So last Saturday I tried to push the limit and see where's my stamina level.

I climbed up a small hill - in a rush mode.

So from the start of the brisk walk to half of the hill (which normally took me 25 minutes) - it took me about 20 minutes.

But the 5 minutes-saving cost a lot in the latter stage - I felt myself feeling drowsy, felt like throwing up, and got the feeling of "how nice if I could sleep now"

Tried to act that I was in control - I acted as if I was doing meditation.

So later on, at the canopy walk area there, I saw a fella carrying a guitar - I mean, was he having a performance for the animal in this jungle or what?

The bottom line is: My stamina is at the red light status. A lot of works need to be done for the coming Mulu trip, two months later.