Title: So In Love
Music: 2009
Lyrics: 2009

Short note: I found the inspiration when I was shopping in Jusco last week - ok, whatever - this could mean basically the song is quite meaningless.

Plus I'm lazy, so this song is considered half-done, and hence the title (Partial Demo)

Last but not least, one of my guitar strings was broken, so this song is basically partially done.

Lame but true.


I can't tell,
What's in my old mind,
Is that my own mind?

You came by,
What's with that surprise,
You used the same old lie.

Now that I see,
You're making me to be ,
Your doggy of your life.

But I know I can't be,
No lean of shoulder from me,
If you choose to be lonely
And don't let me stand by your side.

Do you believe I'm the undercover?
Do you believe that we need one & other.
I can't believe that I'm so in love,
I can't believe that I'm so in love.

I can't find,
The woman for whole life,
I think that they are all white lies.

I can't tell,
What's in my old mind,
Is that my own mind?

You came by,
What's with that surprise,
You used the same old lie.

Now I see,
You're making me,
To be the doggy of your life.

But I know I can't be,
No lean of shoulder from me,
If you choose to be lonely
And don't let me stand by your side.

Do you believe I'm the undercover?
Do you believe that we need one & other.
I can't believe I am so in love,
I can't believe I am so in love.


Hopefully can record the song tonight, but one of the guitar strings was broken. Ouch.

I managed to finish 10KM in 78 minutes.

I'm lil' surprised by the outcome cos initially I thought I'd use 1 and half hour.

The weather was good because it rained just about 2 hours before the race started - cool breeze was what welcoming the runners.

I thought the race was organised well, except for few things - Why were cars allowed in some area?

There was one round about where the car drivers asked the runners to slow down so that they can go past the road - while the traffic police was not really doing anything.

That was dangerous and frustration were felt among the runners, as marathon means keep going (yah, as if I kept running thru out the whole 10km...)

However, after I reached home, I slept for total of 5 hours - and still felt sleepy after that.

Strangely, on the next day, I felt muscle pain on my shoulders, instead of my legs.

What's the summary of this activity? Fun. And hope that my stamina can get better next year ;)

My Best Of My Life

确かなものを 探すのはなぜ


生きてく意味を 育ててみよう
今 始まる (my) best of my life

気づけないまま 犠牲にした

ただ 全力で生きてる
どうして人は 后悔を重ねる…

幸せを恐れることな< 谁かの胸に飞び込めたら
爱せるような (my) best of my life

ただ 过ぎ去って消えてった
抱きしめられて 眠りにつきたいの

信じながら 许し合いながら
あふれるような (my) best of my life

今 始まる (my) best of my life

今 始める (my) best of my life

Chinese Translation:

为什麼 我还要这样地找寻那确切的事物呢


在相逢中发现 生命意义
现在 开始 best of my life


我只是 全心全意地活下去
为什麼 人们 要重覆地后悔?

能够去爱的 best of my life

不过 却只是白白流逝 消失无踪而已
好想被那般的话语 拥抱著

相互信赖著 相互原谅著
充满著整个世界 best of my life

在相逢中发现 生命的意义
现在 开始 best of my life
现在 开始 best of my life

Listen to Demo


The motive of writing this post is to let all the movie goers to have a quick reference to the robots featured in the movie - either before or after watching it.

Believe me, as mentioned in my movie review - this movie can be confusing. I thought it would be beneficial for you to understand who's fighting with who in the movie.

In fact, I learned a lot about who's who in the movie, after I wrote this post.

If you disagree, please close this post immediately, else, don't wallop me. :P


Name: Optimus Prime
Alternate Mode:
Peterbilt 379 semi-truck
Quick Info: Big boss of Autobots

Name: Bumblebee
Alternate Mode:
Chevolet Camaro
Quick Info: Guardian of Sam Witwicky

Name: The Twins (SKIDS & MUDFLAP)
Alternate Mode:
Ice Cream car (and later red Chevrolet Trax and green Chevrolet Beat)
Quick Info: Irritating twins that look like monkeys but did a good job to defeat one of a big bad guy(robot)

Name: Ratchet
Alternate Mode:
Yellow Hummer H2
Quick Info: The medic who helped to repair Optimus Prime

Name: Ironhide
Alternate Mode:
GMC Truck
Quick Info: The first Autobots to transform into robot to fight with Decepticons

Name: Sideswipe
Alternate Mode:
metal silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Quick Info: The one who slashed the Sideways (a silver Audi R8) in the early of the show

Name: Acree
Alternate Mode:
a pink Ducati superbike, a blue Suzuki B-King 2008, and a purple MV Agusta F4
Quick Info: Ridden by 'hot chicks'

Name: Jolt
Alternate Mode: Chevrolet Volt
Quick Info: He uses his "electro whips" to surge power from Jetfire to Prime so they can combine in the final battle.


Name: The Fallen
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet
Quick Info: The big boss of Decepticons in this movie

Name: Megatron
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet/Cybertronian Tank
Quick Info: He was revived by Constructicons & Scalpel under the deep sea.

Name: Starscream
Alternate Mode: F-22 Raptor
Quick Info: The coward who would always flee (and proved to be a good idea in the end)

Name: Soundwave
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian jet/satellite
Quick Info: The robot which tapped into the human satellite. He also hacked the TV tower to broadcast the Fallen speech.

Name: Scorponok
Alternate Mode: Mechanical scorpion
Quick Info: Killed by Jetfire

Name: Ravage
Alternate Mode:
Quick Info: The machine which was destroyed by Bumblebee

Name: Scalpel (aka The Doctor)
Alternate Mode: Microscope
Quick Info: He was the one examined Sam in the movie.

Name: Devastator
Alternate Mode: Seven different pieces of robots (Scavenger, Hightower, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Overload, Rampage, and Scrapper.)
Quick Info: H-U-G-E

Name: Grindor
Alternate Mode: Helicopter
Quick Info: He was the one who captured Sam, Mikaela & Leo

Name: Demolisher
Alternate Mode: Terex O&K RH400 Excavator
Quick Info: He's the one created big buzz in Shanghai!

Name: Rampage
Alternate Mode: Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer
Quick Info: The one who captured Sam's parents in Paris

Name: Sideways
Alternate Mode: Audi R8
Quick Info: He was killed in the car form by Sideswipe

Name: Pretender
Alternate Mode: ???
Quick Info: I'll leave it for you to discover. I must say, its tongue was quite disgusting.

There were some Decepticons-turned-Autobots characters as well:

Name: Jetfire
Alternate Mode:
SR-71 Blackbird
Quick Info: One of the cool member that helped a lot on Optimus Prime

Name: Wheelie
Alternate Mode:
Remote-controlled monster truck
Quick Info: One of the integral member who helped to locate the Matrix


After reading this post, if you still feel that it's confusing - good luck when you watch the movie.

i) Wikipedia
ii) Rotten Tomatoes

Verdict: A movie that's exactly what Transformers fans want - massive robots fighting, but normal movie goer will find it confusing.

Imagine, back to back, massive robots fighting - with not much of human involvement (what can they really do with the robots, btw)

I'm not an avid Tranformers fan - but the robots fighting did satisfy me, visually (yeah, more than meets the eyes)

Too much of robots made me confused at some point - it doesn't matter, Autobot will stand still at the end of the day (movie)

Director, Michael Bay delivered what he's good at: big explosive scene with big troops (here it refers to robots) fighting.

After watching the movie, I've one advice: read the wikipedia to understand the movie (most importantly, the characters involved) - this movie is more about visually satisfaction than the plot, you get me? That's why I'm even endorsing the plot reading - else you can't enjoy it 100% during the first watch.

That's why, I'll be giving it a second watch, not until the cinemas start have some free slots.

I can't give a full score because the confusion caused, and this 147 minutes of length (another tip: please go to toilet before the movie starts) could have been shortened.

But what the heck, it's definitely worth a watch in big cinema and I'm definitely gonna watch for second time.

Rating: 8/10

So I watched Transformers 2 in IMAX.


Well, because the movie is not made + shown in IMAX format, the movie looks like a projected movie (some move-pixel/artifact) can be seen

Sound wise, the bass is good, but the treble part was weak - it wasn't sharp & crisp enough.

No wonder they're selling @ RM11 and business isn't that good.

Not sure if it's only happened to Malaysia's IMAX.

If there's a second chance, I'll watch Tranformers 2 in GSC cinema :)

Verdict: Educational, funny film that's able to give you slight thought about life

I thought this movie isn't bad. It's those kind of one-time-watching movie.

But it was able to make me laugh genuinely - because there's some good (though silly) joke - like Ned talking with headmistress in Elvish language, peacock-ing etc

You can go wiki what's the movie about, but I can summarise it in one sentence:

Life isn't about what happened to you/what decision you made in the past, it's about what you're gonna do next - that really matters.

Rating: 7/10

P/S: Thanks Gary for this movie treat.






Verdict: A good movie that deserved the acedemy nominations

This movie tells a true story, about a mother finding her missing son.

The police department was inefficient (or lazy) to diligently find her real son and instead, took a child and claimed that the mother was mentally ill to accept her own son.

The actress Angelina Jolie acted very well. The movie was slightly slow paced (yet, it's a norm for movie that has been academy award-nominated) but it isn't boring.

In fact, it's an interesting watch.

It also gave us a sight on how inefficient were the corrupted cops.

It's not a happy ending (true to the real story) but it's worth a watch.

Rating: 7.5/10

Today is a special day - I watched a movie with friends but I didn't need to pay.

Thanks to Gary.

At first I thought he invited really a lot of people - but it's not. Coincidentally, there's this Transformers 2 premiere happening in Cineplex, Damansara.

There were celebrities and to watch that movie - no camera, laptop or video cam are allowed.


While waiting for the cinema to be ready, there's some games happening down there.

Gary booked the cinema for his proposal. The idea is like this, after watching the movie, he'll propose in front of everybody.

BIG Surprise started after the movie ends

The second movie started - the proposal.

FYI, this is the movie that cinema authority legally allowed everybody to take the photo + video of it.

The audience applauded as Chiow Hun said yes

According to eye witnesses, a lot of ladies cried when they saw this - yes, I've gotta admit, this is sweet.

Thanks to technology, Kok Yee was streaming the whole process to their friend, via his 3G phone.

While Sarah helped to film - hopefully there won't be any pirated DVD later

I'm sure everybody was satisfied with this two movies deal.

No camera pls? I dunno, but I think he was preparing for this second attempt on proposal - due to the audience demand.

And on top of that, he was mumbling about his grievance of whatever he faced during the whole day - he had to delete SMSes, block her from accessing the facebook, rejecting many calls to avoid her from getting any tips... etc

Romantic? Hell yes!

Chiow Hun was surprised and happy. It's in the eyes and it's the little thing on her finger that shines.

After the double success, Gary shook hand with everybody, like the big movie star.

And that, is the end of mission - and the end of the movie.

Another new chapter for the couple and congratulation, Gary & Chiow Hun!

And now what, for the guys who haven't get married, we're gonna crack our head for better idea in proposal. WTF.

This is Trevor Thum reporting & signing off.

Inspiration is one of the most abstract thing ever:

you can't explain to people

You can't have it anytime you want it.

It may appear at the wrong time

It may disappear in no time.

Just like this afternoon - I was shopping in Jaya Jusco, a new song with lyrics appeared in my head.

But when I reached home and got excited with the ice cream that I bought - I can't recall this song anymore.

Just like chicken egg - the chick died before it is born.

I found an item sold in fast food restaurant that isn't that unhealthy.

This chili is quite tasty & filling actually - except that it doesn't look nice (or in fact, it looks like vomited stuff)

And I was quite skeptical of the cup's slogan "High fiber, low fats"

I was like.. ok..

Then I Googled a bit, and found from its website that it's actually the lowest calories food you can have - at the same time make you full.


Rating: 3.5/5