This is near to my grandma's recipe, it's no secret by the way - it is to add the fish sauce (魚露)

It is one of Hakka's favorite seasoning - it can be used for soup, for cooking dishes and even for drinking(joking)

Result - I started to use hand to take the rice (because we forgot to bring the spoon), then the rest of relatives used hand and finished the lo mai kai in less than 15 minutes.

I hope my grandma "was satisfied" with my mum's cooking.

Rest in peace, grandma, I miss you.

This movie is somewhat meaningful, but not as meaningful as I No Stupid and Money No Enough.

Also, not as funny as I No Stupid and Money No Enough.

Some of the funny part - is better understood by people who understands Mandarin/Hokkien.

Some of the funny part was not as natural (best instant example I can think of is CJ7)

But it's still more make sense than CJ7

All in all, a better movie than CJ7 with lower budget (why the heck am I comparing with CJ7?)

Rating: 6/10

This is a song featured in the movie Sweeney Todd.

It's one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack.

I feel you,
I feel you.
I was half-convinced I'd waken.
Satisfied enough to dream you,
happily I was mistaken,
I'll steal you,
I'll steal you.
Do they think that walls can hide you?
Even now I'm at your window...
I am in the dark beside you,
buried sweetly in your yellow hair!
I feel you,
And one day,
I'll steal you!
'Til I'm with you then,
I'm with you there...
sweetly buried in your yellow hair!

Yesterday I had four different dreams.

It caused me to woke up 4 times in just two hours.

One of the dream was quite interesting - cos I was saving the world with another two robots.

There was a country created a super weapon which will destroy the whole world if it's activated.

It needs 5 keys to activate the weapon.

At the same time, there was an alien robot invaded the mother earth. 4 keys had been stolen by the robot.

The last key contained two parts, first part was stolen by it, the other half was with us.

Our team consists of me and another two robots.

The last key, consists of two coins, when you hit among them, it will generate a sound. That sound is the key itself.

In order to deactive or activate the weapon, we still need to use the 5 keys.

The robot said that it can use a music tuner to search for the sound, and then it can record down and playback to act as the sound.

We put the second half key aside, and we start to find the music key.

After a while, we found the A# major key. But at the same time, we found that the second half key went missing.

The alien robot used invisible mode to come into our area and stole the key!

Robot A activated the scanning equipment, the room turned into green colour-like scanning environment.

That's when we found the alien robot running away.

Refusing to letting it run away, we chase. Robot A went to ask for help, while me and Robot B went after the alien.

Then, the alien turned off the invisible mode and we started to fight.

Out of sudden, the alien shot Robot B and it melted.

That's when I woke up and realised that it's 5AM.


Music: 1999, 2008
Lyrics: 2008

Short notes: This is a song which basically summarise some random feeling at the moment. 


Nothing surprising,
Nothing worth finding,
Nothing to say about my name.

Nothing worth crying,
Nothing worth fighting,
Nothing to shout when it's all the same.

(Yeah you're gonna say it)

"Nothing'll ever stay the same"
"Nothing's gonna change my mind."
Nothing's gonna make you speak,
Nothing's gonna make us laugh.

Nothing to think about,
Nothing to sigh about.
"Nothing's secure" that's what you said.

Nothing's in my heart.
Nothing's in your smile.
Nothing is wrong if you build the wall.

(Would you say it again)

"Nothing's gonna change my game,"
"Nothing's gonna change my mind."
Nothing's gonna make you speak,
Nothing's gonna make us laugh.



Filipino children paint Easter eggs
Children in Philippines painting Easter eggs (taken from BBC)

This is the day when Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected.

It's definitely a joyous day for all the Christians!

Ying Ker Lou restaurant - expensive but so so food, my mum cooks better Hakka food btw :P

Fattening food is the killer.

In just two days, i gained two KG.

Yeah, this sounds very sissy, ranting about the weight - but it's true!

Fat pork, oily-fried-ghost, Baskin Robin ice cream, fast food...

I think outting is one of the main reason I gained weight.

So, no more outting next time? LOL LMAO


1. "Nude Night" - 6:19
2. "Base 6" - 6:34 - pick
3. "Clip Kiss" - 6:58
4. "The Diamond Sky" - 3:37 - pick
5. "H.I.A." - 7:11 - pick
6. "Let Me In Mate" - 4:19
7. "Prescription Beats" - 5:13 - pick
8. "Scale" - 3:43
9. "Silver Drizzle" - 6:25 - star of the album
10. "Snooprah" - 7:15 - pick

Not many people care about releasing the compilation of B-sides - simply because B-sides (the rest of the tracks in a single/EP) 

UK Oasis did release a compilation of the B-sides, and I'm sure many Oasis fans would say someties the B-sides are better than A-sides (which is not supposed to be the case )

Well, back to The Chemical Brother's B-sides Volume 1. This is the first compilation of their B-sides - but available only in digital format.

The tracks are more towards the beats - something that you can expect from clubs. 

If you are a electronic/techno fan, it's worth listening.

Rating: 6/10

Silver Drizzle:

Track Listing:
1. "Music:Response" – 5:19 - pick
2. "Under the Influence" – 4:16 - pick
3. "Out of Control " – 7:19 - pick
4. "Orange Wedge" – 3:06
5. "Let Forever Be" – 3:56 - pick
6. "The Sunshine Underground" – 8:38 - star of the album
7. "Asleep from Day" – 4:47
8. "Got Glint?" – 5:26
9. "Hey Boy Hey Girl" – 4:50 - pick
10. "Surrender" – 4:30
11. "Dream On" – 6:46 - pick+

I'm writing a review for an album which is 9 year old.

Basically the reason why I like Chemical Brothers is because the range of their music.

In their album, there are songs for clubbing, chill out, or even a lullaby.

Gonna write only on the picks of the tracks

Under the Influence is good to test your speaker's bass - I like the feeling of the beginning part - if your speaker is good enough, i'm sure you'll feel your face shaking :-)

Out of Control - it's a rock song, but in techno flavour

Let Forever Be featuring Noel Gallagher from the UK band Oasis, it's a repetitive but catchy song.

The Sunshine Underground - a song with full of transformation. The beginning part is like "eastern meets western". Then you feel as if the sun is rising... then rest need a lot of your imagination - I'm unable to describe much :P

Hey Boy, Hey Girl - it's a clubbing song, but it's nice to listen to make you feel energised.

Surrender - some kind of chill out track I guess?

Dream On - a lullaby. It's a soothing track and I remembered that there are times I kept listening it at night, back in 1999.

There you have it, a rojak in an album - and till now I still like it.

Rating: 8/10

It might be too late to set the target for my not-so-new job.

But basically, this is the plan.

1) It's a new project, a lot of things to be adapted with new technology.

Therefore I put high importance on innovation.

2) Secondly it's a team work. Therefore a team spirit must be there before you can even talk about knowledge sharing. We are on the same boat, if one fail, everyone will be affected.

3) Thirdly, optimisation, there are a lot of unidentified processes. Which is similar to the previous project I was in. If we could find out and get rid of unneccessary processes(mainly due to assumption/kiasu-ism(wanting to have "nice to have" processes)/kiasi-ism(afraid to be responsible for something)) that, is already an optimisation in place.

4) Lastly, speed. It's very important to catch up because this company REALLY have a lot of processes. It's too many processes that sometimes will choke you of and now it's giving us obstacles and surprises everyday.

But every processes has its own purposes.

That's one of the reason why this company is a strong company - it's good at executing the processes.

I hope I can achieve the target stated. But it depends how good I can work with the team.

Lord, please give me the patience, wisdom and the strength to get thru this.


I tell you what, be an WebSphere expert will earn you good future.

Because WebSphere is such a high level software that, when it comes to troubleshooting - it's impossible for you to find much solution for it.

As a DSK, even if I Google the error message - chances are you get a lot of other things - which are not relevent.

This is because WebSphere is written in Java. And there are many other software written in Java - which will produce the same error message under similar situation.

There are two times I spent hours Googling, and end up I had to use assumption to troubleshoot and got the things right -_-

Maybe DSK's power is no longer that powerful.

The throne is shaking.

That's why it's 3.30am and i'm still waiting for my hair to dry.

Sexercise can:

- lower the risk of heart attacks

- helps people live longer.

- uses every muscle group, gets the heart and lungs working hard


Lead to a better body and a younger look.



- helps prevent frown lines from deepening

- releases "painkillers" into the bloodstream, which helping keep mild illnesses like colds and aches and pains at bay.


Endorphins released during orgasm:

- stimulate immune system cells

- which also helps target illnesses like cancer, as well as wrinkles

- will make your hair shine and your skin smooth


The production of extra oestrogen and testosterone hormones "will keep your bones and muscles healthy, leaving you feeling fabulous inside and out".

Conclusion: A sexercise a day, keeps the doctor/plastic surgery/etc etc away?


Guardian UK

That's the slogan of Tesco :)

But that was the statement best describing the employee's contribution.

Few days ago I went back to my previous office. I chatted with numerous of people. Of all the conversation, I must say all were fruitful.

Some of the conclusions:

Every employee understand the situation around his/her position better than anybody else.

Therefore, don't be stingy to share out your point of view. If you don't share, nobody knows. But if you share, you are giving the company the chance to improve. You are also giving yourself a chance to have better job satisfaction as well.

My opinion: it's kinda simple, if you think you've done your best but the company doesn't appreciate it, you can always look for another company which will appreciate your work :)

I was part of the team who initiated two small documentation projects.

And I was glad that with the help of my successor, Nicole, the two projects (it's an ongoing projects) had achieved good results:

1) One of them helped the new comer to pick up fast, as well as helping the rest of the helpdesk-er searched the info fast.

2) The other project was initially aimed to improve the technical skill of the helpdesk. But somehow, after repackaging etc etc etc, it was somehow recognised by people from US (!!!!!)

I was very happy. Because I didn't expect the things I once contributed, can be useful to that extend in the latter days.

Hence, every little helps. You may not see it now, but you won't know what will happen later either :)

This is truly Malaysia Boleh!

This proved that dictatorship no longer works in this era.

Whatever news that is controlled by the government - they will no longer be able to control it.

Every netizen is the journalist by him/herself.

Every single banned news in printed media, can easily be published in the blog.

This shows that the citizen is no longer manipulated by the government - instead, the citizen is the boss now.

Let's see what can the opposition parties do, let's see if they can walk the talk.

And for one truely Malaysia Boleh example - our blogger, Jeff Ooi, has become the first blogger turned MP in Malaysia.

Perhaps the first case in Asean as well?

This is definitely a brand new chapter for Malaysia!

For once, it's really MALAYSIA BOLEH!

It's a mixed of action + artistic movie.

The first hour, which talked about the war, was interesting and realistic. It's like the eastern version of the Saving Private Ryan.

The latter part talked about how Captain Gu fought the way to prove that all his comrades were sacrificed in the war, instead of categorised as "missing" (because the "missing" ones won't get recognition)

Therefore, me and WeiHan agreed that first hour was interesting. But the second hour was sometimes boring (to me, i think the director should have cut off the marriage part)

After all, it's a good Chinese movie. I'd definitely recommend to any Chinese movie lover.

Rating: 7/10

It's fun to watch this movie. From high mountain, to tropical forest, to desert, to Egypt.

You get to see mammoth, terror birds, saber toothed tiger.

Oh yah, and also the four-legged demon (it's actually a horse)

The storyline is simple, it's impossible if you don't understand the story.

It's fantastic and it looks a bit like "exodus from Egypt" (but in this movie, it's exodus of the warrior from everywhere to Egypt)

You get to see "big bird" (ship), "high mountain" (pyramid) and many kinds of aborigines.

If you cut off those violent scene (e.g. spear sticking activity), it's perfectly suitable for children to watch.

The CG was nice.

Bottom line: It's like watching National Geography.

Rating: 6/10

P/S: the main actress in the movie was.. yummy (a borrowed term from Ronnie)

All you need to do is "Jump, Jump, Jump!"

Imagine if you have this kind of ability, you can teleport yourself to anywhere, everywhere, anytime, everytime.

Then you can steal anything you like also. You can even  "jump" a Mclaren SLR.

If you don't have money to demolish a building, you can "jump" it to somewhere as well.

What I mentioned above all did happen in the movie, in another form maybe.

All in all, I want to say that, this movie is totally doesn't make sense. But if you watch it for fun (like Mr and Mrs Smith), you'll definitely enjoy it.

Rating: 4.5/10

This song is dedicated to my friend.

It's a lovely tune by The Beatles.


Something in the way she moves,
Attracts me like no other lover.
Something in the way she woos me.
I don't want to leave her now,
You know I believe in how.

Somewhere in her smile she knows,
That I don't need no other lover.
Something in her style that shows me.
I don't want to leave her now,
You know I believe in how.

You're asking me will my love grow,
I don't know, I don't know.
You stick around now, it may show,
I don't know, I don't know.

Something in the way she knows,
And all I have to do is think of her.
Something in the things she shows me.
I don't want to leave her now.
You know I believe in how.

A Pakistan soldier at the Pakistan-India border saw an Indian always took a bike, carrying a big bag, crossing the border.

First day, same person with the same thing happened.
Second day, Third day, fourth day, same thing happened.

On the fifth day the soldier thought that there must be something that the Indian is stealing.

So he stopped the Indian and checked the bag, poured out everything, found nothing but the sand.

So he let go the Indian and the same thing happened for the rest of the month.

The next month the soldier got the news: "We've lost 30 motorbikes in Pakistan!!!!!"

I know I'm not eligible to say this.

Cos I didn't register to vote for election (yes, stupid me, i know)

But to those who are voting, please use your common sense.

It's not by looking ONLY what's happening in the past few months.

You should look at what happened in the past few years.

1) Result of Price (for everything) Soaring
2) Result of Anti Corruption
3) Result of the promise that Pak Lah had made earlier (Work with me, NOT for me)

I think if I see any banner now, I'll think of election already

The one who insisted one of the parked stuffs in front of my house, finally come to agree that, those stuff is actually theirs.

(Within that stuff) One out of two will definitely be taken care/first call support will be done by them (bcos it's an application) but the second one, because there's no clear/proper knowledge transfer from vendor, nobody will be assigned for the time being.

I assume (i know this is not a good approach), or more like, I trust, that he'll be doing what we had agreed.

Else I'll get the shooting started, period.