I'm currently using it. :-)

The reason why I introduce Firefox 3.5 even at the beta version is because it has a lot of improvement over version 3.0.

For instance, speed. You'll get faster loading speed with web application such as Facebook or Gmail.

Note that Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is the successor of Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 - reason being version 3.5 is to show the significant changes have been made on browser.

It's quite a stable browser so far - which I believe the benchmark results will be published soon, telling how fast it is, comparing with Google Chrome & Apple Safari.

Please note that, FireFox 3.5 Beta 4 is not available so far as a full download - only update is available.
Update: Full download is now available here

If you have Firefox 3.1 beta, just follow the steps below to update:

And note that, by installing this update, the following plugins are not working:

1) Greasemonkey (the engine behind my favorite Facebook Purity)
2) Downthemall (my favorite download manager)

which i'm sure the updates will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy this latest Firefox with Adblock Plus...

Tracklisting: (bold-italic are my favorite)
1. "(It's Good) To Be Free"
2. "Talk Tonight"
3. "Fade Away"
4. "Cast No Shadow"
5. "Half The World Away"
6. "The Importance Of Being Idle"
7. "The Butterfly Collector (with Paul Weller) (Paul Weller)
8. "All You Need Is Love" (with Paul Weller) (Lennon / McCartney)
9. "Don't Go Away"
10. "Listen Up"
11. "Sad Song"
12. "Wonderwall"
13. "Slide Away"
14. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (Morrissey / Johnny Marr)
15. "Don't Look Back In Anger"
16. "Married With Children"

The Dreams We Have As Children is a collection of songs recorded at the London Royal Albert Hall on March 27, 2007 by Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer of British rock band Oasis in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. (from Wikipedia)

I'm not quite a fan of Noel Gallagher's voice but - this is a near-acoustic album and it gives a "clean" feeling - which is a kind of back-to-basic music.

This is also like a compilation of Oasis classic tracks - with most of them are not Side-A

It's refreshing to listen to Oasis' classic, it does bring back some good ol' memory :-)

Rating: 8/10

Title: If Only You Know What I Mean (take 1)
Music: 2007
Lyric: 2007-2009

Short note: This song is simply a random song, with random lyrics and random meaning.
The song was recorded @ 2.45AM so I had to lower my voice and reduce the guitar playing too.


You made a white lie,
You said you made a little revolution.
An English breakfast is all you need.

You thought that last night,
Was when the sky full of constellation.
All you can see isn't all that you need but was all that you wished.

Your little old pride,
D'you know it stopped all your evolution.
Another dead end's all you see.

I read my star sign,
They said the sign's full of hesitation.
Who can I be isn't who that I need but it's all that I wish.

You saw the sunshine,
Was when the sky's full of constellation.
Another sad case is all you see.

Another life line,
You know you called with a bully answered.
All you can see isn't all that you need but was all that you wished.

I felt I'm quite lucky in a way.

I thought of moving to country like Singapore last year, during the good time.

And now, rumour has it that the IT industry in that country isn't doing really well.

I'm quite sure that if I would have move to that country, I'll be even more suffering that I could have imagine.

So, I must appreciate what I have. Really.

This, is not an art

I guess I didn't really appreciate my new ThinkPad.

I left it on the floor (for my convenience) while doing some checking.

End up, something dropped and it dropped on the LCD screen.

After the crack, this is what you can see

Everybody was asking how I did it (even the person who repaired it also curious about it)

I felt very embarrassing.

From now on, I must take care of this fragile baby very much.

Last Sunday, I was sleeping on the bed.

Suddenly, Trevor's mum came into the room and took out the bedsheets to wash.

Because I was hibernating at that moment (my hibernation can be quite short, usually it's 8 hours) so I wasn't really awaken.

But after a while, I woke up and found myself breathless. And I was floating with bubbles!!!

Yes, Trevor's mum threw everything into the washing machine, including me.

I tried very hard to swim, and it was hard for me to breathe.

This photo and experience will be memorable, and I'm proud to be able to survive in the 'aquarium'.

Verdict: A movie that reminds you of Home Alone series

With not much choice of movie that I'd really want to watch, I chose to watch this.

End up, as expected, not really impressed.

Imagine that you have a group of villains chasing after you, but were knocked down one by one, and eventually all the hostages were saved by this mall cop that didn't even have a gun...

There were moments that can make you laugh but that's it.

The music and film format, it reminds me of some of the 80's movie.

And probably that's why I said it reminds me of Home Alone series.

Rating: 5/10

P/S: Mall cop crashing a shop's glass door to... steal a card for his soon-to-be girl friend? Make sense? No...

Verdict: Illogically fun to watch.

First of all, we know that this movie has a lot of stunts. So in the first place, no logic needs to be placed on this movie.

You get to see fuel tank stolen easily just like that, illegal car racing with no police cars chasing, car crashed that didn't make to headline, cars racing in the tunnel without much issue (how was the tunnel built btw?), people driving cars at high speed, while able to have a look at GPS (ok, the GPS is cool, btw) and in the end, police hijacked the bus in order to save a criminal.

(the paragraph above was slashed because you don't really need to understand the logic of the movie)

The action scene was good, it's heart pumping to see the cars racing, how they avoid/create the accidents etc.

It's not bad to watch, given the fact that there's not much good movie to watch lately.

Rating: 5.5/10

I've been working in this client site for almost 2 years.

When I first joined, I was already tasked to become an infra lead (in simpler term, a project manager for the IT infrastructure)

I knew nothing about project management. I knew nothing much about server management. I wasn't familiar with the complete picture of the IT infrastructure needed.

Nobody could really guide me as the whole thing was quite new.

Worst, I needed to adapt to the new working environment as well.

So, bit by bit, day by day, I learned, I grew and there's where I am now.

I know better, I understand better and I'm a much more confident person.

The project that I was tasked, ended in February this year.

And in that project, people came and go, and I was kinda labeled as the "last man standing"

I appreciate my manager's kind assistance (yah, one should appreciate if there's a manager that listens)

Most importantly, I grew.

Yesterday had a good meet up with Emily and L, along with my sister.

We met and had our dinner at Wendy's.

Again, Carl's Jr burger set is superior but Wendy's fries is still better than McDonald's.

It was an interesting chat, with two main conclusions:

1) L is a very good ghost story teller, I enjoyed it very much
2) There are strong indication that me and L are gay. Ek hem, yes, gay.
But both of us strongly denied it, of course.

And come on, who said having a bear means gay?

Lately I found two more useful plug-ins for FireFox 3.x

1) Facebook Purity
The recent Facebook interface change will definitely flood you a lot of information on what quiz your friends had taken - I don't quite give a damn actually.

Luckily, thanks to my colleague, I was introduced with this great gift, which gives me a faster Facebook loading speed + cleaner outlook:

So it blocked 12 alerts on what quiz my friends had taken... yawn...

To install it:
1) First you'll need to have Firefox 3.x, if you don't, get it here
2) Install greasemonkey
3) Then, click here to install the Facebook Purity plugin

2) AdBlock Plus
This Firefox add on rocks!

Two things main things it can do:
i) It auto-sync a latest list of sites/ads to be blocked
ii) It blocks the images/ads you want to block (to do it, right click on the image, and select as pictured below)

And what's the outcome? My blog is now ad free (with 3 objects blocked)

Bloggers who wants $$ from blog won't like it.

But my blog doesn't generate great revenue... so..

To install it, click here

Enjoy! :-)

It's a frustrating experience, if you are not able to sleep in the middle of night.

About half year ago, I came across these two aroma therapy solution, by L'Occitane & The Body Shop, respectively.

My verdict on these two products:

L'Occitane: While not a fan of lavender, this product still smells good. What's more, the lavender smell can help a bit to keep the mosquito away :-)

This is the better and more effective product.

Price, however, is more expensive.

Rating: 4/5

The Body Shop: Cheaper but o.k. effect. It has sweet smell so might please some (sweet dream, maybe?)

Rating: 2.5/5

I found a superhero team, let me introduce them:

The Cancerian: Born know how to swim, he might look in the "Why?" sign, but you'll regret when he answers your question with his clamps!

The Gemini: Born with serious face, but not so serious if you know him well. Good in providing idea.

The Capricorn aka Sleepyhead: Born with sleepy face. He was sleeping when the photo was taken.

Btw, he's good with determination.

The Scorpio: Make him angry at your peril. He'll revenge without making you knowing that he's revenging!

The Virgo: Doesn't know how to swim until today (can't even float). Good in nothing.

Lately I've lost inspiration on what to blog.

Don't ask me why. Cos I myself don't know why.

Maybe it's because I'm busy preparing myself for the three upcoming recordings

1) To shoot an MV for a punk song
2) To sing a complete version of Trevor's previous demo, My Love Is You
3) To sing my first ever techno song!

Btw, back to the main topic.

Emoody is now 10 months old. His 1 year old birthday will be on 25th June.

He is a good friend of mine, but I understand that lately he's been making fun of my small body size.

Well it's ok, he's too small to argue with. (I'm gonna be 8 years old this year, just FYI)

I've been a Firefox user since year 2004.

For one big reason, ability to customise.

1) Search

This is the main reason I use internet - to search for information.

As you can see, there are numbers of quick search engine that I can manage, for my convenience to search using the search box.

To get some of those search engine for Firefox:
Yahoo Dictionary click here
Wikipedia English click here
Wikipedia Chinese click here
Filehippo click here

Or, search the plugin you want here

2) Add-ons

Firefox' Extensions section provides the ability to enhance its basic feature.

One of the most useful plugin I found so far is DownThemAll! plugin.
It is a download manager that is free (!!!) - you can resume or prioritise your download, best of all, it can speed up the download (by opening new connection/trunk of download) - it is really useful for country like Malaysia (thanks to its slow internet connection)

You can get DownThemAll! here

Or, search for the add-ons you want here

3) Private Browsing
Last but not least, starting with version 3.1, Firefox comes with Private Browsing (or better known as porn browsing) function

With this function, the browser won't remember the link you've visited, nor it will store any information regarding to the sites you visit, under this mode.

Music: 2008, 2009
Lyric: 2009

Short note: This song... not much of its meaning, perhaps, it's about loneliness.
The guitar has only 5 strings... no $$ to buy a new set T-T Donation anyone?



Strolling on the street,
I was left nothing but the dream.

I was mad, I was sad,
I felt bad, I felt shat,
I felt deep.

Nothing but the myth,
Drove me out to seek for real.

I was trapped, I was halved,
I went fast, I went crashed,
I went bleeding.

Only God could feel,
What was deep inside my realm.
Yet another tale,
Make me feel we're so unreal.

Take a break,
Step aback,
You can't make me feel lonely.

I'm waiting for another worry,
Heard no sorry,
I'm being such a big kind of fool.

Looking back, I'm a mess,
I've got hacked, I am incomplete.

I'm waiting but see no ending,
Heard no mending,
It's easy to misunderstand.

You were everything I need,
You made me rich
(I thought I was complaining?)
You were everything, oh, everything I need
(I was trying to understand)
Everything oh, everything I need....
(I would like to understand)