Verdict: A refreshment that's needed for HK movie industry

Hong Kong movies are no longer that great nowadays, they can only have like... a good movie a year.. some thing like that.

This movie has straight forward storyline, not hard to understand and with action from big casts.

It's about how Hong Kong fought against the corruption between 60's and 70's.

It's generally worth a watch - the dialogue was quite funny sometimes. But with two things that they could have been more convincing:

1) One of the ICAC staff (hired later in the mvie) was bullied by an officer in the early part of the movie. And that corrupted officer had eventually become the assistant lead of the ICAC team, respected by the ICAC staff which was bullied by him earlier.
2) It's not quite convincing on how that corrupted officer, can become an efficient ICAC assistant lead - charging against the people whom he acted the corruption with

Other than that, this movie is fun to watch - the setup was quite good to bring back the 60's 70's retro feel.

Rating: 6/10

After more than half year of beta testing, it is official now: Google Pinyin 2.0

It is even smarter now - with more accurate prediction, richer dictionary, better compatibility, better interface etc

I've already mentioned some kick-ass examples in my previous post about version 1, so I think it's kinda justifiable for me to be lazy in this post.

Highly recommended :)

To download, just click on the button below


It was great fun with great people.

Few summaries:
1) I have serious balancing problem - I can't balance for most of the time (hence need more time/slipped quite often) during the game - it's not because the fear of height
2) I need to improve my upper body strength. After the game, some of my fingers can't type, my hands + arms are quite weak now :P
3) That, is of course, contributed by my body weight - time to cut down some fats
4) And hence, need to relook at my Two-fastfood-per-week quota
5) Flying fox was fun, I felt like I'm a cable car.
6) I was called 'chicken' by a chick (erm, no sarcasm even though it sounds like) cos I chose to 'skip' the last challenge, in a way :P
7) I felt worn out, reminds me the time after the Mount KK climb.
8) For RM40, it's really worth the fun.

Last but not least, thanks Kuan Yew for the arrangement and him + Alex for sending me home

Info about Skytrex Adventure: here

1) They are both Japanese brand, Made in Japan and therefore priced higher than ordinary hair shampoo
2) Left: Asience by Kao Right: Tsubaki by Shiseido
3) Asience = RM25.80 (available in stores such as Jusco), Tsubaki = my sister bought it via postage = RM38
4) Both 550ml (only!)
5) My sister prefers Asience, not because of the price but because it can have similar outcome with Tsubaki, which is better than ordinary hair shampoo but cheaper than Tsubaki (so, it's about price after all)
6) Anyway, that Asience was financed by me so I just wanna make a review of it.
7) I'm not gay

I once heard this statement from the trainer, during project management training.

After almost 2 years, I recalled this statement - and finally found that it's right.

Back then, I thought that the trainer was joking.

So, technical issue, is only an issue to the project, when:

1) If it's not identified
2) If the person who identify it didn't communicate out to resolve the issue.

It's more like a human factor, after all (which problem isn't really contributed by human, after all?)

Shah Alam is another workplace of mine.

Sometimes I have to go there if there's some task to do - in fact, not much of people are based there

So, imagine, it could be quite boring there - not much of food, long journey - though we have free car park :-)

Luckily, Kong Yen, who also works around that area, taught me two items lately for greater motivation:

1) Gurtrie Highway

By using this highway,
i) My toll fee had reduce almost 50%
ii) While I can reach home 5-10 minutes earlier

Great saver!

2) Food

There are good foods in Shah Alam - just that you'll have to find it!

Last time we tried Big Plate (I'll bring my camera next time) - the plate was really big, food portion was very big, and I'm sure our body will be very big soon.

Then last week, he brought me to this roasted-meat rice stall in Subang Perdana. And the roasted pork was - wow.

But today, wtf, I ordered cha siew + chicken - I dunno why I did this.

However, my satisfaction was back to top after drinking the 3-layer tea.

from bottom: brown sugar, condensed milk, Ceylon tea.

Great savior!

Thanks Kong Yen. Muaks

Verdict: A fun movie for kids that's also capable to make the adults laugh.

This movie is even more fun than the first episode - with more characters added and more actions in larger area.

Never mind on how will people mend the damage done to the museum, or never mind on how the alert systems not triggered in the museum when all the characters were having "parties" ... etc - it's a movie for kids

Overall the movie was quite educational with positive message, especially those quotes "said" by Abraham Lincoln - LOL

And the creative part of this movie is that, it gathers people from different era (yah, even with people in black & white) and make fun out of it.

This movie is definitely better than Mall Cop but more acceptable than Angels & Demons even though it's not logic (cos it's for kids!)

I also quite like the ending part when the characters had to exhibit in action at night to the public - the dinosaur had to act with dumb action was funny to watch.

Maybe it was a happy (& creative) ending, I left the cinema with smile :-)

Rating: 6.5/10

Verdict: Better than DaVinci Code, a book-adapted film that did just enough homework

I think apart from sci-fi movie, the next hardest movie to make will be book/comic-adapted film.

Some books are really meant to be best understood by reading - Angels & Demons + DaVinci Code are no exception.

Thru out the 2 hours 18 minutes, it tells a story happened (mostly) in 4 hours - and to me, the things they did would need at least a day or two in real life.

While I haven't read the book, but I thought some parts were fatally illogical - how do they know that antimatter were being produced in the CERN, if the operation was a secret?

How, can Professor Langdon et al being so energetic, so efficient that they could be running around in Vatican + Rome in 4 hours, searching(+stealing) info, saving people, locate the murderer etc - with a super calm face -_-

And lastly, Camerlengo that survived the super-blast while he's on the parachute, knowing when the antimatter could explode + that it won't destroy his body etc.

But well, put those logic aside, this movie is fun to watch, the only thing is that you'll need to follow the "enlightenment" shown by Prof Langdon in almost last minute manner (that made me numb from the 2nd hour onwards) though the twist is not exceptionally good, but it's nice that the author could put together various ancient (religion) signs and make a good story out of it.

Rating: 6/10

P/S: Thanks to Tee Chong who helped to book the movie
P/S 2: I think i'm half as efficient as Prof Langdon, I left the office @ 7.10PM, suffered minor traffic jam, reached home, had my dinner, managed to drive to 1Utama @ 8.25PM
P/S 3: I met my primary school friend, secondary school friend and my colleague - we were watching the same movie in same cinema. How small the world is :-)

Effective from 1st Sept 2009, the RON97 fuel price in Malaysia will be raised to RM2.00

Let's not talk about whether the govt broke their promise on increasing the fuel price.

But at the same time, they will be introducing RON95 fuel, which will be priced at RM1.75

I read my car manual, it can take RON91 or above.

So, I'll be definitely taking RON95.

And let's hope this RON97 price hike thingy won't create another chain reaction (of price hike)

It's a luxury hope I know.

Verdict: An inspiring great home video movie

I watched this movie because:
1) I thought Star Trek was really good but
2) A lot of people complained that Cloverfield, produced by the same producer J.J Abrams was widely criticised by my friends

Well, it is simple - the video was shown in home video format is best watched with home video system.

And instead, I watched it on the laptop - I kinda enjoyed this movie.

I can't imagine that the dizziness I'll feel if I'd have to go to cinema for this - there were scene constantly showing the "shaky filming technique"

Yep, it looks realistic with the shaky camera technique - but hey, I thought it's quite unrealistic that the person can film while fleeing, and the camera battery never seemed to run dry.

The effect and the environment was good - it is scary because it gives you the first person point of view - with the disaster/catastrophe that kept coming (in dramatic way, though)

But the most ridiculous part is - how could the U.S Dept. of Defense get the tape - if the New York City was to be burned down?

Anyway, this movie is enjoyable and inspiring - strictly not in the cinema.

Rating: 6.5/10

Well, talked to one of my colleague about this fella who was once in my project team, who also gave me some hard time here and here

Conclusion is - he is a big time asshole.

When he can't meet the deadline that he committed, he'll find a victim.

And yes, the victim will be a last minute notified victim.

Glad that I'm not alone - I always thought I was having delusional disorder, for being taichi-ed, blamed for late delivery, blamed for weak team corporation with his team, etc.

Title: Born in Summer (a.k.a Happy Birthday III)
Music: 2008-2009
Lyrics: 2008-2009

Short Note:
This is one of the pending gift I'm supposed to give to my friend... LOL I owed her for one year - yes, exactly one year.

This is a song describing a bit of her situation at that time, some I don't know if it's still applicable now.

Well, Happy Birthday.


Flowers blooming,
Rains are dropping.
Then there's sunny day,
Night time milky way.

Now you can't ask for more.
Cos that's what summer's for.

Rainbow made you stay,
Diamond made the change.
Can't you grab just what you have
Forget bout whatever you hate

How you can't ask for more,
Cos that's what friendship for,
You made the call.

Happy birthday,
Happy birthday.
Would you try to understand,
Your heart always feel the same,
But you thought that it's gone.
There are lots for you to change,
You can't always stay the same

Always feel the same,
Always stay the same,
Always feel the same,
Always stay the same,
And they will be gone.

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Yesterday
3. Penny Lane
4. Let It Be
5. Strawberry Fields Forever
6. All You Need Is Love
7. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
8. Something
9. Michelle
10. Here Comes The Sun
11. All My Loving
12. And I Love Her
13. The Lond And Winding Road
14. Here, There And Everywhere

This album, a orchestra version of some of The Beatles famous tune is like... the music you would listen in hotel lobby or hotel lift.

It's relaxing but the music didn't really bring out the essence of The Beatles original music.

Just listen for the sake of relaxing :)

Rating: 4/10

There's a reason why I love Japanese chocolate - they are not too sweet, and the chocolate taste nice.

Half year ago (yeah, I know it's long time ago) I bumped into these two brands.

I've been buying Morinaga (as of half year ago) chocolate cos they tasted nice, and thought it'll be interesting to try van Houten (non Japanese company) chocolate made by Japanese company - Glico


Glico-van Houten - taste slightly sweeter, slightly expensive - RM8 -
Rating: 3/5

Morinaga - taste good, not-that-expensive - RM6 -
Rating: 4/5

You can get them at Jusco - Japanese food section (as of half year ago)

P/S: I stopped buying those chocolate not because of health reason - but because of cost-cutting measure T-T

Title: If Only You Know What I Mean II
Music: 2008-2009
Lyrics: 2008-2009

Short Note: The lyric is not as random as the previous one. Basically it tells that one should look forward no matter how bad the situation is - cos no matter what you'll still need to move on


I saw the men fight in group
With their hands in hands,
Very strange,
No one saved.

I thought the love
Isn't same as the game we played
One attempt,
You'll see that it's gone.

Of all that you'll miss,
Of all that you'll lose,
You will be glad to see that you're not alone.

So what can you prove on
And what can you do
You ought to find a way to leave your old past.

You've gotta fake it one more time,
You've gonna take this one last chance,
To be what you're not

You've gotta make it one more time,
You've gotta please them one last time,
To see what you've got.

Baby you were all that you seek,
All that you need isn't all that you want.

Baby you will see what I mean,
All that you seek isn't all that you've got.

Verdict: Movie by kids, but definitely not for kids

I watched this movie because I couldn't stand the super hot weather in this region - to enjoy the cool environment in the cinema.

It's a good and bad choice, good being the aircon was really good.

Bad, because this is a bad movie.

I can't imagine the kids had no fear against the weapons - they were empty-handed with some Muay Thai skill.

Most importantly, they are kids - not a good education for kids.

Their fight and the choreography was getting repetitive and, sorry to say, boring.

Story was quite empty - there's nothing much to talk about except the fighting.

Seriously, if I were the villain, I would have shot my rifle at the kids when they started flying over me with Muay Thai.

Rating: 3/10

Verdict: Intriguingly exciting to watch - a dramatic space odyssey from an expert of drama.

This is a sci-fi movie that has all the needed element - dramatic, technology/science fiction that doesn't look cheesy, good plot and a good story line.

Two things I have to tell you:
1) I've never been a Star Trek fan, I remember I watched some of the drama when I was small, the impression is - boring
2) I didn't yawn thru out this movie, even though I'm tired

Another thing I have to tell you that this movie is directed and produced by Lost TV series (although I'm a fan for his first episode only) producer - JJ Abrams

It's not about a movie being action-packed, it's like watching a drama (supposedly dramatic with some humour, right?) on big screen, yet with good graphic effect that I love, the twist that I love etc

There's a lot of interesting scene as well *spoiler begins* - creation of black hole, parachuting, more advanced spaceship (??!) that doesn't belong to their age, some possible "ice age monsters" *spoilter ends*

I don't mind to watch second time again

Rating: 9/10

This morning I had a dream - that I participated the contest, I ended up in 5th place :-)

But it wasn't a proper way - I drove the car to somewhere near the end point, then only I started running.

I had to act exhausted, running slow, and let the few person ran in front of me.

I'm a bastard, it seems.

Btw, I hope I can make it.. even though i'm only running 10KM :P

Last week I went to Kedah, a northern state in Malaysia, where I took photo with the paddy field.

And near the paddy field, there's a pond with lotus flowers. Of course, I took photo with them too.

Then we (me and Trevor's family) proceed to a fishing village in Kuala Muda, where I saw fishermen with the fish boats

Most importantly, I took a photo at seaside - this simply means that in two months time, I've been to mountain and sea!

Malaysia is a good country for tourism, isn't it?

I'm not sure if Trevor's mum did this deliberately...

But last Sunday I was thrown into the washing machine again.

The initial request was from Colleen to get my younger brother Sebastian to swim.

Sebastian and I were then sleeping on sofa.

Then again, I woke up in the water, AGAIN! (just like two weeks ago)

When I asked Colleen why later, she said her mum couldn't recognise me and Sebastian.

This also means that Sebastian has yet to take a bath since he was born

I didn't know that the Speaker for the Perak State Assembly can be ousted in this way

Photo via The Nut Graph

nor did I know that Speaker can be re-elected instantly, with the presence of the existing Speaker.

And with police force needed for a State Assembly, does that mean that chasing out a Speaker or hunting down the people wearing black shirts, is more important than fighting crime in this country?

What a disgrace!

This photo is misleading, it's the theme park, not the creative market :P

I went to this creative market with my sister last Sunday. It was held at 7th floor, Berjaya Time Square - it was just beside the theme park.

My sister was quite happy trying out the accessories.

And happily spent the money, of course

There were many handmade accessories

Made by local

With their creativity

And... their sincerity :-)

This is my second dinner - clear tom yam seafood soup (RM20)

And this was my appetizer - Pandan Fried Chicken (RM10)

It was the tastiest pandan chicken I've tried so far - you don't even need to go with the chili sauce!

Price might be a bit expensive for Kepong but considering that it's an authentic Thai food (served by Thai people and cooked by Thai people and even the receipt was written in Thai)

It's not bad.

I did not quite like their Pineapple fried rice, cos it's a bit sweet (is that Thai style as well?)

I'll write a better review next time, after I tried their steamed fish

No. 39, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan,
Kepong Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur

Rating: 3.8/5

I was the one with red helmet

Last Friday I joined a white water rafting activity @ Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor - with total of 41 participants.

It's fun - but not as excited as I had thought to be, cos the rapid wasn't that strong (due to the dry season?)

However, after having fun, it was time to "suffer"

My burnt legs

That's not all... part of my leg hairs were tied up, random way.

Reason being my left leg was rubbing against the rubber boat during all the so called 'excitement', and hence the jumbled up.

Of course, it didn't feel funny, that I had to shave them off eventually.

That's not because I'm gay, I swear it.

Verdict: Comically fun to watch.

It'd be easy to watch a comic-adapted film, because you don't quite need to put logic into it.

Yet, it'll be hard for the movie adaption, because if you can't adapt it correctly, the comic fans will be disappointed, and the movie will look neither like a true story, nor a fiction.

So this movie, I'd say, marked the start of summer movie blockbuster series.

It has big budget, big cast, big scene, blockbuster-plot etc

I thought the starting of the movie was a bit slow, explaining Logan's laid back life on the mountain.

Yet, things changed when people start dying, unleashing Logan's beast side.

Logan (a.k.a Wolverine) tried to revenge, and that's when we get to see the big budget side of the movie - more varieties of mutants, fighting scene with mutant XI etc

I thought Remy LeBeau (Gambit) looked quite alike with Keanu Reeves

I thought the ending is like... too short? Everything was like settled within half an hour - the mutant XI didn't seem to be so indestructible after all..

Conclusion? It's quite like a guy's movie, but no harm to have a watch

Rating: 6.5/10

Verdict: Stunning visual effect (given that it's an early 80's movie) with good plot

I bumped into this old movie (1982) by a recommendation of my colleague.

The thing - refers to an alien awaken (from frozen state) thousands years later by human, who were doing research in Antartica.

I watched and I'm impressed.

The visual effect was good, the plot isn't that bad, and the isolation feeling was created to make you feel how helpless the survivors were.

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: This movie should be melted like a wax. Skip it at all cost

I watched this movie during the trip to Sungai Petani. Reason being there's nothing much to do during the night.

And it was exactly as expected - it's a movie that wasted my time.

There's no logic in it - it's a house of wax but it has a place to melt the wax, to build the wax figure - make sense?

It's a house of wax but it won't melt under the sunlight - make sense?

It's a house of wax (yes, everything was built with wax, including the floor, wall etc) but it won't melt with the hot spotlight in the house.

The movie is unnecessary violent, but given that the main actress Elisha Cuthbert is hot, hence the rating.

Rating: 1/10