Few weeks back my manager suddenly asked me: "Trev, you'll need to start to learn people management"

While I didn't hesitate to accept the offer, but I know, I have a lot to learn, yes, a lot of things.

This week especially, I can feel the burden starts to put on my shoulder.

Hope God can give me enough wisdom and strength, as well as the reminder for me so that I would not be ignorant.


This chill out album is my current favorite listening - yep, right after the MOS Clubber 2007 Guide.

It still has those bom cha bom cha bom cha element, but in different manner ok?!

This is in slower tempo, music that you get to hear from chillout bar like Luna Bar.

I've included a track from the album at the end of this post, Miss ZhiMin (aka ZeeMin) if you could still consider this kind of music as seafood type, i'm gonna FedEx the KKJ to Windsor.


Aim - Fall Break: Download (verification code is case sensitive)

My sis gave me a disgusted look, when I said "Hey, this MOS Clubber Guide 2007 is coool!", then I unplugged the earphone jack - letting the laptop speaker played out loud.

Come on, she knows that I love techno music (erm, to the certain extend actually, not all i also 'eat' one)

This compilation album, consist of

1) Non stop (boring?) beats, bom cha bom cha bom cha bom cha bom cha
2) Some repeated vocal clips. For example, the phrase "come on baby" can be repeatedly played thru out the whole song.
3) Some acid house element + phat synthesiser element

It's nice to listen to different kind of music sometimes, apart from classical music or oldies like The Beatles.

Oh by the way, to be frank, I don't know how to dance at all. And I dislike clubbing.

To be frank, Microsoft Office 2007 is considered a major upgrade (unlike last time, they released a new version in a year or two, for example office 2000, office 2002 (xp) and office 2003)

The interface is totally revamped, giving me a cultural shock. But well, I believe all we need is just some time to get used with it.

In terms of software user-friendliness, i think it's hard to judge. The best is to let a totally newbie to word processing software to try both 2003 and 2007 copies.

Software's aim is to make human lazier (er, they mark it as 'better productivity'). But at a certain point, you may think - do we actually need those cool interface?

Make no mistake, I actually love Office 2007 ;) Good work from Microsoft - and yeah, why is it making more and more similar interface with Mac?

Felipe Massa in the new Ferrari F2007

Ferrari had launched their new car for season 2007.

I think me and minahmin (ZhiMin a.k.a ZeeMin) still can't accept the cultural shock of the Ferrari - for different reason.

I still have weird feeling that Kimi joined a team that I've always been criticising (and till now I think they still deserve) while she's having hard time accepting the driver that she hates most (i.e. Kimi) joined the team that she loves most.

No matter what, let the race begin (still got months to go). And am sure this year is bound to be the best season in the last 7 years.

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Today I went to Tun Hussein Onn Eye Centre to check my eyes - cos my eye vision is keep dropping.

So ended up with I've got the advise - not to wear spec during work (i.e. glaring at the computer screen)

And i'll have to go back and check my eyes after 6 months.


So how I went to the eye centre? I hate the fact that I have to drive, pay the f***ing RM3.20 toll for return journey, and burn the oil for nothing in the jam.

So I decided to take public transport.

It's been a while since I last took public transport. And in the eye centre I also noticed that I have some weird thought, kindly let me explain:

1) Everybody is a Dog

When those nurses are calling for the patient's name, at certain point I have a thought, why don't these people answered with a bark, then pull out the tongue and 'heh heh heh heh' walking to the nurse? It's the most effective to answer because inside there, it is super noisy!

I also tried to imagine myself barking and shaking my butt in front of the nurse (cos I don't have a tail)

Coincidently, I found that in the next few page of the Reader Digest that I was reading, it explains why the dog need to shake the tail.

2) I was Agong

My mum asked me to take a bottle of water. Then when I was at the counter, when I was waiting to pay for the consultation fee, I found that the posture of holding the water bottle was exactly the same like the Agong picture on the wall. I promptly changed the post because I'm not Agong.

3) The Importance of the Yellow Line.

I found the new definition of the yellow line, found at the train station.

Before the train appears, the yellow line serves as the line to keep people behind.

When the train appears (and arrives), the yellow line serves as the line to make sure people to stand in front.

Of course, this only happens in countries like Malaysia.

4) Let me IN before I let you OUT

The wonderful thing about public transport is that, you see people squeeeeezing into the space in front of you when the train/bus arrives, and that's not all.

The best show is to see how those people squeezing at the door, squeezing at the small space left by the passengers who want to get out of the train.

Let's get the fact simple, why can't these people let the passengers in the train drop off, so that they have more space to get into the train easily?

5) Putra LRT Says: "You have to drop off at the next station"

The Putra LRT is pathetically short, probably just slightly longer than KL Monorail. No wonder I once read that people had to squeeze real hard in the LRT. Yet, at the KL Central, I saw an even speechless thing - the train's door closed before all the passagers inside the train could drop off.

Luckily (I think) the operator at the station saw it and opened the door. Can you imagine how speechless is it if i'm forced to drop off at the next station for no reason?

6) I have Magic Eye

I had to walk home (from the train station). Because my sister was still 'having' interview for the job she didn't want to get. So when I was walking home, I heard a loud vehicle voice approaching me from behind.

Wanting to know what vehicle is that, I turned my head 45 degree to the right.

Then only I realised that I don't have a side mirror.

Ok, at the point, only I realised that I'm so used to drive (and therefore, so used to look at side mirror to look for the object from behind)

7) Sometimes, It's Good to Do Things Differently

I gained a lot today. First, I finished reading the whole Reader Digest Jan 07 edition in a day (which I previously never achieved)

Second, I thought I contributed a bit to reduce pollution - cos I took public transport.

Third, I must honestly admit that the second point was a lame excuse for my stingyness.

Fourth, I realised that I may not be walking so much like today for a long time (except when I exercise)

Fifth, I felt really happy not to contribute to the f***ing-unacceptable RM3.20 toll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just an ordinary day, but I felt happy.