Malaysia is a secular state, and I feel it is best it is maintained so.

Religion is a very personal belief.

I would compare religion as your favorite colour.

There can be a lot of reasons why you love a particular colour, it's a feeling, it's a trust, it's a belief that can make you feel good.

But you can't force others to have the same likings - they have their own preference too.

Even if a person loves blue colour, there are navy blue, dark blue etc (e.g. Protestant and Catholic in Christianity, or Sunni and Shia in Muslim). I can't

So if a country is ruled by religion, especially a country that has multi-religions.. just imagine a person who loves orange colour, and force the whole nation to paint nothing but orange colour for their house, and wear nothing but orange shirt.

If you feel ridiculed - you can expect the exact ridiculous stuff happening in countries ruled by religion.