Verdict: A+ visual effect with some cheesy scenes that are... disastrous

This movie is good, no doubt about that. (It's a movie that'll make me walk into the cinema)

The visual effect was way way way better than any movies in recent years - yes, it really created the catastrophic feel and I felt as if I'm in the scene and had the feeling like "oh shit, what do I do if this happens?"

Let's get straight to the point - this movie could be way way way shorter as well - I waited for 1 hour+ to see the first grand disaster scene to happen.

The starting was like, doing introduction, who is who, what is doing what - omg, it's lengthy and not necessary.

And some of the scene are cheesy - preaching what humanity is about, one man that saved thousands of human, and how lucky they escaped in the very last minute (or seconds?)

Probably most of the budget was thrown into CGI production - instead of the script.

It isn't that entertaining as ID4 and the script isn't as smart as ID4 too (the movie from the same director, 13 years ago)

However, the visual effect is really better than his last disaster film - The Day After Tomorrow.

Make no mistake, I enjoyed every moment of the disastrous scene. (note: I'm not a sadist, no)

But my point is, if you take out those disastrous scenes, the quality of the movie could be quite disastrous as well.

Rating: 6/10