Yeah, I need to feel pissed cos in the winner photo, the lead singer was not featured

So this week, the result for DIGI: Pimp My Broadband was announced.

The Bears (our new band name) had won the 1st prize.

That gives Trevor a new Macbook Air and 3 months 3G broadband service.. for free.

The bears made the day.

Next, this photo helped Trevor to win another HP laptop in the Spritzer's "My No.1 Moment" contest,in Week#2

Yes I admit that back on Mount Kinabalu, it was My No.1 Moment cos I was standing higher than human.

Who doesn't like to feel superior than others?

So right now I think we are a bit powerful, at least I know I'm the talisman for Trevor.

Stay tuned for more performance from The Bears!

Now we need some good rest.