This is the fifth contest I've taken part this year - Maggi My Way

The entry content is as follows:

I created a fusion of Chinese + Japanese flavour - Chinese soup base with a popular Japanese ingredient - unagi. Hence the name "Oriental Goodness"

Ingredients which I used:
- 4x Maggi Mee Chicken Flavour (for four persons)
- Unagi
- Eggs
- Vegetable
- Tianjin preserved vegetable
- Spring Onion
- Fish Gravy

Steps to Prepare:
1) Stir-fried the eggs, then pour in the water, vegetable and start cooking the soup.
2) Maggi Mee Chicken seasoning, Tianjin preserved vegetable & Fish gravy were added into the soup for seasoning purpose.
3) While waiting for the soup to boil, cook the noodle separately and drain it when it's cooked.
4) Put the (drained) noodle into the plate
5) Put the soup into the plate
6) Add the unagi and spring onion on top
7) Enjoy!

It was fun to create a new recipe but most importantly, my family enjoyed this Maggi Oriental Goodness!

Now, I hope that I'll be in the 30 finalists - there are more than 150 entries it seems!