Title: You
Music: 2008
Lyrics: 2008

Short note: This song is dedicated to a "friend". This someone is someone whom we know each other, but in life we've never talked more than 10 sentences.

OK, about the song, it's dedicated to her cos I understand that she's quite unhappy in her relationship. But she's still patiently compromising.

This song has no particular meaning, maybe I'm writing about her, maybe I'm writing something that might help to ease her pain when it comes.

The lyrics in  " ", are my imaginary thoughts that she might have. (or "what she thinks")




I see you walking past the door.
The truth is you're not sure.
You can't be what you're not.

"I need you. I give you my heart and soul"
"But should love ask for more?"
I see it quite bothers your thought.

"Setting sun, stormy rain, hurricane
I'll be there going thru with you"
"Loneliness, moodiness, craziness, sillyness,
are the things I'll improve"

"Would you mind? Could you stand, the (current) same old me?"

Rubbing the pain that hurts again,
It's easy that the promise's not quite the same.

You'll see that life will move on,
It could be nothing at all,
But it's you.

Trevor showed me some image he captured from Ikea. It was depressing.

The first one showed my long lost friend, Melvin, crucified and being sold at RM5. Damn.

Then, another friend, George. Trevor's mum says he's suffering from malnutrition.*

That the butt isn't fleshy* (Do look at Peter on the left, he looks really skinny, shit)

But good thing about our race is that, no matter what happens, we will still smile.

Unlike the expensive but looks-a-bit-emo Paddington bear.

*Trevor says: The statement was true and my mum did say it in Ikea.

It's an open air stall, exists in 1U for more than1.5 years.

But the discovery only happened lately, thanks to Justin.

I tried twice with the chocolate flavour (FYI, I always use Chocolate ice cream to make rating on ice cream, just like I would start with Chinese fried rice for Dai Chao)

This is one of the best chocolate ice cream you can ask for: rich taste, ultra solid texture - the best I've had so far.

But it's not cheap. About 9 somethg RM for two scopes. (it's a small cup some more)

But well, for my taste bud, it's worth the "investment".

Rating? 4/5, after balancing the cost and the quality

My workout diary continues.

But I don't know what happened at FRIM, I guess it's most probably there was some treasure hunt activity, but the organiser just left the setup in the forest, and this is what we got.

If I tell someone that there's some criminal incident happened (with these photo) I think they might believe, you know.

Also, due to the incident happened on last Thursday, there were trees collapsed in the jungle. Poor old trees and the cyclists (weihan and Agatha would know what I mean)

By the way, it's the first timed record of the 1000feet hill climbing in FRIM.

We managed to climb up and down the 1000 feet hill, for 21 minutes 15 seconds.

It will only get better, we know.

Last Thursday was a lil bit disastrous.

Waken by at 3AM in the morning because the new system at work got some issue.

Since I reached the office early, I went home early.

On my way back, a really heavy rain started.

Then when I reached my housing area, I saw some branches fell on the road, trees collapsed

I wonder what's the repair cost like, for the unfortunate fella.

Discovering The Beatles' songs is like treasure hunt. You'll never know what you'll find next.

"Dig a Pony" was mentioned by the writer himself (John Lennon) that it's a rubbish. But come on, the melody part is passionate and nice.

Perhaps he got too much good songs to filter?


I hi hi hi hi hi hi, dig a pony
Well you can celebrate anything you want
Yes, you can celebrate anything you want

I hi hi hi hi hi hi, do a roadhog
Well you can penetrate any place you go
Yes, you can penetrate any place you go

I told you so
All I want is you
Everything has got to be
just like you want it to

I hi hi hi hi hi hi, pick a moondog
Well you can radiate everything you are
Yes, you can radiate everything you are

I hi hi hi hi hi hi, roll a stoney
Well you can imitate everyone you know
Yes, you can imitate everyone you know

I told you so
All I want is you
Everything has got to be
just like you want it to

I hi hi hi hi hi hi, feel the wind blow
Well you can indicate everything you see
Yes, you can indicate everything you see

I hi hi hi hi hi hi, cold and lonely
Well you can syndicate any boat you row
Yes, you can syndicate any boat you row

I told you so
All I want is you
Everything has got to be
just like you want it to

I always have fond memory of London, like Trevor does.

Don't ask me why. Cos I know London is dirty, expensive, unsafe...

But with the picture, I recalled the reason why - the Changing of Guard at Buckingham Palace reminds me of a long distance relative - Rolland.

I know Paddington bear is cuter, has proper clothing etc (yes I'm naked, I know)

But I also know my quality and talent and most importantly, I'm au naturale.

For almost the past one month, I didn't work out.

Reason being:

1) I was sick
2) Really busy assisting the project to go live.

But, I notice there's a little oppoturnity to try out - at the office.

Instead of using lift, I'm using the staircase to walk from 3rd floor (my workstation) to 6th floor (my client's workstation)

The frequency can be up to 6 times a day.

Each time will involve 60 steps.

60 X 6 = 360 steps

Hey, that's more than Batu Caves (272 steps), you know?

That's what I mean by "Every little helps"

Two weeks ago all the Rakyat gotong-royong ("the citizen worked hand in hand" in English) to drive the vehicle to the nearest petrol station to get the last pump of the cheapest fuel.

So the 40% ++ increment on the fuel price is of course a culture shock to everybody.

Hey, you know what, I support the abolishment of the fuel subsidy (it's not healthy for economy) - with some BUT

1) But, did government really did what they promise since the last price increase - i.e. make use of the money saved from subsidy to benefit the citizen

2) BUT, did government really improve the public transport system since last price increase? Car is a necessity in Malaysia, NOT luxury

3) BUT, did government list out the plan to make use of the money saved from subsidy, at least for this time? No, they didn't really do. If not, the Malaysian citizen are very interested to know what's government's plan - especially where would the money be spent.

Else, there's no point raising the price, at the same time asking the citizen to "change your lifestyle"

Me and Justin share the same passion.

We love ice cream.

We won't be stingy on ice cream.

He introduced Cadbudy range to me earlier. 

It's RM29.90 for 2 litres BUT

The taste was so rich that I'd say it's definitely worth it.

This Australian made ice cream is not as solid as those Haagen Daz but the taste is rich, if not richer.

Triple chocolate, a good combination and that's probably why the price is also more than triple of Magnolia's (I don't know why I keep using Magnolia as the standard -_- )

My whole family love it also (except that they don't know the price, and they won't love to know, I swear)

I'd recommend to give it a try.

Rating: 4/5

You know, naming is a strange things. In many cases, the thing is not the same as the name called.

Earlier on tried found this New Zealand ice cream in Jaya Jusco.

It's quite cheap, considering it's an imported stuff. RM19.90 for 2 litres.

Unfortunately, the quality is quite cheap also.

It taste like Magnolia.

So why the heck I paid for like... 3 times more?

That's not tip top at all :P

Rating: 2.5/5

So what's the point of this chapter?

It is to keep track of my preparation on the Mount Kinabalu trip.

On 17/5/08, me, Kuan Yew, Emily and my colleague Eng Kok went to Batu Caves

272 steps, because we walked non-stop, it was quite tiring.

Me and Kuan Yew favoured FRIM more. Because it's not that boring. (Imagine the same 272 steps at Batu Caves, with the air that's not that fresh)

So on 24/5/08, we went to FRIM.

Yep, just two of us. We managed to climb the small hill (which also leads to Canopy Walk) in 40-45minutes.

I must keep track of the time next time to watch out for improvement :-)

Download Day 2008

I've been a FireFox fan since version 1.0.Now, with the fierce browser war between FireFox, Safari and Opera, they are just getting better and better.

Download Day 2008

Get FireFox 3, it has better performance (for newer software system requirement, this is often impossible), better browsing experience and lower memory usage than its previous version.

I've been a test user of FireFox 3 since last year - it really is a worthy upgrade over version 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0

Take my word on it - FireFox 3 is great.

(To download, just click on the FireFox banners above)

Melody: 2008
Short Note:
I don't know how I got the idea of this music. But looking at the date when the melody appeared, it was Valentine day -_-

Lyric is still incomplete, because the chorus part only completed in like, last month.

Download (Be aware of some noise in between, because of the spoiled mic, can anybody sponsor me a new one?)

Lord I need more strength
To brave the rain.
Then I need tad more chance,
To save the day.

So now you're hiding,
From all the pain.
Baby please, listen here:
"There's something that we called 'Come what may' "

Every path you take,
Lead you to understand.
Maybe it's one percent,
Suffice to make the change

This is a cheerful song. It's one of the songs that motivated me since last week.

It's always a funny case - when you have something, you always feel that, that particular thing isn't the thing that makes you happy.


How does it feel to be
One of the beautiful people
Now that you know who you are
What do you want to be
And have you traveled very far
far as the eye can see

How does it feel to be
One of the beautiful people
How often have you been there
Often enough to know
What did you see when you were there
Nothing that doesn't show

Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man, too
You keep all your money in a big brown bag
inside a zoo, what a thing to do
Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man, too

How does it feel to be
One of the beautiful people
Tuned to a natural E
happy to be that way
Now that you've found another key
What are you going to play

Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man, too
You keep all your money in a big brown bag
inside a zoo, what a thing to do
Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man
Baby you're a rich man, too


P/S: This songs is dedicated to a collfren.

The pronunciation of my name can sometimes be tricky. Yah, it's the same name as famous Italian footballer Francesco Totti, but the pronunciation is never the same.

His name is pronounced as "Fran-ches-co"

But mine has the same pronounciation as San Francisco's "Francisco".

Don't ask me why. Cos even my master - Trevor also doesn't know why.

And do take note that I didn't take the name from that footballer.

I'm cute but he isn't. He is in the 'handsome' category which I'm not.

We are in different league so never, ever have any mix up on us. 

It's just a name, after all.

It took some time for me to start this first post.

So here I am.

My name is Francesco.

I was born in Oslo, Norway on 25th December 2001.

My master, Trevor, found me in Ikea Malaysia.

I'm arguably the happiest bear in Malaysia, because:

1) I travelled to quite a number of countries
2) My master and his sister treat me well
3) I have some fans out there :o)

On top of that, I'm multilingual and yeah, look at my picture.

I'm talented.