Yesterday night Colleen's friend came down all the way from Sunway to visit her (and me, in a way)

So we brought her to steamboat restaurant for dinner.

Kinda dark, sorry for not using the flashlight

Then, we went to Nelson Tan restaurant for tea session.

My sis tried to imitate Emily's-sugar-rush-look...

But she knew that it's not easy.

Emily - the sexy wtf

Two ladies camwhoring

And cam-whoring.

Happy moment

Emily asking Colleen: Why?
Colleen asking Trevor: How?


Then the sudden emo... -_-

P/S: Thanks for the complimentary movie passes for us, Emily :-)

After we sent her back, we found that the temple outside her house is... nice!

Victor the bear decided to have a walk in the forest

After few hours, he knew that the direction was wrong - he's lost

Victor looked at the sky - it was afternoon

He looked around for guidance - he saw Tinkle the Butterfly
Tinkle said "To walk out of this jungle, you'll have to go into Treetribal Jungle, and look for treebeard."

"I'll let my friend, Renny to help you"

So they went into the Treetribal jungle.

Victor walked past Hankel the old tree. Hankel said "Hi" to Victor

Victor walked past Samx the young tree, which looks like Christmas tree. Samx said "Merry Christmas" to Victor

Finally, they arrived at Treebread the Wisetree. Treebeard said "You need to get hold of my beard, I'll swing you out of this big maze!"

Victor thanked Renny and closed his eyes while holding tight to the tree beard. 

Then, he felt like he was flying.

Victor opened his eyes. He's out of the deep jungle and he found his way back home.

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It's time to open for discussion.

I've called up the hostel booking receptionist. She mentioned that booking is not opened yet for March 2009.

Now, let's discuss on what's gonna look like, how you possibly don't want it to look like, and what you possibly want it to look like.

Day 1 (07 March 2009, Saturday)

Activity:Arrival to KK - Kinabalu Park - Mesilau Nature Park
Stay: Witti Range Lodge, Mesilau Nature Resort (3 beds for RM690 or 1 bed = RM230, year 2008 rate)

1) Arrival at KK airport (with AirAsia's punctuality, the earliest batch [from JB] may arrive at 11AM)
2) Transfer to Kinabalu Park headquarter. (2 Hours) [which = 1PM for arrival]
- En route passing by villages and a panoramic vista of the valleys of the Crocker Range.
- Experience-kan the natural ambience of the Park.
3) Transit by KOKTAS to Mesilau Nature Park
- You'll see Kundasang valley, and parts of the scenic beauty of the Kundasang Mt.
Kinabalu Golf Course, the highest golf course in South East Asia Dinner
4) Dinner at Renanthera Restaurant (to be further researched)
5) Overnight at Mesilau Nature Resort

Day 2 (08 March 2009, Sunday)

Activity: Climbing via Mesilau Trail - Laban Rata
Stay: Laban Rata dorm (6 beds for RM1688 or 1 bed = RM282, year 2008 rate)

1) Breakfast at Resort (Inclusive of Witti Lodge stay)
2) Start climbing via Mesilau Trail
- The trek will pass by different vegetation zones from Oak and Chestnut to mossy and eventually to alpine type of vegetations.
3) Reach Laban Rata
4) Dinner (Inclusive of Laban Rata stay)
5) Overnight at rest house.

Day 3 (09 March 2009, Monday)

Activity: Operation Conquer - Low's Peak (from Laban Rata, 4092.5m above sea level)
Stay: Up to you?

1) Wake up @ 0230hrs early morning to walk (hehe) to the summit of Mount Kinabalu
2) Reach Low's Peak & take photographs on the highest point in South East Asia.
3) Start a rave party if you still have energy
4) Retrace route back to Laban Rata Resthouse
5) Breakfast (inclusive of Laban Rata stay)
6) Then descent to Timpohon gate where transport will take you to the Park HQ to collect your achievement certificate. (optional, and only if you want?)
7) Lunch (inclusive of Laban Rata stay)
8) Transfer to hotel at Kota Kinabalu.


Now, please discuss, time is running out :-)

Reference link:
Witti Range Lodge

I felt shocked as I read the news about the China made milk product, which contains melamine

At least 22 companies are involved in this scandal, and affecting more than 50,000  children in China.

The greediness are behind all these evil-doings.

I can't believe that the white rabbit creamy candy, which was one of my favorite childhood candy, was listed as one of the tainted product.

With this scandal, one may also wonder - what about other food products?

I don't know since when, I love to use the fast forward function while watching this series.

It's getting really tired. But well, here are some summaries (Warning: Spoilers included!)

Episode 35: All the audiences got happy as aunty Sa is using the cane to beat her daughter.

Episode 36: Finally, the 撒亞人 and 雅典娜公主 got together

Episode 37: 甘老太 passed away

Episode 38: Aunty fight (ultra max mode)

Episode 39: The witch is finally disgusted of witch-doing

Episode 40: Everybody is happily together