Piccadilly Circus, London, 2004

Aileen is a special friend to me. She's also my ex-school mate, ex-prefect mate.

We knew each other when we were prefect. Then somehow, the friendship started.

Perhaps the most unforgettable encounter was in London, 2004. We didn't know that we were going to London.

During that night, in the big crowded city of London, we bumped into each other at that particular moment.

And who would have noticed that the passerby is your friend?

Perhaps that explains why this friendship is unique.

In two months time she'll be married. All the best, Aileen ;)

Title: For No One

The so-and-so made the statement that,
The girl that I love may have just gone back
But I will try,
To seek for a last chance

With how many ways and with how many days
Would I ever get her to hear what I say
I’ll get high,
When she smiles at me.

I’ll be there,
Standing there
We will be together like no other.
Lovely cat, kitty cat.

Watch the sand(in the hourglass),
Feel mundane.
I don’t wish I wrote this song for no one.
Witty cat, kitty cat.

Another Hakka food, one of my family's favorite.

The "abacus" is made of yam + tapioca.

Normally my mum would stir fry it with Chinese mushroom and minced pork.

Then pour some pepper (you can do it during cooking or after cooking, but most of the time, I do it in both times)

I know my pictures won't look good with lousy camera + lazy to touch up. So here I put a sample, grabbed from HERE ;)

This is old, I know.

While I was watching some Kimura's video, my sis told me that Rainie's copied Kimura's. So Googled it and found it.

Rainie's video was released on March 06, while Kimura's released on Oct 04.

Rainie's version was criticised of plagarism, but of course, the PR said "We've never watched that video, and who's Kimura by the way? However, the director of Rainie's video is currently in overseas"

I'll just show the similarities:

The headphone

The cute faces at the tambourines

Getting their heads out of bus window

That Indiana at the right side

The red sofa

The school bus

Smiling and Laughing card board

Singing beside the school bus


Rainie's Celebration:

Kimura's Happiness: (nice song and cute video, btw)

I dare say this year is the most exciting, interesting and surprising F1 season ever, since I watch F1 in 2001.

Here are the ten reasons why:

1) Michael Schumacher had left F1 racing - which, of course, create a more equal opportunity for the racers

2) Lewis Hamilton! He created brand new record in F1, and of course, brings the super sensation in the F1 scene, which includes: first black to race, first (rookie) driver to finish on podium in the first three races, first youngest driver to lead the championship.

3) The racing team improvement are much more even (take BMW, Williams and Super Aguri for example)

4) Most interestingly, those cars that are using customer engines perform better than the main team. (Super Aguri had taken points while Honda hasn't, Williams had performed much better than the ever struggling Toyota)

5) We see some creative front wings design this year:

Mclaren's - which had proven to be quite effective since its introduction

Honda's - which was used only during the testing. Wtf? Like Jumbo only!

6) This season sees the experienced race like rookies and rookies race like the experienced one (pictures taken from BBC)

Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikonnen had (unfortunately) left for Ferrari. And this year, sees Mclaren, his previous team, becoming the strongest team in this season, ever.

What's more? He's struggling hard in the new car, learning the handling, the tyre etc etc. Correct me if i'm wrong, he had not done ANY significant overtake in this season, and most of the time see him unable to overtake. (Remember the Japanese GP in 2005? He finished #1 from #16)

And that's not all, his previous rival, Michael Schumacher, has been appearing in the Ferrari garage recently. What's more, rumour has it that, Michael will be handed a position in Ferrari (currently he's something like a consultant) My guess is that, he'll be technical director.

Psychologically (erm, will Kimi listen to Michael's, erm, advice? Plus, Michael has been giving advice to Massa, and Massa has been prudent), it's a big torture for Kimi.

I hate to say this but, I think he's jinxed.

Felipe Massa
Massa, on the other hand, has become the big brother in Ferrari. He's got the upper hand - Michael Schumacher is clearly giving him the support (actually I guess he would give one to Kimi, but well, will Kimi accept that..?) and the best thing is, Massa is keen to learn from this old man, er, I mean, expert.

Lewis Hamilton
Need to say more? Lewis has been creating new record in F1. He's a bit big headed, IMHO (in one of his first race, he said in the conference "I managed to trick him(a driver)" Then in the last Canadian GP, his take on Alonso challenge on his P1 - "I thought it's quite a good challenge"

But he's been extremely consistent since he raced, given that, this is his first year in F1 and there are a lot of experienced drivers on the field!

I'm actually sort of his fan now, just that, I really feel sorry for Kimi.

Fernando Alonso
Alonso been a bit struggling in the new team. Like Kimi, he's trying to adapt to all the new things. But since Mclaren had given him a reliable car, he's performing a lot better than Kimi (note: Reliability is the super f***ing big issue with Mclaren in the past few years, and it's the main reason Kimi switched to Ferrari)

Heikki Kovalainen
This Finnish, Heikki, is said to be a challenge to another Fin, Kimi. And he's been improving in Renault

Robert Kubica
Kubica has been performing since his debut last year. In the last Canadian GP, saw his car rolling like swiss roll. I'm glad that he's still have big possibilities to race later this weekend.

Nick Heidfeld
Nick is, and have to, perform well in BMW, I'm sure Kubica is one of the big reason that made him performing well. Now, he had just helped BMW to get a podium finish in Canadian GP, and now we can expect more from BMW.

Takuma Sato
TAKUMA SATO! He was marked as the dangerous drivers by Michale Schumacher when he was in Honda. But in the last GP (Canadian) HE WAS THE SUPER STAR OK!

First he overtook Ralf Schumacher (er, he claimed earlier on, in this year that, he's the 4th best driver in this season)

Then guess what, he overtook FERNANDO ALONSO, the two times world champion.

Jenson Button
Need to say more? He initially signed the contract with Williams. He then regretted and got Honda to get him back.

Honda had help him to get the first podium last year, but that's all. Honda's been struggling very very hard this year, and even to its brother team - Super Aguri.

8) Canadian GP 2007 is the race that I'll never forget and I'll never regret of staying up late to watch. Lewis' first ever victory, Sato's overtaking action, 4 safety car sessions, accident-packed race(see below for Kubica's swiss-roll-like accident):

9) And guess what? Kubica only suffered sprained ankle! BRAVO TO THE SOLID BMW CAR

10) Now a lot of (non-Schumi) F1 fans can say: "We don't need Schumacher to make F1 interesting!"


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My blog shown in Safari

Safari 3 beta... in Windows flavour..

What's wrong with Mac? It's invading Windows now!!!!

Try it here

Verdict: After trying for about one day, it's nice and a lot of features that even FireFox lacks

clear, intuitive 'search within page' function

Drag-and-drop tab (means after you drag the tab out, it'll become a new window)

Mac in action - remember those funky animation you see when you hide or show the window? It's available in this Safari too

Those nice Mac interface - is brought over to Windows, thanks to Safari.

But however, I'll still stick with FireFox - Firefox still load pages faster than Safari (therefore, i don't know why Safari they are the fatest)

Firefox is customisable. I love the quick search box, which is customisable (for example, I have quick search for wikipedia etc)

Bottom line - please welcome Safari, to explore the nasty Windows world ;)

How much does the truth cost?
How much it takes to be an honest person?

A question with no answer.
An answer which doesn't need question.

Felt strange, or is it more like.. disappointed?
Perhaps it's true that, as the memory fades, the mutual will fade too ;)

The Great Escape is just in time - Out of Home for the next one week, to listen to Chow Yun Fatt - "Welcome to Singapore"



He came and took me to Metro Prima Eneos to buy the battery.

Then with the guide found (as a result of Googling) we managed to install it by ourselves.

Steps are as follow:
1) First remove the negative cable, then positive's, then battery locker
2) Take out battery
3) Put the new battery
4) To whatever done in step 1, but in reversed order

It's simple, but the screw was a bit tight, I further more provided a screwed up situation by dropping a bolt into the engine bay.

Now need to get a bolt.... $@#$#^#$

By the way, I think it's fun to do the DIY. As a result from this, I think I've saved about 30-40RM for the workmanship.

Yes, WeiHan, please remind me next time, at least a treat for the meal is a must!

P/S: The radio still won't work, maybe it's time to ... change? (muahahhaha)

Today got a lot of black things happened.

1) Cannot eat Bah Kut Teh
2) Because my car cannot start
3) Most likely battery is dead
4) My wallet hasn't got much left

5) I'm waiting for my friend to come and bring to me a shop to get a battery on Sunday. Jusco Eneos might be the best bet.. WHAT IF, i mean what if, it closes also
6) Next, I need more DSK power to find out how to change the battery
7) Actually I found, but well, it's my first time. Human might be shaky for the first time, right?
8) Few days back my cd player stopped playing, could be this issue

So now, it seems that, very likely, after getting battery, I need to change myself, cos:
i) My car can't even move to the Eneos to change
ii) If getting some foreman to come sure need extra charges, and i don't have that extra T-T

So here comes
9) I don't know if DSK will become Destructive Silly King/Destroyed & Shortcircuit-ed Kelisa

Now let's pray, WeiHan will come soon, bring me to Eneos to get the battery (that's the very first thing to start off)

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