Winnie shared with me the improved recipe, and I shall try it in the next attempt.

I modified some in step 2 (for bigger portion) & 5 - basically, the longer you cook the taste will be richer (but no more than 3 hours pls)

1) Short-boil the pork bone for approx 1 minute...and discard the water
2) Put the pork into clean 3L of water...together with 5 medium sized dried oyster
3) Add the cut gourd with the seeds removed.(remove the seed from the gourd by using a toothpick)
4) Boil with high flame for 10-15 mins

a) Switch to medium... continue cooking for the next 2 hour


b) Switch to low flame ...continue cooking for the next 2 hours 45 minutes

Last but not least, thanks, Winnie :)