There's a background story for everybody.

Today I'm gonna tell why Emoody has frown face and why he likes sunshine, a lot.

When he arrived at the store last year (before Trevor paid the 'ransom'), he loved to play with his friends (mostly bears)

One night, they played hide-and-seek.

Emoody hid himself into a store room and found himself locked inside the room.

He tried to shout but because the store room was sort of like sound-proof so nobody could hear.

Further more, last year there was this credit crunch, so the store's business was no good (hence, the staff didn't need to go into the store to take out new stock)

End up he stayed in the cold, dark store room for 3 days 3 nights (he'd rather say that it's 3 nights 3 nights because there's no daylight at all)

Since then, he became emo and hence the frown face.

And because of the 3 nights 3 nights incident, he loves sunshine a lot, nowadays.