Today, I tried a new soup recipe - and I failed.

Nevertheless, I'll still document it

What I used was 1/4 of the shark's fin gourd (魚翅瓜), 5 pieces of the pig coccyx, 10 pitted red date. Instead of soy sauce, I'm gonna use only fish gravy - a secret weapon that my late granny often use to make the food tasty.

Put all the ingredients into the water

Cook until the water is boiled (approx 15-20 minutes)

Cook with slow fire for the next 2 hours 45 minutes

And the result - FAILED

Reason was because I miscalculated the water needed - the marrow would release water (since majority of marrow is water-based) when it's cooked.

So, the result was - thin-tasting soup.

I shall cook again with slow fire, and see how it goes.

And tomorrow, lotus root soup.

Stay tuned.