It's always hard to understand human's world

Earlier on I tried to improve my photography skill - so I asked Emoody to become showbear, as a model.

I understand that in human world there's this something called 'showgirl', who will wear in sexy suit and demonstrate the car.

So I thought it would be interesting to try the same theory on us..

For your information, we bears don't wear anything.


But I wonder if the car show will be successful if it is all-showbears (naked)

I think it has been the philosophy of my life for the past 10 years, at least.

That explains things that I own or I like:

Classical music: It can sustain for the last 300 years, there must be something inside that made it sustainable.
Car: A particular brand cos with the budget I have, I believe their philosophy is sustainable. (I made the decision to buy a new car on the night I crashed the Myvi (sold after repairing, of course - cos I thought it wasn't quite sustainable), just FYI ;) )
IT: I chose the studies & industry cos I thought it would sustainable, rather than music or art-related -- at least in this country.

So I think if you sum up everything I mentioned above - I think I am a boring person :P

Or sustainably-boring.

Ok, I know this post is potentially a free ad for McD.

So this afternoon, I queued up like half an hour for the McD value lunch.

The reason was because of the latest hype in town - Prosperity Burger + curly fries

Am I Lovin' it? No.

Reason being:

1) You've gotta wait for the burger to be ready (very very high demand)
2) Because of high demand, it was a rushed product - the gravy wasn't enough to keep the burger juicy (I lost of words to elaborate, suddenly)

So, wait till the hype is over.

And as suggested by few persons, I shall not take McD for the next 3 weeks. (but there are KFC, Pizza Hut, Carl's Jr etc)

So last Saturday I tried to push the limit and see where's my stamina level.

I climbed up a small hill - in a rush mode.

So from the start of the brisk walk to half of the hill (which normally took me 25 minutes) - it took me about 20 minutes.

But the 5 minutes-saving cost a lot in the latter stage - I felt myself feeling drowsy, felt like throwing up, and got the feeling of "how nice if I could sleep now"

Tried to act that I was in control - I acted as if I was doing meditation.

So later on, at the canopy walk area there, I saw a fella carrying a guitar - I mean, was he having a performance for the animal in this jungle or what?

The bottom line is: My stamina is at the red light status. A lot of works need to be done for the coming Mulu trip, two months later.

Emoody - Reflection Edition

Lately I developed interest in photography.

So this is my first photography, titled, Reflection.

Yah it looked distorted cos that's a reflection shown by the car's rear mirror.

But it doesn't matter - or, whatever.

I heard that human will do reflection sometimes - at least I know Trevor has been doing that lately.

Good luck on that.

Human is complicated.

I'm beary happy that I'm just a bear.

This is the fifth contest I've taken part this year - Maggi My Way

The entry content is as follows:

I created a fusion of Chinese + Japanese flavour - Chinese soup base with a popular Japanese ingredient - unagi. Hence the name "Oriental Goodness"

Ingredients which I used:
- 4x Maggi Mee Chicken Flavour (for four persons)
- Unagi
- Eggs
- Vegetable
- Tianjin preserved vegetable
- Spring Onion
- Fish Gravy

Steps to Prepare:
1) Stir-fried the eggs, then pour in the water, vegetable and start cooking the soup.
2) Maggi Mee Chicken seasoning, Tianjin preserved vegetable & Fish gravy were added into the soup for seasoning purpose.
3) While waiting for the soup to boil, cook the noodle separately and drain it when it's cooked.
4) Put the (drained) noodle into the plate
5) Put the soup into the plate
6) Add the unagi and spring onion on top
7) Enjoy!

It was fun to create a new recipe but most importantly, my family enjoyed this Maggi Oriental Goodness!

Now, I hope that I'll be in the 30 finalists - there are more than 150 entries it seems!

Verdict: While the animation still has room for improvement to near perfection, it's the story that you should care about.

Based on Charles Dickens' 1843 story of the same name, this movie delivers.

The visual effect was nice - but it didn't give the same 'wow' effect as Beowulf (a movie from the same director, probably he gave more attention in creating the 3D effect), we could tell that in less than 5 years, it'll be hard for us to tell if it's computer generated image or real stuff.

OK, about the story, it's about an old thrifty man, living alone and 'dreamed' about the reflection of his life and his death.

I didn't read the original story but this movie gave me two conclusions:

1) It feels really pathetic to be old and alone, and being unpopular (this reminds me of my grandpa, who shares some similar situation)
2) One of the way to be happy is to make people around you happy.

It feels amazing that a story written in 1843 is still very much applicable in today's society.

Thanks to Tee Chong for the movie treat :)

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: While it is still entertaining, I still think that it should be a DVD release only :)

I know. I know. I know.

Everybody was talking about this movie.

And I only watched when it's like... nearly the end of the heat.

"This Is It" is a recorded backstage and/or rehearsal documentary of the "This Is It" concert - which was unfortunately canceled due to the loss of the big star - Michael Jackson.

So, there's nothing more that you can expect - you can also treat it as a musical movie as well, where they also have OST released along with this movie.

While you can really see how talented was (or maybe, 'is') Michael Jackson - who could dance in that demanding manner at the age of 50 - one really has to wonder all the hard work he had been doing all this while, to achieve that.

The movie is nice to watch, but like I said, I strongly believe that it should only be a DVD release.

Reason being - if it wasn't the death of Michael Jackson, and if "This Is It" concert could have started as scheduled, this documentary movie might not even release in the cinema at all.

So, apart from tribute, I believe the commercialise element plays a big part too.

Nevertheless, it's a good documentary.

I have no doubt about that.

Thanks R. for this movie treat.

Rating: 6/10

Mulu Pinnacle, Photo via

So I will be going for this Mulu Trip 30Jan-2Feb 2010

Reason being end of the world 2012 is near.

It's nice to climb mountain, I feel that especially after the KK trip.

I heard this one could be equally challenging as Mount KK - at the same time, to climb Mount KK it counts a lot on a person's endurance + perseverance.

So, time to cut down the weight and improve the stamina already.

Seremban 2 building. I wonder where's Seremban 1 or even 3.

I'll always remember this day.

It's not because it's Sebastian's birthday (his birthday was 11 Sept, same as 911 incident) and sorry to say that, all of the bears forgot about his birthday.

Ok, back to the story.

This day was quite meaningful. I traveled to Seremban. I understand that 'Se' means 'one' in Malay.

I wonder if there is "Duaremban" or "Tigaremban"

It's actually the first time that three of us (me, Emoody & Emoody Sr) traveled together.

But if you realise one thing, Colleen only pulled up the seat belt for Emoody Sr.

And the rest of us were left to face the dangerous consequences if anything happens. (that's why she was masked because she felt ashamed to face the public)

In the afternoon, we went to Rawang. In a very heavy rain. I could barely see the road in front but I know it's an upgraded road (recently) in a jungle.

Then in the evening, I sang the award winning song (at least we won a Macbook Air) - "If I Have 100Meg"

We are now studying hard on how to use Macbook.

I heard this Macbook Air is lighter than our combined weight.

We shall see.

So that's the word that was thrown to our team, by another team, when we discussed with them nicely.

The reason why we held a meeting is to make everybody understand an issue, reach a concurrence so that a solution can be found.

No matter how you want to blame others, it will still lead to one final question "What's the solution for this problem?"

I, who chaired the meeting, didn't quite see that particular team, provided solution to the problem.

But again, I believe most of the organisation will have this kind of people/team.

And they are the one that make life more interesting.

When I say 'interesting', I really mean it. :)

It's been a long time since I didn't need to work till 12AM+

So, finally, it happened this week.

It's tiring.

Good news is that now that I have VPN access, I can work from home, and sleep straight after the work.

Forgetting about traveling home, late night shower or even bothering to blow dry my hair.

Bad news is, I have no reason not to work from home.

This post is dedicated to the new electronic shop in town.

But I'm not ranting. No :)

Verdict: Not my cup of tea, but I believe it should better stay as novel

So, me and my sister watched this old movie to understand why the hype - why was this movie so popular that, it is also making the next installment the hot topic in town.

Our conclusion is simple: The guy looks charming, be it the look or his very much needed appearance whenever the girl needs help.

And the Romeo & Juliet-like storyline that make people feel sad if they can't be together, and happy if they are together, forgetting about how are they gonna deal with future.

That's the reason why it has another two episodes coming (and probably more)

Call me and my sister unromantic, but I've come up with two alternative insight:

If you put Lam Chi Chung into the movie, replacing Robert Pattinson, but doing exactly what Robert did in the movie - the movie would look very much like a comedy.

And if you put Simon Yam into the movie, replacing Robert Pattinson, but doing exactly what Robert did in the movie - the movie would look very much like a serial-killer / psychotic movie.

The important point here is that, it's the actor, and nothing but the actor.

His cute/cool appearance make (especially) the teenagers' heart melted.

So that's why, I said it should better be left as novel for room of imagination.

But it's good that this movie helps people to spend during the economy crisis ;)

Rating: 4/10

If you realise, Indonesia is the hottest spot for investment in ASEAN coutries, recently.

I mean, even the non investor like me also know that.

I guess one of the crucial thing they've done right so far is the effort in anti-corruption.

The president even made public statement that he will stand by the side of the country's anti corruption agency (KPK) in a recent incident where KPK was accused to accept bribe, by the police.

And if you read wiki, KPK's conviction rate so far is 100%.

That could explain why the people in Indonesia protested publicly the action of police - the police locked up the staff of KPK, who once convicted the police for corruption.

So, I strongly believe that corruption is one of the biggest factor to scare the investors away - who wants to pay more while they can pay less in the country - for the same investment that might have the same ROI?

Again, I'm not an expert in financial sector so I shall rest my case.

But come to think about it, if Malaysia doesn't improve in this area, and if our economy continue to rot - I can't imagine if one day Indonesia rises as the second biggest economy body in ASEAN. (not Thailand as well, cos they have politic instability issue)

What's more scary is the reversal of the trend - there will be Malaysian maid in Indonesia.

I know this post sounds racist and potentially discriminating. But I strongly believe it's a good point to think about.

Please don't mistake me. It's never a good idea to rant early in the morning.

It's about a blog, blogged by Patrick Teoh, former Radio 4 DJ.

I've been a loyal reader to his blog Niamah.

Many of his points are spot on, for example, on local paper The Star's front page (13/11/09 issue):

BIG title shows the Prime Minister warned the Indonesian not to break the law

Pic taken from Niamah

Then Deputy PM rode motorcycle in a very down to earth style!!!

Pic taken from Niamah


Only in Malaysia, I guess!

So there's this first test result from my colleague - who inspired me to start this project.

The result - he slept soundly (he's got insomnia problem too - I only learned that when he told me the outcome) but the baby was still wide awake.

His wife gotta wake him up by beating him with pillow.

My colleague's comment "It's too comfortable to listen to the music. Unfortunately it won't work for the baby"

So the good news is, at least it works for the adult :)

Yesterday's random shopping @ Carrefour was not bad..

The 'theme' was "Long Time Never Eat This"

So I bought Viennetta, this SilverBird's frozen cake (or whatever) and Mamee.

I think it's been years since my family last tasted Viennetta.

It could be a decade since we last ate that frozen cake (ya, I remember I like it very much when I was small)

Not in the photo:
Maggi Instant Noodle.... at least 5 years since we had it - cos we prefer other brands
Mamee Monster... i think just few months that me and my sis last ate.
Yogurt... at least half year since we last ate
Orange juice... I just drank yesterday

Shopping done in 15 minutes, RM38 spent.

Initially a failure, but I managed to saved it at last!

The sacrifice: 5 pieces of the pig coccyx, 10 pitted red date, 2 jujube (蜜棗),sliced lotus root - fortified with 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 table spoon of soy sauce & 3 table spoon of fish gravy.

Pour everything into the water, and boiled (with medium flame) for 40 minutes

If you realise, I still die-die added more water into the pot

And as usual, I cooked in slow flame for the rest of the 3 hours.

After that, no more photo cos I was a bit panicked cos again - thin taste!!!

I cooked for 3 hours but after that, I realised, actually my mum would normally cook for 3 hours, but she would put the pot into the "thermos" like stuff to keep warm - in a way, it's still cooking!!!!

So after the lunch, I cooked for another 30 minutes in medium flame.

Added another half teaspoon of salt and half table spoon of soy sauce, too.

OK la, this time, even my sis said 'It's a pass' (yah, FYI, her mouth is quite choosy)

So yes, success, finally!!!

On 18/10, I went to Broga hill with my friend to see the sunset.

The experience wasn't that good.

Apart from sizzling hot weather, we were enjoying the sun shone @ us directly

So, it wasn't quite fun :)

Some sunset scene were nice, though

But be careful cos when the night approached, it'll be quite dark and dangerous to walk down from the hill - you definitely need a torch light or something.

With that, I'd prefer or suggest to go for sunrise. You may wanna see my previous post about sunrise, here

All the photos in this post are untouched - I love my camera.

On 18/10/09, after the Broga sunset view, me and my friend went to this Korean restaurant in Taman Desa, Old Klang Road. (they have a branch in Ampang, too)

So apart from those appetizer, they provided a good portion of steamed egg.

We ordered BBQ chicken cos we scared being too heaty (to have BBQ beef) - after the sizzling hot trip to see the Broga sunset.

Look ma, the BBQ switch that looks so old skool!

So apart from BBQ chicken, we ordered a big plate of big pork stuff (on the left) and seafood soup (on the right, look a bit disgusting, I know)

So, all these (we could barely walk after this meal) + two bowl of rice + two Green tea = RM81.

And they'll provide 10% discount if you pay by cash!

I'll definitely visit this restaurant again, with my family or friends!

Tasty & Worth it!

Rating: 4.5/5

Nak Won Restaurant
Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur
7-1-1, Jalan 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

P/S: This post was written under harassment, sort of. You know what I mean, harasser. :P