I dreamed that I went to a subway station (similar to the abandoned subway station in spiderman 2 2014) to catch a python.

We went to second floor and there were two guys who were killed by the python.

Lastly a guy managed to chop off the head of python, but one of the deceased guy's wife didn't believe that her husband was dead and want to send to hospital n

Suddenly there was one train approaching in subway station. I stopped the train and managed to get help from the train driver to carry the body into the train.

We delivered the body to city centre then transited to a car. We drove towards the city centre but we were actually driving thru the desert.

I was sitting at the back, with the bodies on my right and head of python on my left.

After we had arrived in city centre, we decided to take a lunch. Went to a local Japanese restaurant. There I met an ex colleague at IBM. He is a Thai hence I greeted him in Thai and I spoke some basic Thai with him

Another friend of mine said we've got a job in that city centre. So we left our stuff in the restaurant to sign the offer letter at that company.

There I saw my Australian ex boss in a Volvo. But she pretended that she didn't see me

After we've got the offer letter it started raining. They were running but I chilled and covered my head with offer letter

When we were back to the restaurant it was closed. We had to wait for it to reopen again.

That's when I woke up

If you are a follower of Susan Miller's astrology forecast, Mercury Retrograde will not be a stranger to you. You may read an article here

Believe it or not, today I experienced the first effect of mercury retrograde - I was taken Putra LRT on my way home - it is a driver-less train - suddenly at Masjid Jamek station, it had emergency break, and it didn't open the door to disembark the passengers, then continued to Pasar Seni station.

The train had to terminate at Pasar Seni station (my destination was KL Sentral) and of course - many were frustrated.

But for me, I was not frustrated - I was amazed at the odds and if those stars retrograde can really affect our lives.

Well, it is just a reference - I am going to Taipei for 4 days tomorrow - Hope everything goes well.

Hi my fans, I've been quite quiet for a while.

Let me tell you what I've been doing lately. When I'm free, I will just watch movie or watch human.
Because I'm short, sometimes I need to step on Emoody to stand higher.

I love to say 'Hi' with Colleen to disturb her work.

But most of the time, she didn't need me to distract - in this photo, I saw her chasing & stepping on cockroach.

Women are dangerous.