3 more days to draw a conclusion :)

This small little project aims to aid both baby and adult to sleep both easily and better.
(details will be discussed in the full report next week)

I tested it in (sort of) extreme condition - normally I would switch on aircon, use the pillow spray or even burn the essential oil to make me sleep easily.

To test this album, I:
1) Switched on only the fan
2) No pillow spray was used
3) No essential oil was burned

Day 1
I'm able to fall asleep when the album reach track #5

However, found that track#4 Symphony No. 11 in D Major, K. 84: Andante was a bit louder.

To remove that from the album and test again

Day 2
The test basically failed cos I drank 4 full glass of Coke during dinner. And had beef as dinner.
I felt hot and couldn't fall asleep.

After the album reached the end of play, I played it again.

With the aid of pillow spray + aircon, I was able to fall asleep at around track#7.

Day 3
I fell asleep when the album reached track#4.