This movie is COOOOL!

Tony is someone which all guys ever wanted - Rich, talented, has good taste  (of car etc), has chicks around (erm, another description will be - playboy?), has cool gadget, manufactures cool weapon and what's more - a superhero

This superhero is unlike the normal superhero movie (Batman Begins is exception) it's so funny, so cool (graphic effect etc) and it's so action packed.(this movie isn't boring even though the fighting with nemesis is like, only 20 minutes?)

The ending part is the killer - really LAUGH MY ASS OFF!

I'm here giving you a big tips - this movie features Samuel L. Jackson. So until you see him, DON'T LEAVE THE CINEMA!

I'll be giving two ratings as it's worth giving two :-)

(Very neutral ) Rating: 7.5/10
(Comic/Superhero -> Movie) Rating: 9.5/10

In this album cover and the song Snowdome, Kimura became a doll :)

The third album has good blend of Brit rock/pop, some Avril-que rock tunes, cute songs etc

It's my second most favorite album among hers.

1. "L.drunk" - pick+
2. "Magic Music" - pick+
3. "Snowdome" - Star of the Album
4. "WANI to kotori [ワニと小鳥]" -pick+
5. "dolphin" - pick++
6. "sweetie" - pick++
7. "kirin TAN [きりんタン]"
8. "Scratch" - pick+
9. "SWINGING LONDON" - pick++
10. "never land"
11. "Tree Climbers" - pick+
12. "JOEY BOY" - pick+
13. "Ground Control (Album Mix) - pick+
Rating: 9/10

In this album she become.. some rock style (?) This is what I can see from every of her album - she has some changing of style.

I don't have most of songs as favorite, but most importantly, there are some gems like "You", which I'll listen over and over again, watching the dancing with bear over and over again etc.

1. "RIRURA RIRUHA [リルラ リルハ]" - pick+
2. "tea cup" - pick++
3. "I♥hug" - pick+
4. "BEAT (Album Version)"
5. "Thrill Thrill Licker"
6. "Twinkle (NANA Version)"
7. "You" - Star of the Album
8. "PIONEER" - pick
9. "Deep Blue Sky" - pick
10. "Dancing Now"
11. "Circle" - pick++
12. "hachimitsu [はちみつ]" - pick+
13. "C-hildren" - pick+

Rating: 7.5/10

P/S: I said previously that her latest album +1 is placed #3 favorite among all her albums. After reviewing all the album, sorry to say that, +1 is the least favorite among the four.


It stands for Forest Research Institute of Malaysia.

This is where I usually have a walk when I'm free.

I like the air , I like the environment. 

This is where I'll try to have a walk more, from now on - it'll help me to climb Mont Kinabalu I hope.

Anyone interested, feel free to join. I didn't perform well last week (ask Kuan Yew, I really suffered) but I know things will only get better.

So, you scared ah?


Remember the Super Mario moment?

Yeah, 1Up or make the Mario grows!

Text (yes it's not graphic, it's characters!) contributed by my friend, Kampy from Germany.

Found and copied from somewhere...

Cardinal Signs:

Aries (I Am) and Libra (I Weigh), Cancer (I Feel) and Capricorn (I Master)

Fixed Signs:
Taurus (I Have) and Scorpio (I Control), Leo (I Create) and Aquarius (I Universalize)

Mutable Signs:
Gemini (I Communicate) and Sagittarius (I Philosophize), Virgo (I Serve) and Pisces (I Believe)

Fire Symbols: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Symbols: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Symbols: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Symbols: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Now, this is the scariest part.

4100Metres, vertically.

Asking you to walk 4.1KM is already not a so common thing, how about climbing 4.1KM?

Come on ladies and gentlemen: After the meeting last week, it's decided that, until the air ticket availability in June/July 08 - no actual plan/budget estimation can be done yet.

So, starting this month, save at least RM200 for first two months (so that you can pay for the air ticket in June/July), then RM100 for the subsequent months - i'm sure you'll have enough $$$ to spend for the trip (happening March/April 09)

Bottom line: Get your RM400 ready by June/July 08 - don't tell me you're scared.

This is Kimura Kaela's first album.I think it's the best among all the albums. I like almost every single of the songs in the album. It's got powerful rock/pop songs(untie, Because), some punk rock(dare, Level 42),some Japanese rock(happiness!!!, Inventor), some acoustic (sola), some Britpop (weak, What ever are you looking for?,ano koro, D.T.S) - I think it's just perfect blend. 

Most of the MV of this album represent the cutest/natural part of Kimura Kaela. Which didn't really appear in the latter albums.

1. "untie (album take)" - pick++
2. "You know you love me?"- pick+
3. "ano koro [あの頃]" - pick+
4. "happiness!!! - pick+
5. "INVENTOR" - pick
6. "D.T.S." - pick 
7. "Level 42 (album take)" - pick+
8. "dare [誰]" - pick
9. "Because"- pick++
10 "weak" - Star of the Album
11. "What ever are you looking for? (album take)" - pick+
12. "sola" - pick+

Rating: 10/10

There is reason why sometimes I prefer Japanese drama over HK drama series.

Their story is quite predictable:
1) Business tycoon with family or close friend fighting over the rights
2) Love story that looks impossible at first then become the best match in heaven in the end
3) People fighting in ancient time with army or sometimes with some kungfu
4) Police and gangster fighting, end up losing to the spies that they sent to each other
5) The family affair in Qing dynasty - how the new married wife deal with her mother in law

etc etc

But this drama is slightly different la.

It's very "lung" (pronounce it in Cantonese pls) and quite funny. The material is kinda new.

It talks about Roger Kwok has the ability to get the "message" from the dead ones, of how they died.

This helped him a lot in solving a lot of mysteries.

Sonija Kwok's acting got better in this drama series as well. (and ya, as pretty as usual)

BUT I dislike the ending, it made the drama looks so lame - why can't just have happy ending?!!

And the stupid special edition ending also, it's nothing special but just nonsense.

Still, overall, I give this drama a:

Rating: 8/10

That's because I like the plot (not the ending of course) the surprises(not the stupid ending of course) and the witty parts.

The special edition just released a month ago.

This drama, released in 2007, is about how a guy getting the chances from the angel, in order to get back to the past to try to save the relationship with his best old friend, whom he likes and had the girl likes him also.

The element is new and looks interesting. But at times you'll feel bored with the same old "Allelujah, Chance!" chanting :-)

Eventually, he changed the past bit by bit, and got the girl's heart in the end (yah, at the wedding ceremony of that girl with another guy -_- )

Moral of the Story: Appreciate what you have now. You definitely won't get the chance like the guy, to go back to the past to change something.


I think a lot of wrong path I took was due to I made assumption.

There's definitely a need to talk to people around, sometimes, to reconfirm.

Or is it the people just turn the table because they suddenly feel the things are not right/protect their interest/they don't know what the heck is going on?

Whatever it is, I'm learning more and more, day by day.

Guess that's what really counts.

It's been almost 2 years since I last visited Cameron Highland. This time the experience was not so good - I intended to go there to chill out, yes I did but since I was the one who drove up and down etc - I became even more exhausted.

What we did was we went to Cameron on Saturday afternoon (19/04/08), 

reached there about 6 something.

had the home made steamboat

Then suffered some traffic jam ( -_- , ya, in Cameron also)

Before we "enjoy" the night market and hunted some cheap vegatable.

Next morning, my mum cooked fried rice, and we had some fruits as well.


In the water...

Nothing to hoo-hah about, cos majority of them are rotten (due to the.. bad weather?) when we reached KL

A view outside the apartment

The apartment unit that we stayed (if you can see us at the window)

Closer shot at the other side

As usual, went to the Boh Tea Plantation to have some tea and dessert.

small and winding road on the way to the Boh Tea Plantation cafe

New Windows XP wallpaper?

The cool grandpa (as usual), the impatient mum (as usual), the smiling Trev  (with yellow teeth, as usual) and the acting-cute sis (as usual)

A proper photo

Francesco & Colleen

Then my dad wanna go to some temple

Me and my sis cam-whoring with Francesco

Then we left for Ipoh.

On the way to Ipoh (via Simpang Pulai)

The mountains there were covered by mist. It looks grand.

Then there's some motorcyclist 

While we're waiting for the food, Francesco stared at our drinks

It reads "The most famous in town. Specialised in Chicken, Beans sprout & Kuetiaw" Not really, btw.

Our Ipoh Chicken rice.

Francesco doing monkey swing

Francesco cam-whoring

Extra Info:

Some weird insects I found in Cameron:


Conclusion: It's a tiring trip. Francesco, apparently enjoyed the trip and looked more like we prepared the trip for him. Hmm..