Verdict: Have some laugh even though you can't really get the logic.

Logic seldom appears in cartoon - that's what made it special.

That's the first thing you should not have when you watch cartoon.

This cartoon tells how a group of animals escaped the zoo and returned to Africa - and found themselves fell in love with it.

While the story isn't funny thru out the whole movie, but sometimes it still is.

Have some laugh, especially if you are stressed out of work :-)

Rating: 6/10

P/S: Of all the characters, I kinda like Julien. (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen - better known as Ali G or Borat)

I visit this restaurant like... once a month, at least.

Reason being it's the nearest restaurant to get the fresh Japaneses food.

However, not all the food in this restaurant are nice - some even think it's pricey.

I'll give a quick review. Red being recommended, and blue being "You may give it a try"

Sashimi - RM39.00

Thick-sliced and fresh - trust me, it's worth the price :)

Sushi set - RM31.00

Fresh sushi (two egg sushi were hidden behind the "leaf")

Shabu shabu (pork) - I forgot the price

Not salty as the Chinese steamboat - it's in kinda different league. Me and my sister like it.

Katsu Curry Rice + Miso soup - RM25.00

A typical Japanese curry rice - which tastes a bit like Maggie curry :-)

Spider roll (8 pieces in total) - RM31.00

The sushi at the side are so so

But the soft shell crab are up to standard and you'll definitely feel full after eating all 8 pieces. :)

I'd like to try just the soft shell crab next time.

Other things like Unagi set and Nanban chicken set are also worth the try.

Don't try the don (the rice in the stone bowl). I find udon so so, and the garlic fried rice a bit too salty

For the direction to this restaurant, you may refer to my previous post.

Overall, I'll give this restaurant a rating of 7.5/10

P/S: You may find the price expensive - but they don't charge govt tax + service charge :)

Detailed KK Trip Itinerary as follows:

07 March
Arrive Kota Kinabalu Airport Terminal 2, meet and transfer to Masilau Nature Resort.
Overnight Bishop Hostel.

08 March
Transfer to starting Point. Trek to 11,000ft with Mountain Guide.
Overnight at Gunting Lagadan. [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included]

09 March
Ascend to summit. Descend to Park HQ. Return to Kota Kinabalu.
Overnight at Hotel Shangri-la. [Breakfast, Lunch included]

10 March
Departure transfer to airport. [Breakfast included]

Applicable to Malaysians Only
No of pax : 14 - 16 pax
Revised price @ RM729 per person base on twin share.
Single supplement @ RM80 per person.
*Surcharge of RM150 / person on above package for NON MALAYSIANS.
Include : Return airport transfers, return Masilau / Kinabalu park transfers, 03 nights accomodation, 06 meals, entrance fee, Climbing Permit, insurance, Mountain Guide, and Certificate.
Malaysian @ RM729 x 15 pax = RM10,935
Non Malaysian @ RM879 x 1 pax = RM879
Subtotal = RM11,814
Deposit Received @ RM2,450.00.
Balance of payment @ RM9,364.00 to be paid before services commence.

For the deposit paid, I will send email to everybody on the details.

Name list:

1) Sarah Tan Chew Ming
2) Trevor Thum He Lin
3) Betty Phoo Pik Shan
4) Low Kok Hooi
5) Wong Chow Hoon
6) Chan Suk Inn
7) Wong Fui Han
8) Leong Benn
9) Ong Kuan Yew
10) Wong Siew Kee
11) Siew Cheau Sheang
12) Chun Hung
13) Alex Tang
14) Emily Chin Ee Ming
15) Samantha Kui Jia Huey

Verdict: A Bond movie that reminds you of the previous classics - but not enough to make a classic of its own

I thought of two movie-series when I watched this movie - Bourne series and previous Bond classics such as From Russia with Love, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Goldfinger (on how the Bond girl died) and Octopussy - but it isn't greater than any mentioned.

The movie didn't offer much twist, and the biggest let down is that Bond had very few gadgets to show off ("gadget" is one of a main reasons why I love Bond series) - but it's understandable since he's suspended from service.

Action wise, it was not as packed as Bourne Ultimatum, which I watched last year. The reason why I put the comparison was because both of them are caught in the situation where they had to act alone with not much or no gadget to use.

On the plus side, Daniel Craig shows a more realistic image of an agent - cruel, able to get hurt (previous Bond like Pierce Brosnan was like, too casual.. ) and ability to get emotional when needed.

Daniel had successfully made new group of Bond fans - given that Bond is already an old series.

The biggest challenge is how Daniel Craig et al can push Bond further, resuming Sean Connery's story (FYI, Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace is a reboot effort of Bond series, and it's like a prequel to the Bond series before Dr. No) with the momentum they have gained in Casino Royale and QoS.

Back to this movie itself, as a Bond fan, it's disappointed. But it is still worth a watch.

Rating: 6/10

In this week, two important events happened:

1) Lewis Hamilton, the first ever black F1 racer, had become the World Drivers' Champion
2) Barack Obama has become the first ever black President of USA

While the word 'black' may sound racist - no, I'm not.

Instead, I felt happy that (or, I guess) globalisation had helped people to realise that the colour of the skin does not matter anymore - what matters is the ability of the person to perform.

So, they have listened. What about us?

In case you don't know, my father is a photography enthusiast. Few days ago, I shared with him some of the photo we had taken, and he shared with me his comments.

1) Multi-Layered Photo

"This photo looks good. It has:
i) some branches & leaves to provide more layer for the picture
ii) cloud that doesn't make sky looking that blank
iii) forest included but not at major portion as you are shooting the mainly on the beach
iv) People included (click on the pic to see enlarged version) - to show the size of the beach

All in all, a multi-layered photo is good"

2) That 80's Popular Studio Effect

He saw these two photos, one with the blurred background, and another one with the clear backgorund.

Clear background

Blurred Background

Zoomed in-ed clear version

He mentioned that the blurred background like this, was a popular effect back in 80's. Some of the photographer even used the light bulb to create such effect.

3) Photo That Looks Like Painting

He saw this photo, taken by my sis, and mentioned that it's nice because it looks like a painting.

"In fact, photography is best when it looks artistic as painting, while painting is best when it looks realistic as photography"

Now, I think that's a quote of the day. :)

Thanks Papa.

Verdict: A hilarious action movie to individual preference (if you can accept the American style of black humour + goriness) with undeniable great acting from all actors

This is a movie about acting on acting. It's about a group of "high profile" movie stars trapped in the jungle to film a new movie, but found out that they were facing terrorist and they had to fight their way out.

The story is simple enough to understand.

The joke is not everybody's preference but I still found myself laughing.

But the acting by the actors are the highlight. Two thumbs up for Robert Downey Jr. for protraying the African American soldier.

At first I can't even recognise him, because he's using a totally different voice and had different look - and he was funny - looks like his acting career is getting better nowadays :-)

Rating: 5.5 (on movie) + 2.5 (on the actors acting skill) /10

P/S: Tom Cruise had a totally different look in this movie as well, LOL

Verdict: A Doraemon movie that has missed the point of having one in the first place.

The reason why I enjoy watching Doraemon series/movies is because of its gadget - to see how the writer creatively use the imagination to solve the problem that Doraemon et al face in any situation.

The movie had already stated in the first place that Doraemon needed to repair his gadgets, therefore most were sent to 22nd century, leaving those useless ones.

That, is exactly the reason that made this movie boring.

The story kept focusing on the cuteness of ki-ki (the little tree that can walk and make facial expression) - reminds me of Stephen Chow's CJ7

Another thing to complain about is the drawing style of the Doraemon - the outline etc is so unoriginal and made me wonder if they are producing the movie for the sake of money, and nothing else.

This has to be stopped or Doraemon will become a crappy merchandise instead of a cartoon legend.

Rating: 5/10

P/S: However, there's a quote in the movie that I'm quite agree with "It's a human nature to make mistake, but it's also a human nature to learn from the mistake"

Verdict: Looks like a spin-off from "My Sassy Girl" with some idea from Doraemon

This movie tells about a robotic woman from the future, traveled to 21st century in order to help the guy and also saved the lives of many people.

The ending is a good one but overall the story isn't convincing - because if changing history is possible, the robotic woman may not exist in the first place (well, I guess to further extend this argument, one may be interested to refer to "Parallel universe" in wikipedia)

Rating: 6/10

Verdict: A drama series that can let you have a glimpse of Japanese and Chinese culture

This drama tells about how a Japanese woman, who lost her job in Japan, found her way to Shanghai and established a fashion business there, eventually.

The portrayal of Japanese and Chinese culture were quite accurate but let's face it, both have their own advantages and disadvantages - it's good to adopt the good ones

Kudos to the Japaneses who did the homework to speak Mandarin and Petro Ho, to speak Japanese

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: A motivational drama series that is also heartwarming

The story tells a girl who had phobia to act on stage, after being insulted by her friend.

10 years later, she joined a free school which basically let the students do what they want, and the freedom to attend the classes anytime they want.

There she knows 3 friends, which helped her to stand up again, and back on stage to do the things she like - to be an actress

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: A hilarious drama that can definitely help you to de-stress

This drama tells how the elder sister bullies her younger sister, however, the younger one is willing but also at the same time tries to get rid of such a life.

The script is smart enough to keep convincing their surrounding people that her sister is an angel as opposed to what she's been telling...

Rating: 9/10

Verdict: A nice detective series to watch in summer

This is a year-old Japanese drama.

The story is about a group of 5 teenagers detective, on how to fight with a group of villains, who uses psychic power to control others to perform criminal activities.

Overall, good performance from the 5 teenagers and the stories are interesting enough to keep you wanting to watch the next.

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: Robotic boyfriend could prove to be more sweet (and delicious) than a human version

The main actress ordered a robotic boyfriend to try out - only to find out that she needed to purchase in the end.

This story tells how she get along with this new "family member" and how the robotic boyfriend touched her heart in the end.

Rating: 7/10

P/S: This is the drama that let me get to know Ayaka, where she sings the theme song "Okaeri" for this drama.

Verdict: A big drama with big casts. Some scene (or you may argue most of the scene) are unnecessarily blood-boiling - but if you enjoy it, why not?

I've written some episode-by-episode review of this drama.

After watching the drama, I can quite conclude that it's not a drama for me. Simply because of too much made-up blood-boiling moment.

But well, to act in such as way is not easy. So the rating will still remain high

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: Great acting, with some violent scene.

Is it considered a great improvement for Roger Kwok? But one thing undeniable thing is that, his portrayal of villain in the movie is proved to be scary for many - for he is really a two-faced dog who would really give one a great stab silently.

That, however, is accompanied with some violent scene, mainly for the purpose of showing how cold-blood he could be.

Rating: 7/10

P/S: I still don't understand how did the production team do it in episode 20, when he dropped his mum openly.

The booking is finally settled, for the itinerary please refer to this link

But down payment is more affordable than last mentioned :-D


RM150 for Malaysian &
RM200 for non-Malaysian

People who are going:
1) Sarah
2) Trevor
3) Betty
4) Lawang
5) Chow Hoon
6) Miu
7) Fuihan
8) Benn
9) Kuan Yew
10) Kuan Yew's colleague A
11) Kuan Yew's colleague B
12) Chun Hung
13) Alex Tang
14) Emily

Thanks to Sarah for the name list.

This ad caught my attention - because of its background music.

Lyric for this ad tune roughly goes something like this:

Tell me something, little broken sky.
Out of focus with a drifting cloud,
Longest puzzle I have ever solved,
Paint a picture on my destined wall.

It's definitely a psychedelic one and - apparently heavily influenced by The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows.

That's a great achievement for this 42 year-old song, isn't it?