Target achieved

Just one week after I had posted the Mun Choong 1995 year book on Facebook - the respond was immense.

I set a target personally to see if it could be successful - The photo album will have 300 comments & 200 tagged persons in a week - and yes, as of yesterday all were achieved.

The tagged persons could have been more - but there are people who simply can't accept their past - chose to untag themselves from the Facebook.

Needless to say, a chance is lost for these people to be connected by their primary school friends.

I had even one message sent from one of my friend to remove the photo from the Facebook - because the person uses Facebook in the office and the person can't stand questions being asked by the bosses or colleague.

For me and my sister, we found nothing wrong with the person's photo - the person looks quite the same as before.

And yes, while they have their rights, chose not to be tagged - I am still puzzled by the fact that they can't accept their past - it's a fact and you can't run away from it.

From the positive side, since I'm the owner of the scanned photo, everybody's comment will be copied to my email as well - Yes, I read some of them and mostly are positive - they are happy and surprised that after 14 years, they are able to reconnect with their school mate.

I thought I've done what is Facebook initially meant to be - (re)connecting people.

Since then I've added no less than 40 new friends, all from the same primary school.

I would consider this project is closed, successfully.

P/S: Facebook is viral, period.


ZMiN said...

Maybe, they untag because they don't wanna receive the comment notifications?

Coz honestly I was a bit tempted to do so when i hav notifications flooding into my mailbox which has nth to do with me! Ahaks!

Trevor said...

it's a case of 'unable to accept the past', i'm sure.

cos most even untag before having any comment - and who could predict that comments will be massive?