If you realise, Indonesia is the hottest spot for investment in ASEAN coutries, recently.

I mean, even the non investor like me also know that.

I guess one of the crucial thing they've done right so far is the effort in anti-corruption.

The president even made public statement that he will stand by the side of the country's anti corruption agency (KPK) in a recent incident where KPK was accused to accept bribe, by the police.

And if you read wiki, KPK's conviction rate so far is 100%.

That could explain why the people in Indonesia protested publicly the action of police - the police locked up the staff of KPK, who once convicted the police for corruption.

So, I strongly believe that corruption is one of the biggest factor to scare the investors away - who wants to pay more while they can pay less in the country - for the same investment that might have the same ROI?

Again, I'm not an expert in financial sector so I shall rest my case.

But come to think about it, if Malaysia doesn't improve in this area, and if our economy continue to rot - I can't imagine if one day Indonesia rises as the second biggest economy body in ASEAN. (not Thailand as well, cos they have politic instability issue)

What's more scary is the reversal of the trend - there will be Malaysian maid in Indonesia.

I know this post sounds racist and potentially discriminating. But I strongly believe it's a good point to think about.