the Batman movie it should have been. I dare say it's the best among the Batman series. Before watching this movie, I thought Spiderman series are the best.

But after watching Batman Begins, which tells how Bruce Wayne become a Batman, and how he got all the weapons required, it let me feel that this is the superhero movie that is more sensible, more human. (Think about Spiderman, Superman, X-men -- those are impossible in life)

HOWEVER, I thought the movie is spoilt by the super weapon (a water vaporising device), I mean like, how did it only vaporise the water in the pipe, but not the water in the human body?

However, it's a science fiction movie, so... forgivable?

Rating: 9/10

Title: Mr Bean's Holiday
Talk about Mr Bean, you'll love it if you love brainless movie, like me.

I enjoyed the movie because it's stupid enough to make me laugh, that's it. It's a very illogical movie.

If you want a movie that make sense, skip this.

Rating: 6.8/10

Title: Blood Diamond
Blood diamond - a movie that you should watch with your going-to-be-married woman.

They'll choose not to buy diamond after watching this :P

This movie is action packed and tells the ugly side of the diamond mining.

Rating: 7.5/10

Title: Castle in the Sky
Castle in the Sky is an animation created by Hayao Miyazaki

I've been a fan of him. His animations often carries the message that reminds people to preserve/love/respect whatever that the earth has - be it the environment, building (left by the ancient) etc

Rating: 8/10

Title: Constantine
A movie about exorcism. Nice plot and yeah, I've already watched it thrice!

Rating: 9.5/10

Title: Click
Click is the movie that surprised me, because it's quite a nice movie.

Perhaps I had no confidence in Adam Sandler, his movies are kind brainless type, but not enough to interest me.

It's the movie that emphasise the communication between human.

And most importantly, there's a balance for everything. You get what you give/You gain and you'll lose something.

Rating: 7/10

Title: The Departed
ShaolinTiger mentiond that it's way better than Chinese version, which is also the original version.

I disagree.

This version is more violent, I'd say it suited the Western style. The plot (in two versions) are generally the same, but there are some of the things in this movie that I think spoiled the movie.

i) Why Madolyn would fall in love with Costigan (a patient of her, and in the movie, obviously didn't explain why they would fall for each other) and subsequently made love with him and had his baby??

ii) Why let Dignam kill Sullivan? It should be having the essence of the Hong Kong version - the guiltiness to be a villain (or the desire of being a good man) which eventually tore his personality apart (as shown by Andy Lau's Lau Kin Ming) and torture the person - which suits the title "Infernal Affair"

Rating: 7/10

Title: The Descent
I thought I'd like this movie, cos I saw good rating from reviews. But alas, it's not true.

There are a lot of loopholes. For example, those creature that survives especially with their nose, failed to sense the human when he/she stop breathing?

That reminds me of the Chinese vampire... muahahaha

Again, it's one of thoese movies that has no ending. Pfft..

Rating: 5/10

Title: The Fantastic 4
If you love any kind of superhero type of movie, then watch this. Else I'd rather choose X-men :)

Rating: 5.5/10

Title: Fearless
Fearless is a meaningful movie. Apart from the fact that is kind of true story (modified a bit to suit the cinematic feature, of course) the movie gives good message - the true power of a person is how he/she controls the power.

Rating: 9.5/10

Title: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
A movie that you'd watch for fun. It's fun but I'd prefer Initial-D.

Don't ask me why :)

Rating: 5/10

Title: Infernal Affair III
Finally, got the chance to watch the third installment.

It's a triumph ending to the Infernal Affair trilogy, in my opinion.

This movie talks about the post-Infernal Affair I era. It talks about how Lau Kin Ming had the personality split and eventually commit suicide.

All three installments are well plot and this is no exception.

It's a classic for Hong Kong movie history - no wonder there were hell a lot of similar movies released.

Oh ya, as mentioned, it's definitely better than American version - The Departed. And the producer is smart enough to make the trilogy convincingly (which are meaningful to have each of them produced)

Rating: 8.5/10

Title: James Bond: Casino Royale
James Bond series are movies that I won't complain about the loophole. It's just my personal favorite.

Casino Royale is one of the best in the series, in my opinion.

It talks about blood and flesh about James Bond, in shorter words, it's more human.

In previous series, you can see that James Bond is tooooo calm and too casual.

The plot may not be that good - those tranditional plot that we'd expect in those suspense type of movie, story line either.. kinda predictable, but nevertheless, it's still my favorite :D

Rating: 7/10 (it's number seven, isn't it ;) )

Title: LoTR: The Two Towers
I watched this because I can't really recall some part. Hey, it's a classic!

Rating: 9/10

Title: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Rating: 9/10

Title: The Matrix Revolutions
This, in my opinion, is the movie that confuse people (yep, with the previous two installments too) but yet, people still act like this movie is very meaningful and very cool.

Yep, Matrix is the movie that make people to act like they understand the movie well and even write long theory about it.

Come on, be real - I don't really understand the Matrix trilogy.

Nevertheless it's a nice movie with good plot. And yes, I enjoyed watching the movie, because I didn't use much energy to.. erm.. confuse myself (a better way of explanation is "think")

Rating: 8/10

Title: Mr & Mrs Smith
If you wanna have movie that has "fun" element, this is it. Apart from that, it's not logic.

But come on, it's worth enough to both the both delicious actor and actress.

Rating: 5.5/10

Title: One Night in Mongkok
This is a bitter movie. Is it a movie that was written with the hidden message that "hey, the people of mainland china is giving us some problem here" ?

To be frank, some Hongky did tell me this. It happens especially after 1997.

Or maybe i'm thinking too much, Hong Kong itself also has that much of trouble, which made the actress say "Why is Hong Kong called Hong Kong?" (direct translation of Hong Kong means "fragrant harbour", which is better known as Pearl of Orient)

Rating: 7.5/10

Title: The Prestige
A well-plot movie. It tells how two (actually three) magicians fight with each other (2 vs 1, not fair, isn't it?)

But actually, in the end, you'll know that it's unlimited Angier VS "Fallon"

Oh yeah, life is not fair :P

Rating: 8/10

Title: Pulse
I hate movie (especially horror movie) with no ending. This movie is one of them. It tells how important is the true communication between human.

But in the end, the movie is like leading the victim to nowhere.


Rating: 3.5/10

Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
I love Pirates of Caribbean series. I don't know why. I just love it :)

This movie isn't bad after all, especially it's a sequel (most sequel fails, you know)

And am counting down to watch the third installment :)

Rating: 8/10

Title: Robots
I love to watch animation, but this movie, from the starting, or even since I know about this movie from paper - fails to interest me.

Apart from the robots that didn't look appealing, the movie just, fails to interests me.

But am sure it's hard to illustrate those robots (you know, their details, assembly, screws), therefore marks must be given for the hard works done by artists.

Rating: 6.5/10

Title: Silent Hill
Surprisingly, Silent Hill didn't disappoint me. I thought it's gonna be like any other horror movie.
The plot was not bad. But too bad that, Rose still captured in the fog world (which I presume that she's dead from the beginning, right after she met the car accident)

Rating: 6.5/10

Title: Stay Alive
It's a lame horror movie, if you have too much time to spent, watch it.

Rating: 3/10

Title: Sunshine
This movie reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Nice plot with satisfying ending.

If you thought that it's an action movie, you won't enjoy the movie at all, trust me.

Rating: 8/10

Title: V for Vendetta
I thought the movie was too violent. But it's artistically violent.

I thought the movie glorify terrorism, but the totalitarianism is even more disgusting.

I watched twice on that day itself.

Nice plot and nice action. Now, do you realised that your human right has been hijacked... as well?

Rating: 9.5/10

A friend of mine came and told me that he broke up with his girl friend, who's been together for 5 years.

I understand how he felt, cos I experienced it before.

Came back from the tea session, got the lyrics done, made a small clip of the song, dedicated to him :)

Of course, it was done in midnight, couldn't play + sing out loud.

Click HERE to download

Hope he'll recover soon.

Wake up, feel the sunshine
Wake up, feel the sunshine
Mahirap ang buhay. ("Life is hard" in Tagalog)
Try to see the bright side