e-Open Light is a session initially requested by Ron.

There's a procedure to follow, and it's a joint effort.

1) Requester to discuss on what electronics they're gonna buy
2) Joint effort in finding the right product with reference to reviews.
3) Buy the product
4) Research on obtaining the latest firmware and see if it's worth the upgrade - then upgrade
5) Open light session

The step 5 is pretty easy to do:

Just place the electronic in front of the monitor screen, with the picture below loaded.

Et voila! e-Open light session is done!

Your electronic should be good to use.

P/S: This is still at testing stage. We'll need to further improve the process to make it a better one. If you are interested, feel free to buzz me on my MSN. :)

Summary: Now Moonlight Resonance has new reinforcement to keep the long episodes going - introducing 路嘉美

In this episode itself we could see that 路嘉美 is hot.. very very hot. Guys would love that.

Then, girls would hate her because at the same time, she's slut, very very slut.

Just hold your breath, she'll become more evil in the coming episodes - this will also increase her chances to get some TVB awards next year?

Overall, her appearance will please many. Because she's the person who can easily control over Sa姨. (while Sa姨 is behaving like queen in the Chung's family.

With 18 episodes to go, let's see where it leads us to.

Cry-able-ness: *
the bad-fella-deserves-that!-ness: *****
Draggy-ness: ***
Funny-ness: **

Last Friday me and my colleague went to a restaurant near my house - Nelson Tan.

We were too hungry that we forgot to take the picture - even with the pizza :P

The picture shown above is Hawaiian pizza. Note that, it's different from Pizza Hut's pizza. The pineapple is replaced by banana... all in all, it's a Hawaiian pizza in its own league.

Then comes the signature dessert of the restaurant - "Heart too soft"

It's hot chocolate cake with ice cream at the bottom, and there's chocolate cream inside the cake

i purposely poke the cake (I didn't use the Facebook's superpoke function anyway) and the chocolate cream came out.

To be frank, it looks like a fella shitting

After all, for 1 Pizza, 2 Main Course (chop set), 2 appetizer, 1 dessert and 2 drinks cost RM70

I think it's worth it and I'll be back there to try other food.

Rating: 7/10

Summary: Whoa, this episode will please a lot of audience - the 表叔恭's bad things were proven and trusted by everyone.

With 荷媽's right timing on voicing out the necessary truth - many audience will feel relieved that the truth is finally understood.

Sa姨's action will be hated by many audience - but she is one of the important element to keep the long episodes going - many will love to see how she's ended up with.

Cry-able-ness: *****
the bad-fella-deserves-that!-ness: *****
Draggy-ness: *
Funny-ness: **

Summary: This episode is ok. Somewhat draggy in the middle (describing how 嫲嫲 struggled to survive.) Then the "couple stuck in rain" scene was again another good trick of dragging the drama.

Few thing I didn't feel good about that 嫲嫲 struggling scene -

1) It reminds me of my grandma, who passed away last year.
2) It's Chinese's month of ghost - but I felt a bit cold when they mentioned the people who passed away, was welcoming the 嫲嫲.. something like that
3) It's kinda bad, IMHO, to ask a 76-year old actress to act such scene. I seriously dunno how she felt when she acted this particular scene.

Cry-able-ness: ***
the bad-fella-deserves-that!-ness: **
Draggy-ness: ***
Funny-ness: *

Now this is what I called love at the first sight.

I saw this camera 2 weeks back - I fell in love with it.

Somehow, I found it "sexy"

It's a compact SLR.

Numbers of controls means my father would love it (he's a photography enthusiast)

Large LCD screen (3 inches) means the photographer would love it when it comes to the photo review.

After reading Lawrence Ripsher's review I've decided to buy it.

But it'll be 3 months from now.

Cross my finger and hopefully my financial status would allow by then.

But if there's anyone out there seen, tried, played with this camera, do let me know.

I'd like to know if it's worth the investment.

Thanks :)

Summary: Another draggy episode. 1/4 of the episode was spent talking about "how bad Jo飽 was" and how sorry he was.

In the middle they had a singing session. This is a trick which they've been using to drag the time. The song can be funny sometimes but it's getting boring seeing them singing like a choir.

Then ends the conflict in a way - everybody forgives Jo飽. Hmmm..

Again, this episode proved that Sony Ericsson phone has good shock resistance - 阿紅 threw the phone again!

于素秋's father came back - I think this is one of the drag-able element and it's set to create another branch of story?

于素秋will soon be hated by many audience - due to her love hesitation on two guys - 管家仔 & Doctor 凌

Cry-able-ness: *****
the bad-fella-deserves-that!-ness: ***
Draggy-ness: *****
Funny-ness: ***

Summary: Draggy! The karaoke session chose the "My love will get you home" is purely taking the advantage of the nostalgia! Audience will love it but not me - cos I didn't watch the first installment (yes! hahahaha)

Then come to the Ah Heng's marriage (wow!) settlement.

That scene will simply make many people cry.

Again, Ho-Ma's patience (look at how wise she is, to talk to Ah Heng's boyfriend's mum) will touch a lot of people and make people hate the Ah Hong even more.

Cry-able-ness: *****
the bad-fella-deserves-that!-ness: ****
Draggy-ness: ****
Funny-ness: **

I've decided to put a summary of each and every episode of this hottest Hong Kong drama in town - Moonlight Resonance.

But I'll start with episode 17 - reason being I felt that it's no point to go back and watch it again.

After watching 19 episodes of Moonlight Resonance, I can roughly summarise that it's a combinatioon of Korean + Taiwanese drama - a lot of cry-able scene + draggy.

The summary won't be very long though, cos I'm supposed to leave the audience to watch :-) Plus, my summary will most likely be talking nonsense that might make sense to some people.

Summary (for episode 17): I laughed when the guy slapped the other guy! It's an unusual scene - how often would you see a guy slapping a guy?

The Jo-pao should have just asked the pedestrian on his whereabouts and - get a taxi la!!!!!

The show shows that Sony Ericsson phone has very good built quality (for being thrown by Ah Hong)

The evil side of Ah Hong was finally revealed to everybody. The audience must be very happy that her day had come.

Cry-able-ness: ***
the bad-fella-deserves-that!-ness: *****
Draggy-ness: ***
Funny-ness: **

4 years is a long duration.

Looking around - how many bloggers come and go - and to be sustainable, it is not easy.

I'm one of the remaining bloggers in the Kepong gang.

I don't think the blog will stop anytime soon - cos there're always things to blog about.

When you see the blog posting has been inactive - means i'm busy/obsessed with some other things etc

But most of the time I blog when I have inspiration - that's why you can see me posting like 20++ posts a day, sometimes.

One of the reasons I blog is because I love sharing - many people would know that too - in order to sit properly on the throne of DSK.

Few things that can summarise about my blog - movie, advertisement (post), music, and some dry joke about the life around and mostly about the random stuff.

The biggest lost so far is the sarahian blog. But this is life - there are things that not under your control.

Luckily Francesco joined force to this blog, making the TreVesco a real TreVesco (TREVor + francESCO)

Thanks to all the readers out there so far. (for peeping my blog? LOL)

No matter what, those footprints (blog posts) marked the journey to date.

Malaysia lost to China in the Badminton Single Final.

China was clearly the winner, while Malaysia looked like an "underdog, but anyway, silver is pretty good already"(quote from Emily Chin)

The result:

Lin Dan seemed like used 30% of his energy while Chong Wei used out his energy.(quote from Pei Chen)

Lin Dan looked as if he's almost invincible from many angle.

No RM1million for Chong Wei but RM300k is in his pocket.

I hope he's still fit and if not, better, to attend the London Olympic 2012.

Or, let's hope for some badminton talents to rise up in the next few years.

Else, what's next for Malaysia?

P/S: I didn't regret watching the match. It's a rare occasion for Malaysia to reach the Olympic badminton single final - the first ever Olympic man single silver medal for Malaysia.

It's great. Well done Malaysia, but maybe better luck next time.

Someone told me that this song sounds emo - which is actually not at all.

This morning I woke up, feeling great and got the first demo of this song :-)

Feel free to feedback if the song is emo. Thanks.


Sunny day, Flowers dancing free.
From middle of nowhere,
You seized my heart.

It's a song, I would love to sing.
But you took the train,
I think I'm way too late.

You took a glimpse of my soul,
I felt I'm intruded, oh no.
You left me hanging on,
You left me all alone.

Love is true,
But love is cruel.
I don't really want a proof.
I'll be here singing the blue
Cos baby all I want is you.

Loneliness and foolishness,
Fill my day with fault and blue
Through the rain and through the pain
My heart will always be with you

My love is you, my love is you.

Trying hard, trying not to breathe.
You saw my presence,
Which make no sense.

P/S: Thanks to those who cared bout me :)

I guess tomorrow, majority of the Malaysians will be watching, hoping and crying for Chong Wei to take the first ever Olympic gold medal for Malaysia.

No matter who you are, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian and other ethics:

It is MALAYSIANS who's gonna support this game with all the hearts.

Instead of One World One Dream, it'll be:

One Nation, One Dream!!!

All the best Chong Wei!

About the flu I had yesterday, actually, it was quite psychedelic.

I went to work in the morning. Unable to stand it, went back home after just 2 hours.

On the way back, I felt sleepy. But I know I can stand till I got home.

While waiting at the traffic light, I saw the cars passing by.

At that moment, my mind had an imagination - all the human had become part of the car - hands being the front wheels, legs being the rear wheels - if they wanna accelerate, just act like those robots in Transformers.

At night, I had more than 5 dreams. This time, I could only remember a few.

1) Had lunch with my father near my old house
2) Joined a war in a unnamed city. I controlled two tanks and was able to beat up a big boss.
3) Then I become one of the soldier, fleeing with people in the city (LOL LMAO!)

O.K. then I was awaken by more than 6 mosquitoes. Why more than 6? Because I managed to kill 6 with another 1 flying here and there.

It was 3.30AM and I know I have to go back and sleep.

Now, the mosquito part is real because the bodies are still in my dustin...

I've got no idea why.

On Friday morning, I vomited and purged for no reason.

Then in the afternoon, I've got fever.

In the evening, I've got the energy to see the doctor, he was kinda clueless on the sickness I have.

He advised that, the food that I can eat should contain:
1) No egg
2) No meat
3) No milk

So with that option, what else I can eat?

The doctor did mention that, should I want to eat instant noodle, I should look whether the noodle contains egg.

Right, he forgot about the seasoning that comes with instant noodle - 90% or more of the flavours available contains meat!

This afternoon I felt hungry. I searched around, and the only option left - Shin Ramyun.

It's a spicy stuff. But what to do, the Wikipedia says it's vegetarian suitable and even the doctor didn't mention about the hot stuff.

Eating hot noodles with the KoolFever patched on my head - what an irony

Well, I only know that, nobody would pity me if my sick got worse at the end of the day.

It's about a month since I moved into the new house.

Colleen mentioned that I talked less nowadays - probably because I don't sleep with her anymore.

By the way, the area here is very quiet during the night - because majority of them haven't moved in yet.

But in day time, it's very noisy because many workers are busy with renovation.

But it doesn't matter. Because I have Sebastian, and our hobby is the same - sleeping.

You can't imagine what was I doing when the 14th July (in Chinese calendar) started - I was in the office troubleshooting, alone.

The phones in the office kept ringing here and there (because the PABX has problem, all the while)

It added the "spiciness" at the time of 1am something - with friends kept reminding me that it's 14th July.

Then I was chatting with Ian.

The eBuddy was kind enough to upload a picture of a comical ghost. Adding the spiciness again :-)

Title: My Love Is You
Lyric: 2008
Music: 2008

Short note: Just finished the song this morning, at 2.30AM, under stress condition.
The song will be recorded in no time.

Sunny day, Flowers dancing free.
From middle of nowhere,
You seized my heart.

It's a song, I would love to sing.
But you took the train,
I think I'm way too late.

You took a glimpse of my soul,
I felt I'm intruded, oh no.
You left me hanging on,
You left me all alone.

Love is true,
But love is cruel.
I don't really want a proof.
I'll be here singing the blue
Cos baby all I want is you.

Loneliness and foolishness,
Fill my day with fault and blue
Through the rain and through the pain
My heart will always be with you

My love is you, my love is you.

Trying hard, trying not to breathe.
You saw my presence,
Which make no sense.

The image “http://download.utorrent.com/images/top_logo.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The µTorrent/uTorrent version 1.8 final is released!

I do notice the speed improvement (easy to your computer resources) over the version 1.7 - hence I'd recommend it to everybody.

On another note, to improve the bittorrent speed (thanks to the throttling done by the ISP), there's an open secret - to encrypt the connection.

Initially you may find the connection started slow. But after a it's established - it's worth it :-)

Figure below shows how-to:

Get yourself a copy HERE

Location: Somewhere in Taman Desa, Old Klang Road

This is the back of the apartments which my grandparents stayed during the 80's- early 90's.

I remembered that I used to love going out with my grandpa when he's using the backdoor (I dunno, for some reason maybe)

The reason that I love going out? I felt that this area was a mystical place - it looked a bit scary (to be that empty and silent)

And for such an empty space, it's windy too.

Oh ya, now I remember why. There was a shortcut to the sundry shop. So if i could follow, I'll surely get something ;-)

Verdict: One of the worst action movie installment of the year

I feel numb thru out the whole movie.

The story is simple, non confusing, occasionally laughable scene, good CG - that's it.

I didn't feel the climax, nor it can make me wanting to know what'll happen next.

This movie made the previous two looked great - they were funny, exciting etc - those elements were all gone in this installment.

And when you make Chinese speaking Mandarin initially, let them speak the same language thru out the whole movie. (I wonder why the spell was effective in English - the spell book comes with Google Translate/Babel Fish?)

Perhaps I was also annoyed the people surrounding - I dislike people talking while watching the movie (what's the point spending the money?) and also having the phone not put to silent with the person subsequently answering loud.

For an action movie, there were action scene. But I can't remember any exciting part of the movie (but I can remember a scene from Brendan's movie earlier - Journey to the Centre of the Earth - the roller coaster part)

Yep, this movie is worse than Indiana Jones 4.

Rating: 4.5/10

Verdict: Straight forward story line with great fantasy element - only to be overshadowed by the its "fantasy predecessor" - Pan's Labyrinth

I didn't watch Hellboy I. I didn't like the character.

When I saw the Hellboy II trailer in the cinema, my mind told me "now this is a good plagiarism of Pan's Labyrinth"

Then when I wikipedia-ed the movie, I "forgave" the plagiarism - they're from the same director.

Apparently, the director didn't have enough with Pan's Labyrinth.

Fortunately, the fantasy part is in kinda different league from Pan's Labyrinth - though you may find some "shadow" of it.

I thought the fantasy element was good and for some part it carried the same message as LoTR: The Two Towers -- don't take the natural resources for granted and keep the earth clean for better living in the future.

But I kinda can't accept the twins-died-together-when-the-other-died part - just imagine, if one of them is having orgasm, does that mean the other one will moan with no reason?

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: Enjoyable animation with great illustration, inspired by ink and wash painting style

I truly enjoy the movie. Apart from the fact that it's really funny, I'm amazed by the "ink and wash painting" style featured in the movie.

They are beautiful in the sense that, I think the Chinese would need to learn one or two from this movie on how to produce a truly Chinese style animation (rather than the "greatest CG, ultra realistic rendering" -- d'you know what I mean?)

I watched the Cantonese version. I thought they did a good job to represent the funny bits of the story.

The story on how the panda become a hero is kinda absurd - but hey, this is an animation!

The kung fu part is also something that we must give credit to the animator - it's not easy to animate such a complex action!

This is easily one of the best Dreamworks animation to date :)

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: Food, Food and Food. If you love Japanese food, you may consider to give it a watch

The drama is, of course, talking about Japanese food. It talked about a Japanese restaurant in a traditional style, and how the owner insists on the original taste rather than following the flow or creating fancy but tasteless Japanese food.

I learned some foods that I've never seen before in the common Japanese restaurant. And of course, each time they made me feel hungry.

The story basically tells us on how not to take convenience for granted - the instant food nowadays are tasty and affordable, but at the same time, those non-processed but pricier food are what our body really needs...etc.

Rating: 6.5/10

Two weeks ago, I brought my grandpa to visit my god mother.

On the way to her house we had decided to go to Hospital University Malaya to pay the rest of the bill for my granny.

He also took the chance to get the medicine for his heart.

One thing I felt not happy about the hospital management is that - they are asking him to get back to the hospital on monthly basis, just to get the medicine.

For a senior citizen, that is definitely a ridiculous thing to do. He was once fell down on the busy street on the way back home because he was too tired waiting in the hospital.

Result: couple of stitches inside his mouth.

Btw, watching two seniors chatting can be boring (see, I'm being honest ;) ) and fun at the same time.

They talked about their sons, daughters, grandson/daughter, talked about old days, talked about everything.

All in all, something to do rather than having nothing to do.

For full three hours, they've also talked about shares - on what to buy, what not to buy etc (FYI, nowadays buying/selling share still contributes to my grandpa's partial income)