It started with human spreaded all around the world.

They created and started to communicate in their own language.

In their own language, due to the different clan and region, the language has variant -  i.e. dialect.

Then, they want to communicate with other races.

They adopted 'lingua franca' (e.g. English)

They still use their own language to communicate.

But the usage of their dialects become lesser and lesser (for example, in my generation, not many of my family knows Hakka)

First, they forget about the dialects.

Then finally they stick to lingua franca (because it's something that everybody would understand), and eventually forget about their own language (if you have a simpler choice, why not?)

Next, they develop machine/gadget that do not need human to speak - it uses psychic power to communicate - something like ant, but no touching needed - which is easier and faster to understand what other people want.

One day, something bad happened, the machine/gadget are all destroyed.

Human has forgotten how to speak.

So, if you wanna know what will happen next, you start again from the top.

Lately been talking to quite a number of people.

Cos can't stand anymore.

The scope of my job is not clear. And while people are not clear of theirs as well, they just push over the things that "sounds quite related to my job"

Imagine I've been taking this kind of situation for the past 8 months.

I did speak up this time, got people alerted.

While the outcome is pretty much the same (i.e. the things that "whether I really need to do, because of the unclear scope") but I can conclude the few things:

1) Highlight whenever possible - especially when there's no clearly defined scope
2) Learn to say "NO" (Taichi plays a big role here)
3) Stress is produced when one is not on top of the game

This will definitely look like a food post.

I met up with Justin, my ex-colleague, and had dinner with him.

He'll be in Australia for 3 weeks, to settle down his migration plan, happening next year.

And some other mission also.

All the best Justin, I really wish you can get the things done - the way you want them to be.

May the God bless!

(all the foods were taken at Canton-i, 1U shopping centre. Verdict? Hong Kong's Wantan noodle were same price(even after conversion) but tastier. Expensive but above-so-so food.)

I didn't sleep well yesterday night.

Had at least 3 dreams.

All were about work.

But one was very crystal clear, it's about a taichi war in a meeting.

Someone taichi-ed to me, then I said "hey, it's not my call, you should talk to my boss' boss" then my boss' boss was then arguing with him.

Conclusion: I'm too obsessed with work and apparently, I'm gaining taichi skill day by day. But well, I'm tired, really tired of all these.

I talked to an old timer in my company - he's been the employee for 29 years.

We talked about many things, about the country, about the job, about what he did in jobs thru out these years, about what he thought life is meant to be, about how a person should take the job.

It was a fruitful lunch session.

Conclusion: While learning multiple things at the same time is a must, I need to plan out my Individual Development Plan (IDP) seriously to see what I want and find out the direction I'm heading.

Talked to my manager again.

That's twice in within 3 months.

Lately I found myself - lost focus within the jobs itself.

The roles might be too much that, I don't know what to prioritise.

That's why the lost of focus.

His comment was to have me stick to the 2 roles - WebSphere admin and project management for the infra portion.

I wonder if it'll be as effective - the actual issue is the resource issue - we are firefighting everyday, and yet, new things coming in and we had people commit to client on behalf of us, without due diligent check on we are capable to complete the task.

I don't know, I will still try, because the motivation is still there - but I can't guarantee when it will fade.

Title: I'll Be Fine
Music: 2007/2008
Lyrics: 2008

Short description: This like a jig saw puzzle - I actually got the chorus part appeared in my mind last year, I think when I was waiting for the customer to pick up the phone.

Then the starting part was 'written' when I was cleaning up my desk this evening.

Then the lyric - completed when I was on the way to home (in the train)

I'll dedicate this song... to dear my Lord, who hasn't given up me all these while :-)



Everything that you said,
Made me feel that you would understand.
But as the day passing fast,
You said that no one had the promise made.
Very strange, Very strange.

Day by day love may change,
So why you said  your heart is still the same?
Everything you explained,
They're making me hurt like no other pain.
Love is strange, love is strainge.
I can't stand, I can't stand.

So please, please,
Guide me the right way.
One day,
God may surprise me.
I will walk with much more faith.

I'll be fine, I'll be fine.
I'll be fine, I'll be fine.
I'll be fine, I'll be fine.


Ben Affleck's first directed movie!

But that's not the whole point.

This movie is deep, gives you time to ponder but surprises when necessary.

The plot was twisted and crazy - or too good to happen in real life - but I enjoyed thru out the show.

It also tells the social problem that is really happening in Western countries.

The movie nowadays likes to have "the ending that doesn't look like an ending"

This movie is no exception - but I do find it is best suited for the movie which does make people to ponder (rather than making the movie like.. looking cool)

Bottom line: While I find the good people are too good to be true, but I truly enjoy the plot. Yeah, sometimes you'll do bad things for good reason, but at times you'll do good thing for bad cause as well.

Rating: 9/10

Yesterday talked about this movie with WeiHan.

Then found that I didn't write a review for this movie, so here it goes.

It is a fantasy movie, a fairy tale.

But you can also argue that it's not fantasy nor fairy tale.

The fact is - there's no real indication on wheteher it's the girl's imagination/fantasy or real movie.

Nor did the movie tell what actually happened to the girl in the end.

It's like normal fairy tale ending, but in real world, you know for sure that she's dead.

So whatever it is, let's call this movie a hybrid.

This hybrid has got 

1) Good fairy tale characters
2) Good movie plot/trick (e.g. the power of a chalk!)
3) Good combi of both real world + fantasy world
4) Good message about the dark side of the war
5) Good point of view from the eyes of a child

Bottom Line: Like it or not, it's a lot better than Harry Potter movie. For the first time, I'd give a movie with such high rating! Highly recommended.

Rating: 10/10

I'm clearing up my blog's drafts, and found three worth posts... so here it goes:

Date: 19/05/2005

Title: Iraq veterans' unspoken epidemic
Content: Some of the poor American troop sent to Iraq had nightmares every night, even after they went back to US

They were helped to overcome the trauma by using video game etc.

via BBC

Comment: Like what I always say, the best way to overcome phobia is by facing the phobia - doing what causes the phobia. (not too extreme, please :) )

Date: 17/07/2005

Title: 16/07/2005
Content: this euro trip is quite tiring.

tomorrrow will be going to london .... hope the language problem will be solved by then...

Comment: LoL, what post is that, I'll have problem if I can't speak English, eh?

Date: 15/06/2007

Title:  Louisiana Bans Saggy pants
Content: A mayor in the US state of Louisiana says he will sign into law a proposal to make wearing saggy trousers an act of indecent exposure.

via BBC

Comment: LOL, sometimes US can be a funny country - where everything could happen.

papa siad kok keong uncle recommnd him to buy nikon slr, RM2k
btw company pays him RM1k to buy camera
and how to buy a 2k camera?
if for easy carry
better buy right.. even tho slr is so attractive
ya la, but the thing is, papa ask for camera around 1k what
ya i know, slr nxt time first la -_-
some more nowadays can produce very good result liao
can use one hand, can do self shot, this is very important u kno
else u wanna self shot like jennifer(our relative, who once did self shot with dSLR) meh
that one really abit too much -_-'
we should have taken the picture and blog it, it'll be picture of the week or month
yalor we missed thegood chance to blog
when i told febe and rei bout it, they tot i joking-_-
so tell papa again la, unless company is paying him 2k, then different story
tsk -_- i mean the 2k camera wait till when we got er. extra money time ?-_-
and u konw lar, actually papa very like photographyright
ya la, so means we need to buy two camera, one for his company (for the budget he can get, it'll be canon ixus 80 IS)
so maybe when they resign ar, afford to get him a slr
then slr, i think either panasonic or nikon ler, have to read the review
so that he wont doing oni about lottery about it -_- SLR wait later on la. the come first
ya, go somewhere and take photo, not everyday talk on the phone about magnum4d
yaya, how also better than crap about 4d right -_-. u not sien bear zai (here it means Francesco) also sien lor
can i blog our conversation on my blog?
-_- sure -_-



1) We need to buy 2 cameras for different purpose
2) dSLR won't happen this year, unless we win lottery
3) For my dad's company usage one, Canon IXUS 80 IS it will be
4) dSLR is also capable of doing self-shooting, even though it's challenging
5) My dad can talk to anybody, everybody about the lottery experience (4 digit version), anytime, anywhere

CD cover (normal edition)

It's Kaela's new album!

Finally, the wait was worth it :)

CD cover (limited edition)



2. Jasper

3. Yellow - star of the album

4. STARs - pick +

5. ファミレド (Famiredo) - pick +

6. Dejavu

7. Samantha

8. +1 - pick

9. No Reason Why - pick +

10. 鏡よ鏡 - pick

11. はやる気持ち的 My World (有幹勁的My World) - pick

12. 1115

13. Humpty Dumpty

5 out of 13 tracks are taken from the singles (Samantha, Yellow, Jasper)

The rest of the tracks were nice as well.

Yellow - was apparently a song that rocks and the MTV was cool
STARs - was a cheerful song - a bit like Britpop
Famiredo - traditional Kaela-esque song, with Avril Lavigne some element
+1 - My sis' favorite, it's some kind of light and easy song - something like a song for advertisement
No Reason Why - When I first heard it from the Yellow single, I like it - cos it's so Britpop. End up, it really is a British song - written by Farrah. Kaela's version is apparently more powerful and cooler than the original version.
鏡よ鏡 - the tambourine part somehow reminds me of Mama & Papa's California Dreamin', then the guitar riff reminds me of Faye Wong
はやる気持ち的 My World - somewhat a punk rock song. Typical Kaela song.

Bottom line: Not a bad album! But it placed #3 among all of her album. (Ranking: Kaela, Scratch, +1, Circle)

Rating: 6.5/10

Thanks to the super jam in Selangor KL area, my colleague had to drop me @ 1Utama after the long jam queue from Shah Alam (we spent 2 and half hour in the jam)

While i'm hunting for the lunchner (lunch + dinner) I wanted to have fish & chips but gave up cos I know i'm gonna feel uncomfortable having it alone.

I wanted to have Carl's Junior but had the comment from friends that it isn't worth it.

But I saw an interesting thing happened in the restaurant - there's a couple who's wearing the headphone and chatting and eating.

I don't know whether they are multitasking or what (listening to mp3, chatting and eating)

It's hard to understand the human nowadays.

End up, Ihad KFC.

Woah, I had it many times, and this time I MUST COMPLAIN.


It had some herbal smell and something important missing - WHERE THE HELL IS THE ORGINAL RECIPE?

Then I bought some pastries from Canton-i restaurant.

The egg tart was not bad after all.

One day must try their food :)