Verdict: Brings back your childhood memory - it's a good move that Disney would do the animation a la classic way.

Forget about those stunning 3D effect that is so common in the cartoon/animation nowadays.

This movie will remind you of Lion King, Aladdin or Beauty & the Beast - where visual effect is not the 'main course' of the movie.

The story is good - even it's a twisted version of the original one.

But I'm impressed with how smooth the modified version goes - and I'm truly satisfied with the ending too.

And I like the OST too! It matches the movie well and really augmented the feel of the story.

So I would expect more quality product like this from Disney and others.

Rating: 9/10

The frequent emo had taken its toll.

Two days ago we had a shocking (actually I predicted it) news - Emoody was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Actually since day 1 i met him I knew something went wrong.

He always said that he had a lot of friends, doing all kind of activities/business - and any topic you talk about, he's able to come up with the statement "yah, i used to have a friend who's expert in this" (Colleen and Trevor know it very well, ask them)

And last time I blogged about him in this post, I really suspected it cos there was once he had a slip of tongue that after the 'store room' incident, he didn't trust his friends anymore.

We scanned his brain, and found something seriously wrong.

Emoody admitted himself that he had actually developed imaginary friends since the "Store room incident" - cos he can't stand loneliness and yet he didn't trust his friends.

But we are true friends so of course we'll help him.

Recovery is in the progress (it'll take two months) and one of the way is to give him a 'wrestling massage' - the best person/bearson/bear to do it would be none other than his uncle, Emoody Sr.

All the best to his recovery.

I've always thought this Vietnamese restaurant is a hidden little treasure @ The Curve.

The beef noodle isn't bad, this chicken steak/fillet (forgot) rice isn't bad.. overall not bad.

Tried twice and am satisfied with it - at a reasonable price, too.

However, their painting on the wall inevitably reminds me of communist painting in China/North Korea, in those days (and I believe still very much in common @ North Korea)

Just a thought.

Rating: 3.5/5

Managed to complete the tool on time (last week, actually)

And managed to send out the invitation for some introduction thingy.

Having said that, my first week of year 2010 would be very busy already.

And I thank year 2009 to make me a more matured employee.

And the manager too, for giving me the freedom to do things our own way.

(OK, it's a polite way to say I'm quite a disciplined employee, too.. hahaha perasan-ing)


No next time, free only will consider

I guess they've got the idea from McDonald's shake shake fries

But unfortunately, the flavoring didn't give the 'unagi' smell - what I smell is still the normal potato chips.

And the amount of chips they give is really pathetically few.

With the price of RM4++ , all I can say is - get others, definitely not this and no next time.

Rating: 1.5/5

This is the last on-the-way-to-work photo in year 2009.

It has been a really really really really really really great year.

Work life - I managed to balance it really well.


WON TWO LAPTOPS! (2.5 laptop actually, cos another half was... sort of.. my idea?)

And met someone who was able to make me really happy in the past two months...

And it's a year that I've seen (thru) many things, be it happy or sad - which made me to understand even more about human behavior, how human take things for granted, how human thought they are great while actually they are not... etc

All in all, a year that I couldn't ask for more.

But it gives me the momentum to seek for an even meaningful years ahead.

I'd like to thank family, friends and colleagues who were part of my 2009 memories.

I LOVE YOU ALL (a la MJ style, RIP, MJ)

Goodbye 2009 and HELLO 2010!
Thanks 2009 and Welcome 2010!

Two days ago, on the way home saw a bus stopped by JPJ and the bus driver was given summon.

We (me and my sis) didn't have to ask the JPJ also can know what's going on - the heavily smoked bus was the answer.

Yep, very dark at the back of the bus.

And seriously, can those motorcyclist service their motorcycles so that they don't pollute the air?

It's dirty and hot enough in KL.

Yesterday, I saw my sister surfing net boliao-ly, I asked her "eh, let's go massage later lo"

She agreed.

Yep, that's the random us.

Ok, talk about the main topic:

While enjoying the massage, there's a couple leaving - the masseur lady told them "See you later"

and the guy responded "see you later"

It'll be interesting to know what's in the girl friend's mind.

If any. (or i'm just simply thinking too much)

This year's Epica Award is short of excitement - it didn't have much 'wow' factor as last year's

Film ad of the Year: T-Mobile - "Dance"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London

The "Flash mob" concept is cool (lots of practices need to be done, of course), but somehow I don't find it that amazing

Press ad of the Year: Dank! - "Torn"
Agency: DDB&Co. Istanbul

It's a good (& getting attention) way to show the 'discounted' item - not bad :-)

Outdoor Ad of the Year: Citroёn, "Cornering Lights"
Agency: Euro RSCG Düsseldorf

I find this one cool - cornering light + Citroёn logo - couldn't be better!

Emoody Sr showing exactly how to keep yourself warm

You know, if you are in winter country (FYI, I was from Oslo, Norway) you should have experienced the coldness by now.

My friend in Norway told me that it's really cold (-4C°)

However, we bears have enough of fats so we don't quite need those winter clothing.

We don't have our own currencies so don't even mention about shopping.

One of our method to keep warm (save energy) is to hibernate.

However I understand human doesn't hibernate, so Emoody Sr agreed to be a model for putting the scarves. (and because his size is like a 2 year old human baby, too)

So there you go, one of the way to keep warm.

You may notice the absence of me from the blogging world.

Yes, I was away for a short stay in a new friend's place - Jen.

26/11/2009 - Before I left Trevor

26/12/2009 - Went shopping in 1Utama (I somehow thought if the 1Malaysia got the idea from this shopping complex) with Trevor & Colleen

So I'm back.

And I heard that Emoody had sort of replaced my role for Trevor & Colleen - that young little no manners bear!

Oh ya, thanks Jen for the kindness and intro-ed me others McD bears (another new clan of bears)

Found this song by The Cranberries, which was one of my favorite back in standard 6.

Found the chord as well, the main being Am C G Em - pretty easy to play and sing along as well..

Surprisingly, I can reach the key!


Hence the cover version of it ;)


Something has left my life
And I don't know where it went to
but..Somebody caused me strife
And it's not what I was seeking

Didn't you see me, Didn't you hear me
Didn't you see me standing there Oh..

Why did you turn out the lights
Did you know that I was sleeping

Say a prayer for me--
Help me to feel the strength I did
My identity, has it been taken
Is my heart breakin, on me--

All my plans, they fell through my hands
They fell
Through my hands, on me---
All my dreams, it suddenly seems
It suddenly seems

It's been a while since I last visited this restaurant.

And today, since my colleagues are around, we decided to visit this place.

This is the 'Klang Steak' I ordered - RM26.50.

The size - well I put my pendrive on the plate for comparison - go figure.

My colleague ordered lasagna - RM12.50 which has almost the same size as his face

That lives up its name - Big Plate.

Cash only. Taste good.

I notice that the English music lately has the 'clubbing' element in it i.e. synthesizer effect etc

So, that means the rap era is almost gone (yep, even the rap music also has the 'clubbing' element now, just take Akon for example)

Which is good cos the 'clubbing' music promotes happiness, whereby those rap music often touches about sorrow, the hate, the money, the drugs, the sex... those not so positive stuff.

However, I don't club but I guess I can still feel the happiness from the music that I listen to.

So ya, music can affect a person's mood, no matter what.

Title: If Only You Get What I Mean III
Music: 2009
Lyrics: 2009

Short note: I actually finished the music early this year and the lyrics around July... but there's no time to record it... time to clear some backlog to move on ;)

Song was recorded on a laptop without any mastering software.. so the quality is not as good.


Of all the songs you sing,
Of all the signs you preach,
Of all the bloods you bleed.

I will try all I can to feel.

Of all the charms you give,
Of all the lies you speak,
Of all the prize you greed,

I will try all I can to disdain.

How many thought, how many soul, how many feeling seized for all?
How many holes, how many blues, that you did without surprise?
Will I be fine?
Yeah I'll be fine, you're the best thing in my life.

You made it up,
You tore me down
You were the best part of life I saw thru the window.
You said 'It's done'
You faked it up,
You were the air that I breathe,
Song that I sing,
You were all that I need.
You're the end of my sleep.

You were all I believed in,
You were the best of my dream.

My traditional mum tried something unconventional -_-

It's Winter solstice today, according to Chinese calendar.

The Chinese (southern China's descendant, to be exact) would normally eat Tangyuan on this day.

So, my mum tried something different this year:

1)Pink colour Tangyuan was replaced by the purple colour one - made from dragon fruit (??!)(and it's not sweet at all)

Palm reading Tangyuan making session

2) The soup - she used gula melaka. The colour is strange already (but gives me an idea to try Tangyuan in Coke next time :P) and yet not that sweet.
Her reason was "sweet ah, why wanna eat so sweet?"

But I'm not complaning, mum :)