Verdict: While the animation still has room for improvement to near perfection, it's the story that you should care about.

Based on Charles Dickens' 1843 story of the same name, this movie delivers.

The visual effect was nice - but it didn't give the same 'wow' effect as Beowulf (a movie from the same director, probably he gave more attention in creating the 3D effect), we could tell that in less than 5 years, it'll be hard for us to tell if it's computer generated image or real stuff.

OK, about the story, it's about an old thrifty man, living alone and 'dreamed' about the reflection of his life and his death.

I didn't read the original story but this movie gave me two conclusions:

1) It feels really pathetic to be old and alone, and being unpopular (this reminds me of my grandpa, who shares some similar situation)
2) One of the way to be happy is to make people around you happy.

It feels amazing that a story written in 1843 is still very much applicable in today's society.

Thanks to Tee Chong for the movie treat :)

Rating: 7/10