I called up my ex-client to wish him a Happy Chinese New Year (it's not over yet, it's the last day today, just FYI)

We had some chat.

He retired last year but apparently, a workaholic like him, I guess, made him back to work in another company after half year of rest.

Two things I realised:
1) It's good to have a partner, you'll feel really bored as you get older.
2) Don't get yourself becoming a workaholic - you'll really feel the void when you retire, that's when you'll
i) Get back to work again (it's become habitual already)
ii) Stayed feeling void till you start to show the old man's symptom

Btw, I have to admit, he was a very good manager or, you can say, worker :P

Oh do I have to plan for my retirement already? haha

Haha, not bad isn't it... the Chinese or Chinese descendant can have such a privilege!

Before the CNY celebration ends, I shall put one and the only resolution:

Healthy Living

With basic items as follows:

1) Sleep at least 7 hours a day
2) Drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day
3) At least a type of fruits a day
4) Less than 3 beer sessions a month (ok, not so healthy but what the heck :P)
5) 70KG by next CNY (currently 78KG)
- (Extremely more) Exercise is needed, apparently.
6) Less than 2 fast food per month
7) To have dinner before 8PM

Whatever it is, I seriously think health is important - the aging sign (what the heck, I'm not even 27 yet) and the stamina etc is really getting me.

You may say I'm selfish for wishing on my own - well, I think my parents are doing better than me in terms of healthy living

And I have to be the role model for my sister

So, it'll have to start from me, before I can do other things.

Verdict: Targeted at Chinese from the mainland, this movie is not my cup of tea, even though it's occasionally funny.

OK, from the movie poster you can tell it is supposed to be a funny movie.

It is. The actors tried to make it funny - but only occasionally.

It is a story about the Gods of Fortune came to earth and spread the wealth.

The joke wise... I strongly felt that it's targeted at the Chinese (from China), so at times I knew they tried to be funny but it wasn't that funny.

Of all, I felt the chapter acted by Zhang Zhen was the best.

Watch it if you really have nothing to do.

Rating: 4.5/10

Left: Old, Right: New, RM82 per bottle.

So seeing that the old one is gonna be finished soon, I bought the new one.

The new one, smells lighter - I could tell when I tested it in the shop.

When I asked why, the sales person told me "Oh, it's because many people don't like the heavy scented smell"

My thought on the spot: "Huh? I didn't feel that it's heavily-scented. And the pure lavender version is even more heavily scented"

What a way to cut cost, seriously -_-

Nevertheless, it is still a good product.

So yesterday tried to use piano as the instrument - the result was better than I thought.

Recorded a small clip and am quite happy with the result.

The next challenge is to come out a full piano piece as well as variety of instruments. ;)

Lyrics changed to


Title: 不一樣
Music: 2009-2010
Lyrics: 2009-2010

Short note: It's inspired by my own experience as well as friends - sometimes, why bother to spend the time to compromise while hurting yourself?

You have the right the choose, so please appreciate the right - as long as you are not being selfish, causing hurt and inconvenience to people around you.

I'm not sure if I have the mood to make this song a complete song, but it's a song that I'll dedicate to some of my friends. :)




But now I see,
My heart still bleeds.
Why would my tears
Never dry?

The happiness
Is everywhere.
Why should I waste
All the time?


I'm gonna wait for the sun
Cos it'll shine like the day before.


I'm gonna wait for the sun
Cos it'll shine like the day before.



1) 无名指除了代表配偶之外,另外还有浪漫的含意,无名指有痣的人容易出现不期而遇的桃花。
2)無名指的痣:代表有耐力、能吃苦、工作運不錯,但對家中的事常有不滿的傾向。 此痣有吉有凶。
4) 也有人說,那是一個花心痣...

還是這個最貼切 (鏈接:http://www.fengshui-magazine.com.hk/No.72-Jun03/A15.htm


Just let your angpow money be your sponsor ;)

I watched it in the cinema, and after I heard the news from Tee Chong that the DVD (original, of course) is available, I got it from Speedy during lunch time.

Some said my rating for this movie was low, the reason was because this movie was targeted specifically on local Chinese Malaysian (if you ask other descendant or Chinese from other countries to watch this movie, chances are they might catch no ball)

Perhaps I should put another local rating: it'll easily get a score of 9/10 :)

Anyway, please support this movie.

I enjoyed it and it gave me a hope that Malaysian movie is getting better!

I think for an original movie DVD, RM19.90 is pathetically cheap.

Verdict: This is the right movie for CNY, no death involved. HOWEVER, you need to have immunity of the over-commercialization to fully enjoy this movie

I don't know since when - HK movie for Chinese New Year season had become movie about kungfu or war that involves death - and I had to watch it cos there isn't much choice during that festive season.

Apart from the never-ending "All's Well Ends Well' movie series (hesitating whether to watch cos the review from friends weren't that good), I had some good laugh with this movie.

This movie is very commercialised - it is too obvious.

But since it's a star-studded movie, I could understand the funding needed those sponsors ;)

Put that aside, I had some good laughs. It is a typical Hongky comedy.

The moment I laughed the most was the parody of Ip Man - it was really good, the actress did it well, too.

The movie, however, suffered from some randomly-cut-scene and the ending was rather random as well.

But hey, it brings the joyous feeling - a feeling that's much needed for this festive season.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: You'll be disappointed if you expect the kungfu action scene like Ip Man. But as a Hong Kong action movie, it isn't that bad.

I think I started to feel bored by Hong Kong's action movie.

The good ones are numbered.

OK la, this movie isn't that bad.

Actor & actress had done homework for the kungfu, but there's nothing that's really refreshing, so to say.

The story isn't that twisted either.

But give me another movie like this, I might stop watching HK movie for a period :P

Rating: 6.5/10

Verdict: Jackie Chan's best movie in recent years

Initially I was reluctant to watch this movie - because of Jackie Chan.

He didn't have good movies lately - they were all about some violent and no-longer funny kungfu stunt.

FYI, this is a movie that was in development hell for 20 years.

Story wise was quite straight forward.

Lee Hom's acting skill had improved. (but as a general of the army, he doesn't need to be very expressive)

Of course, there was some funny element in the movie, some was the usual 'kungfu acrobat' but most importantly, it wasn't that boring.

The usual 'Jackie Chan's moral value' can be found in the movie too, but it was not too much.

The scenery of Sichuan was nice.

I kinda like the ending - I'd say it tells a lot about the suffering of the war.

Still, the story suffered from too much of coincidence and it seems to me, the two actors seemed to be very lucky in the movie.

And hey, how was the general able to tolerate with this little soldier? He can always run away if he wants.

But well, it is better than most CNY movie for this year, for sure.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: Non-stop fighting is a plus for the choreography, but it isn't good for the overall story

This movie talks nothing but the fighting - some might even be unnecessary.

It talks bout the Zui Quan, and unfortunately, it's only featured in the final portion of the movie.

But apart from that, the non stop fighting exposed the weakness of the movie - a hallow storyline.

And what's worse, Jay Chou's appearance made the show like a joke - his "jiao bin" (鳥面in hokkien, means the arrogant face) is extremely not cool at all - he should stick with youngster's movies like Initial D or some triad movie.

And with his talking style - which somehow made me relied a bit on the subtitle to understand what he said - it is totally uncool.

Almost everybody laughed when he first appeared in the movie, with the 'serious but tried to look cool face' - it shows how unsuitable he is for this movie.

The director Yuen Woo Ping was the director for this movie, but unfortunately, it seems it's best for him to stick as the choreographer.

Rating: 6/10 (strictly on the fighting scene that looks cool)

Verdict: A kid's movie which also gives express learning of some Greek mythology.

It's quite creative that the writer made use of the gods in Greek mythology and combine it with the real life.

That explains why Percy Jackson, who is also the demigod, needed to fight with all the gods/monsters to get back the stolen bolt (owned by Zeus)

At the same time, this movie was also an express course for me to learn about the gods featured in Greek mythology - I knew their name, but I didn't know what they represent - so now I know better.

I thought the 'usage' of Medusa, a la Perseus (I just learned that from wiki) was quite interesting, too :P

Downside of the story - Percy seemed too gifted - he was able to overcome the obstacles easily, he was able to fight against the monsters/enemies easily.

That, also contributed the fact that the movie failed to make me feel tensed - or excited.

But the idea of the story isn't bad at all.

I think if you enjoy Harry Potter series, you might enjoy this one as well.

Rating: 6/10

In the last Mulu trip, I happened to talk to a friend, during a 45minutes walking journey - we both agreed something about HK drama:

1) HK drama is quite boring. The theme of the drama, on majority, won't run away from these formulae:
i) Office politic with conspiracy
ii) Family business with conspiracy, enhanced with bitchy family members
iii) Police/Fireman/Doctor/Lawyer with complicated love relationship
iv) Complicated love story happened in selected era, where they had difficulties in communicating with each other (such as, during China Revolution)
v) Martial art heroes fighting during ancient time

2) The main actor in the drama always seems to be the perfect type (select at least 3 of the points mentioned below)
i) caring
ii) family type of guy
iii) funny+sunny
iv) successful career
v) will be hated in certain part of the drama, but acted strong when the whole world is against him

3) It's the bitchy + the-urge-to-see-how-the-bad-ones-end-up-with that's able to drag the drama to 30 - 40 episodes long

You often hear how blood boiling is the certain character in the drama - but yet, this seems to be what people enjoy to watch after a whole day of stress+tiredness at work.


What's more, is the social impact that it brings to the society:

1) Cantonese as the preferred/premium language, especially in Klang Valley
You'll be teased if you can't speak good Cantonese.

2) The boyfriend standard set by the girls seemed to be rather dreamy/high/perfect - just like how those featured in the HK drama
Sometimes, you feel like asking the girls to look at the mirror, too.

3) Office politics / Family affair seems to be inevitable - they have a good reference to follow.
Yet they say it's happening in real life, hence it is in the drama - they didn't realise that, subconsciously, they agreed to the things that may be avoided, and God knows, they might be practicing it.

Conclusion: We find that watching HK drama is kinda waste of time, most of the time ;)

Recently, or rather, sarcastically, I realised something that happened to me, almost 2.5 years ago.

I had a totally different view on it now.

Initially, I thought it happened for the wrong reason - the thought was with hate and disappointment.

But recently, I re-looked at it again, with things that happened recently, I realised that, the incident happened 2.5 years ago, it happened for the right reason.

Funny that it took 2.5% of the century for me to realise it - but it doesn't matter, it's better be late than never.

So, if you ask me, I'd say my mind is slightly more matured now :P

Appetizer (yummy cos it has pork) & hot green tea

There's this Jap restaurant in The Weld (which is less than 200m from my office) that I had never visited before. So I took a chance to have a first try.

I ordered Katsudon set after I saw some review online.

Some salad, miso soup and mochi were the extra

The egg and pork.. omg, juicy and yummy

Best mixed with this chili powder

The dessert - mochi - another omg, yummy as well!!

For the price of RM25.30 - I thought this set is share-able by two persons - I still feel very full after half an hour.

Another visit will be done, in near future (just fmi, dinner time from 6.30PM - 10.30PM ;) )

Verdict: An American version of Shaun of the Dead - equally fun and interesting to watch!

I like how the movie was narrated.

I like how they made the zombie, looked not so scary.

I like how they made this movie as a comedy - even though the situation is very saddening.

The movie was gory but was neutralised by the funny element they put in.

More like, a black comedy.

If you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, I'm sure you'll enjoyed this one, too.

Rating: 8/10

I missed the Cameron Highland trip cos I was busy doing preparation for this trip.

It was worthwhile.

I heard a lot about the caves (one of my ancestor actually lived in caves before, they were once the Cavebear) , but I had never visited any.

So finally - there you have it - stalactite & stalagmite that are larger than human!

I had my first acquaintance with Abraham Lincoln.

And last but not least, the Mulu Pinnacle, where human recently gave it a new name.. something like 'a place with Avatar feel'.

I don't know about you, but I always feel that human is a creative creature.

A tiring but interesting trip!

Kimura is, or, has been, cute

I'm listening to Kimura's latest album - a greatest hits compilation album.

The bonus disc includes 12 previously unreleased tracks, either in single or album form.

It's a nice album, review will come later.

But here's a song that I thought that's quite cute, titled "Forbidden Fruits"

You can have a trial listening here

And I have to admit, without the lyrics below, I had hard time figuring out what was she singing.

She takes me to the fascinating world of forbidden fruits
Her life is footloose and fancy free, forbidden fruits

I transformed to a little airplane
Fly to her, switch to automatic driving
You are tricky, already in the sky
Please give me sweet sweet forbidden fruits

She takes me to the fascinating world of forbidden fruits
I invaded her deep and strange space, forbidden fruits

I have never seen before
It is not necessary to feel poor any longer
I was able to find the future
Please give me sweet sweet forbidden fruits

When eating, it is the beginning and the end, forbidden fruits
When eating, it is the beginning and the end, forbidden fruits

Here is only brand-new things
Hereafter, My mind is never frightened
Still, the past is a little anxious
Please give me sweet sweet forbidden fruits

Nobody barks like a tiger
The inspiration gets off one after another
So, I keep taking the rhythm
Please give me sweet sweet forbidden fruits
Please give me sweet sweet forbidden fruits

Nobody barks like a tiger
The inspiration gets off one after another
So, I keep taking the rhythm
Please give me sweet sweet forbidden fruits

Saiful vs Anwar's case gave us several insights, if whatever Saiful said was true:

(if you didn't follow the story, you should read the news article here)

1) Anwar is a horny, sexual maniac beast. He will greet people with question like "Can I fu*k you today?"

So meet up with him at your own peril.

2) Saiful is an extremely easy going person. Regardless how pissed he was after he was asked "Can I fu*k you today?" by Anwar, he would still went and clean himself up and came out naked with only towel covering his lower part

So, two things you need to screw Saiful:

i) The magic statement "Can I fu*k you today?"
ii) Provide him a towel.

3) KY Jelly is no good for lubrication.

One of the evidence Saiful provided in court was the KY Jelly they used during the sodomize activity.

Let's not question who provided the KY jelly which will lead to another two questions:
i) If Anwar provided KY jelly, why did Saiful keep it? Is that a souvenir or something?
ii) If Saiful provided the jelly, WHY HE BROUGHT IT WITH HIM ALL THE TIME? Did he foresee that he'll have sex anytime and anywhere?

OK ok, the point here is that, after using KY Jelly, Saiful still suffered from great pain that subsequently, he can't shit for the next two days.


The real pain in the ass is, the Malaysians would need to live with this kind of big joke.

Brosandi                             Smiling
Hendumst í hringi Spinning round and round
Höldumst í hendur Holding hands
Allur heimurinn óskýr The whole world a blur
nema þú stendur But you are standing

Rennblautur Soaked
Allur rennvotur Completely drenched
Engin gúmmístígvél No rubber boots
Hlaupandi inni í okkur Running inside us
Vill springa út úr skel Want to erupt from a shell

Vindurinn The Wind
og útilykt af hárinu þínu An outdoor smell of your hair
Ég anda eins fast og ég get I breathe as hard as I can
með nefinu mínu with my nose

Hoppípolla Jump into puddles
Í engum stígvélum With no boots on
Allur rennvotur(Rennblautur) completely drenched(Soaked)
Í engum stígvélum With no boots on

Og ég fæ blóðnasir And I get a nosebleed
En ég stend alltaf upp but I always stand up

Og ég fæ blóðnasir And I get a nosebleed
En ég stend alltaf upp but I always stand up


It's a cute song, really ;)

Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

Finally, with the help by Darry, I found this song.

It's a song called Hoppípolla (means "Jumping into puddles" in English) by an Icelandic group called Sigur Rós.

The MV is quite interesting too - it shows a group of seniors, playing pranks like the children.

(And the last part where they fought at graveyard is rather interesting, too)

Which is quite true because when the people at the old age tend to act like a child.

My grandpa is one good example.

Again, thanks Darry!

Verdict: Be thrilled by this romance movie

I can't tell much about the story - it will definitely be a big spoiler.

But what I can say is, it started as a standard romantic movie, but end up, it is a thriller.

It is scary to know how 'love' can drive a person mad/crazy.

In fact, it is quite disturbing.

Audrey Tautou had delivered solid performance in this movie - at least, she is able to put some 'thriller' element into this romance movie .

My only complain is that the movie has too much of coincidence that gave Angelique a smooth run on whatever she wanna do.

Rating: 8.5/10

P/S: Thanks Jen for the intro ;)

Verdict: Very localised, Very (Chinese) Malaysian, Very cute, But Very Commercialised too.

It's a simple movie that you don't even have to know the plot.

But it's the joke that we're familiar with, the language that we (sorry but, strictly to Chinese Malaysian) are familiar with, that make this movie interesting.

I'd say they've done their homework in terms of acting (many were giving their first time :P) - you can't give them grade A but I would give them at least a B-.

Unfortunately, I really think the Chinese Malaysian would fully understand the joke in the movie.

And the movie was like... too commercialised - you could see some branding here and there. (but what to do, they are the sponsors)

But for a local movie, I would say this is a good start.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: An "Indiana Jones" wanna be, but failed

First, I really think Jay Chou isn't quite suitable to be an actor - he doesn't have the actor look.

He doesn't look macho nor does he have the 'lead actor' look.

His role in Initial D was ok cos of the 'otaku' kind of look.

But if he is to act action movie like this, sorry.

The story is rather simple - to get some kind of treasure in lost city, based on a map.

Lin Chi Ling has got more chance to talk in this movie, but still some journey to go before the acting can be considered as 'good acting'

Apart from that, the visual effect and storyline is quite the standard package you get to see in Hollywood movie.

Rating: 5/10

So the latest drama in the country is Anwar vs Saiful, whom Saiful accused Anwar of forcing him to have anal sex.

I would just look at one point only:

The anal activity happened on 26th June 08, but he reported and was examined on 28th June 08. The doctor was still able to get the residue of the semen


Analysis from the statement:

- He likes to have the semen stayed in his ass
- Even if he showered or
- Maybe he didn't shit
- Even if he shit, the stubborn semen still wanna stay in the ass
- Those who like to have anal sex, beware, the residue of semen will stay inside the ass!!!!! Who knows you'll get a 'semen shit' one day!

The conclusion of the analysis is: Ouch, it's a pain in the ass!