Can you imagine, someone parked their things at your house, and claiming that the things belong to you, not thiers, didn't bother to further analyse that those things belong to them, and even telling the whole world that - the things belong to you?

Application and Infra... both things must jell in order to get it work.

But sometimes when there's a grey area, human will tend to push the things away.

So out of sudden, I have two applications to handle :)

But as an infra guy, I must prove that they are apps.

I'm 100% capable to show that they are applications.


Cos they don't know - I was a programmer for almost 2 years before.

Hehe, let the show begins!

I felt that, somehow, I'm really bad...

Few days ago, me and my cousin bro+sis decided to go to shopping mall to watch movie.

But we would also need to 'get rid' of the youngest cousin bro (he's 8 years old) cos we're afraid he'll be making noise etc etc.

So, I had... decided to play hide and seek with him.

After playing a few round, when my cousins were ready, I asked him to hide.

While I was walking out of the house, I was still yelling "where are you?"

And that's how we got into the car and drove away.


After watching the movie, I felt guilty, I asked my cousins what he likes to eat.

So we bought sushi.

However, when we reached granny's home, we found out that he not only didn't get mad of me, he's still smiling and just mentioned that I lied to him + asked me to play with him

When he saw the sushi, he was even happier.

What a one stone two birds case :)

So I finally talked to my manager.

Splitting myself into 4 persons role is absolutely not possible.

I told him that I want to focus on the project that I'm leading - in which, is being more fair and beneficial for the project team.

He agreed to let me take more time to focus on the project.

My role has reduced from 4 persons role -> 2.5 persons

That could mean two things:

1) My colleague will share my burden.
2) I need to close the project beautifully. Cos now there's no reason why I can't.

CJ7 was... disappointing.

I didn't watch it with high expectation, but yet, I'm still disappointed.

The fact is that, the creature was really really cute.

But that's it.

The story was kinda.. no point.

That reminds me of a movie with similar approach - Rob-B-hood - a movie with focus on the cuteness of the baby, but with the near empty and not logical storyline.

CJ7 tried to emphasise the importance of the family spirit, but not really convincing
I thought CJ7 added unnecessary scene like exaggerated fighting scene, the parody of Stephen Chow's movie - Kung Fu Hustle - when the child flew to the sky etc.

And the ending - I dunno why there's such an ending - it leaves me a big question mark "So?"

That's why I said Kung Fu Dunk was at least a bit more logical than this one.

This is the worst movie of Stephen's, compared to the previous two.

Rating: 5.5/10

For those who love Jay Chou, you should go watch and watch how cool he was, doing the slam dunks.

For those who doesn't really love Jay Chou, you might as well have a watch and have fun with the movie ;)

Kung Fu Dunk is not really a kung fu movie, the kung fu part only appeared in like.. 1/3 of the movie.

And in fact, I feel strange/not logic with the appearance of the kung fu fighting in the middle of the movie.

But it's still more logic than the... CJ7.

Some weaknesses of the film - since it's (clearly) emphasising the appearance of Jay Chou, you may find the movie was too Jay-centered.

Basically, a fun movie to watch with.

Rating: 6.5/10






Within a month, two  "leakage scandal" made:

1) Our Health Minister resigned
2) Hong Kong artist Edison Chen's future unknown and
3) Broke a lot of female artists hearts

While technology is a cool thing to play with - just remember that, the coolest thing may become the worst thing as well.

The Chinese's four-character idioms had said it right - 物極必反

You may want to read the detailed analysis here and the inspired products here

Sometimes, movie review may not necessarily means accurate.

This one, multiple review - but somehow the story is slow and got the TV movie feel...

Maybe my taste had changed.

Overall, it has the better story plot than American Gangster.

But it was the pace - or perhaps my expectation that "it'll be better than American Gangster as said in reviews" that disappointed me at last.

Rating: 3.5/5

This is definitely one of the best movie of 2007 (FYI, this is acutally a 2007 movie)

Nice 70's setup. Smooth storyline.

It doesn't make you feel bored and I kind of relax to finish the whole movie.

Crowe's acting was good. As for Washington, maybe I was used to see him acting the good side.. so I don't feel that he is as bad as a kingpin :P

I'm looking forward to watch Eastern Promises instead - some say it's better than this one.

Rating: 4/5