Camwhoring is more than an art. I started to believe that lately.

It's convenient because you don't need to ask people around you to take photo for you, only to find that it's not the angle or pose that you want.

You can't blame anyone for the lame photo skill cos you are the one who took the photo.

You can do it anytime you want, and anywhere as well.

Let me share some of the self-portraits.

Taken: 26/1/2009
Location: Queensbay Mall, Penang
What happened: I was rushing to buy gifts for Steven & Meipo's baby. But while taking the escalator, I decided to take a photo to record the moment. Yeah, rushing my ass.

Credits to my sister and cousin brother to create the fantastic background.

Taken: 27/1/2009
Location: Queensbay Mall, Penang
What happened: I was camwhoring with Steven & Meipo's cute lil baby!

Credit to Steven for providing the horn on my head for the Niu Year festive season :-)

Taken: 31/1/2009
Location: Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland, Pahang.
What happened: What the fog!


And yes, I still enjoy having sex, only with the woman.

I met with Uncle Ray & Aunty Siew Yong (who is my parent's old friend)

Ray gave me an inspiring way to say no:

At your age, you should say "No" to the things you don't like, in 1 out of 5 times.

But for my age (51), the ratio will be 1 out of 2. (Because of the age, the experience and the status that can make him do so)

LOL, good maths with some great idea behind :-)

It's an honour to be able to blog about my friends' wedding. (Actually, I asked for the photo and asked for permission to blog about it, else, not that courteous right)

And the photo that I got from them, as usual, you'll see funny expression from Weihan - his act-serious-but-actually-damn-funny expression is always a classic

Yes, I can't help but to laugh in the office. LOL

This post has got nothing to do with the real story happened when they took the photo - I'm merely making... stories based on the photos.

Happy couple

Wonder what made them felt "speechless"

The classic scene you would see from Indian love story (appearing behind the tree)

Which, of course, pleased Agatha

Lovely couple

Sweet couple

Loving couple

Blessed couple (I'm running out of vocab soon)

Cute couple

Beautiful couple

Weihan: She's complaining about the big wedding ring I bought for her

And eventually, he had a nice treatment after complaining.

Weihan tried to carry the train of Agatha's wedding gown.

At the same time, something caught his attention.

Weihan: Look, my mum wore this before, it has got her signature on it.

Last but not least, congratulation to them again!

It's a brand new chapter for them, and another new chapter coming up very soon.

One of the reasons I like The Beatles is because they were innovative and not being afraid to try something new - or even controversial.

"I've Got a Feeling" is one of the songs that The Beatles performed on the rooftop of their office, in the name of their new film at that time.

It was also a rehearsal and also recording of their coming up album at that time, i.e. "Let It Be"

In the end, of course, the rooftop concerted was closed down by the police - for creating noise in London.

Goodbye to Mr T41, and welcome the new T61.

T41 had been a faithful partner for the past 1 and half year, giving me the strong support from the daily operation, in terms of work.

It had not failed me.

Now, T61, a younger and more powerful brother, had come onboard to take over his brother's role, as T41 retires.

Too bad, T61's battery went defunct on the first day itself - nvm, let's learn (I'll get the replacement part tomorrow) and proceed.

Yep, in terms of performance, I'm happy with my ThinkPad T61, but quality wise - I'll reserve a bit and comment after a 3 months probation.

The A320 plane in the Hudson River

A flight accident happened in New York, which all 155 people (150 passengers, 3 flight attendants and 2 pilots) were all rescued.

Kudos to the

1) Pilots who made the "landing" on the river (at least, the plane won't crash)
2) Flight attendants who made the training and instruction right to get the passengers to wear the life jackets, and
3) The boat rescuers who were prompt enough to save all of the passengers from the river.

That's a miracle of the month.

via BBC

After a month, Panasonic released an updated version of the firmware.

Improvement this time:

  1. Improved white balance flash mode setting when DMW-FL220 is connected.
  2. Proper setting of shutter speed on iA mode and Scene mode when OIS is turned ON.
  3. Proper Exif information in the JPEG picture file.

Gonna test it tomorrow :)

Actually many issue arise when there's no right communication - that's what I've really learned and experienced in the past few years.

Yesterday, I managed to work with the support teams to find out the root cause for an issue hanging for 4 days, by just:

1) Drawing out all the connected points (which could be the point of failure) and its dependencies
2) Discuss among the support team on the purpose of the point of failure.

Et voila. We found the root cause, and had the issue solved.


Communication = To reach the understanding
Visualisation = Making your brain easy to understand

The combination provides the best result.

This is the toothpaste that was part of my childhood's memory. The design back then was way better with the simpler and cleaner design, with all the animals sitting together.

I remember it cos I wanted to use Darlie (back then, it's called Darkie) toothpaste badly.

Strange? Yeah, I didn't quite fancy the taste and I wanted to use Darlie like adult - that's why it was so memorable.

I had a chat with my sister yesterday about this toothpaste, and I discovered an unknown secret - she likes orange flavour the most, and sometimes, she would go into the washroom, just to squeeze a bit and eat.

Yes, eat. In Malay, it's "makan" and in Mandarin, it's 吃

How about you?

Tonge Point on Whitsunday Island, Queensland
Hamilton Island, Australia

After I dreamed about the sea in the morning, I came across the best job in the world

Caretaker of Hamilton Island, Australia

Salary: AUD 150,000 (total for six months)
Working Hour: 12 hours a month (!!!)
Job Functions:
i) Feed the fishes
ii) Collect the island's mail
iii) Prepare a blog, a photo diary and video updates to attract the tourists
Qualification: No formal qualification needed - provided if you are willing to swim, snorkel, dive and sail
What's inclusive? : 3 bedrooms villa with pool, rent-free

Interested? Send your 60 seconds video application to this website

via BBC, and their tips to get this job as well

And, I don't know how to swim, or even float.

Let's not talk about the job itself, this is a great advertisement for the island, already.

It's been a long while since I last had a dream.

This morning's dream was a very happy one.

I went to a seaside with my primary school friends, it's a very big one and the sea water was very clean.

We had a lot of swimming session and after a short rest, I asked Ken Lam if he wants to swim again, he just left his girl friend without saying anything, and joined me to jump into the sea and swim again.

After I woke up, I spent another 15 minutes lying on the bed reflecting the dream.

And in reality, I don't know how to swim

It's getting more and more categorisation nowadays.

Some are called worm, trojan, rootkit etc - but to generalise it, I'd still call it virus

Few things I can summarise - in order to prevent those malicious program from infecting your PC

1) Don't double click the pendrive drive from "My Computer", after you get your drive back from your colleague - this will autorun the virus in the pendrive, and start infecting your PC

Instead, you should right click on the drive and choose "Explore"in "My Computer"

2) Don't use Symantec Antivirus - it's the worst (but very popular) antivirus you can get.

I've been using Kaspersky for 2 years, and am still happy about it.

3) Use better internet browser - instead of Internet Explorer

I'd highly recommend Firefox 3, which I've been using for the past 4 years.

Better still, the last but the best solution - don't use computer

I watched it again with friend last Sunday.

And I found that the movie has another reference to The Beatles - Carl & Allison sang "Can't Buy Me Love" in the Hollywood Bowl.

And from Wikipedia, learned a few things too:
- Jim and Zooey share the same birthday in real life.
- Actually, at the end of movie, the reason why Carl can get so many donated clothes was because - he went outside of convention centre, and asked the attendees if they could "donate the clothes"

Since they can't say "No", so they end up being naked in the seminar.

I'd take it as a sweet revenge to this "Yes" covenant and it's beautifully sarcastic enough at the some time :)

There's one thing we must admit, as we started working, and as we grow older - our stamina getting suckier day by day.

I haven't really been doing any cardio exercise lately.

From a chat with a friend earlier on, he mentioned that last time he's able to play football non stop for 2 hours +, and during the last game, after just 15 minutes, he can't play any longer, and had become merlion.

Yes, he vomited.

With two months away from the KK trip, I can only choose to have more training.

I don't wanna be the Merlion of KK.

Damn, a guy doing camwhoring - that definitely sounds sissy or gay.

Ok, what happened was I found my friend Yen's new camera, there's this multiple-shooting-camwhoring function.

So I decided to give it a try and let my imagination run wild.

I recalled the moment when the primary school teacher asked us to pull the ears as a punishment.


What's up?

Uhhh? (total blur)


Ouch, I didn't know that flashlight can be that bright

Last but not least, I'm still straight, single and available. That's just some moment of creativity burst.

Apart from saying Happy New Year, I'd like to take this opportunity to share the Planner 2009 in two ways

i) View and export the planner in Google Document, in case you haven't used those online office suite, you'll be amazed that you can do the basic things without Microsoft Office installed

View it here

ii) Or, you can download straight the excel file here

Thanks to Emily who shared this useful planner.

Last week went to KLCC Aquaria, where I dropped my new camera in the dark -_-

Cross my finger, the camera still works well.

Btw, for RM28, it's worth a visit once in a while.

Piranha - they were like... anchored - they didn't swim at all, they just - "stand still"

These fishes just swim round and round and round and round in the big cylinder, I wonder what motivate them to do so - or, because they've got nothing to do.

Crocodile - looks like specimen when it doesn't move.

Some tropical fishes - colourful and look like something from ancient (or fossil)

Lazy stingray - simply just "sleep" on the underwater tunnel.

Dumb looking fish - I don't know what's the name, but it really looks stupid and just swimming round and round - like no direction, dunno what is it doing with a super blur face.


Which look kinda fearsome when it's near - still, all the fishes don't have face expression (of course), which made them look like specimen if they don't swim

Daring turtle - sleeping on top of a shark, what gives?

This is the aquarium I wanna own :-) Sponsor, anyone?

Emily claimed that Trevor seldom made Emoody an appearance, here you go.

First of all, Happy New Year!

This is my first post of the year.

If you look at the picture closely, there's something went wrong.

Yes, we didn't fasten our seat belt.

Don't get me wrong, bear will follow human's rule as well.

But even the human's rule is seriously flawed.


We are taking the front seat.

People (erm, we are bear btw) in the front seat without seat belt will get summoned.

People at the backseat without the seat belt fasten, will get summoned or even jailed.

So if the traffic police catches us, we'll get summoned, and I'll still be blogging because I won't go to jail.

But well, human are born to make mistake.

I'm just a bear, after all.

Starting 11PM 31/12/2008, I was finding my way to Jalan Sultan Ismail.

No, I'm not celebrating New Year's Eve in Bukit Bintang - I was on my way to the office.

It was so jam in Jalan Kuching that:

i) I managed to see fireworks in Jalan Kuching
ii) Reached office at 1AM

Because there were road closure, I had to drive a long way.

The sad part is I have to see happy people walking back from Bukit Bintang area, blowing whistle etc

The nice part - probably I get to see fireworks and get to see happy people during this "pre-recession" time.

My new year resolution?

1) Finish as much documentation as possible
2) Complete the tools that can help the team.

Yep, need to have a plan to handover and move on.