All the photos in this post are untouched - I love my camera.

On 18/10/09, after the Broga sunset view, me and my friend went to this Korean restaurant in Taman Desa, Old Klang Road. (they have a branch in Ampang, too)

So apart from those appetizer, they provided a good portion of steamed egg.

We ordered BBQ chicken cos we scared being too heaty (to have BBQ beef) - after the sizzling hot trip to see the Broga sunset.

Look ma, the BBQ switch that looks so old skool!

So apart from BBQ chicken, we ordered a big plate of big pork stuff (on the left) and seafood soup (on the right, look a bit disgusting, I know)

So, all these (we could barely walk after this meal) + two bowl of rice + two Green tea = RM81.

And they'll provide 10% discount if you pay by cash!

I'll definitely visit this restaurant again, with my family or friends!

Tasty & Worth it!

Rating: 4.5/5

Nak Won Restaurant
Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur
7-1-1, Jalan 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

P/S: This post was written under harassment, sort of. You know what I mean, harasser. :P