March 28, 1999 - I found a chemical reaction of 5 elements can make an object disappear and reappear in 2 weeks. Adjusting the order of the elements & using different voltages can control the time and size of object to be transported to (see the full theory & diagram in the notebook)

August 5, 2002 - I met Natalia on the way to the train station. She was talking on the phone when she dropped her wallet. I picked it up and returned to her. That's how we started to know each other.

December 25, 2012 - I completed 50 testing on the time machine - some example: I time transported a piece of bread with butter, to two weeks back - when the time transportation is completed: what I saw was the bread was at the same place, but full of fungus.

I then time transported a can of Coke to three weeks in a future - the object disappeared. But three weeks later, the Coke reappeared with the drink still fizzing.

January 13, 2013 - It is our 10 years anniversary. Natalia made a birthday wish to go back to 13 August 2001, to stop a car accident that caused a scar on her face.

Knowing that action might change the timeline, I time-traveled to:
October 12, 2000 - to sign up the safekeeping service that was valid for 1 year, with 1 month notice for collection before expiry. That was when I posted these letters & notebook to you both

After reading these chronologies, if my theories earlier were correct, that means you are already in different timeline now.

Just my thought, sometimes, when a history is done for, there is no point to reverse. Just live with it, and find ways to move forward.

It seems my only legacy is these letters.

For I exist in a timeline that no longer exists.

The second page of the letter reads

"In year 2013, Natalia and I have been together for 10 years.

On the anniversary, she wanted a gift, that is to use the time machine to time travel, to avoid a car accident that caused a scar on her face.

I predicted that will change the timeline from there onwards. In case you both only know each other by now, that means history for my timeline had changed.

Predicting that might happened, I wrote these two letters, signed up with a safekeeping services so that it will send the collection reminder to both of you, with two purposes:

1) to safeguard my invention: time machine
2) to inform you that Natalia is the greatest person to be with.

Apart from that, I can also get to confirm two theories (I guess you will be the one confirming that, if the timeline has changed):

1) Changing a past event can affect the timeline from that point of time onwards.

2) if that is the case, whoever makes the changes will disappear from the timeline, because that person is no longer relevant.

Sounds complicated? I'll write a chronology of the timeline that happened during my time, to let you understand better"

13 Sep 2001

It's almost evening.

Natalia followed the address to the house. She arrived at a house that has a huge garage beside it.

She knocked the door for a while, having no one answering the door.

Instead, someone came out from the garage to answer the visitor.

As the person approached Natalia, she realized that he is the guy whom she saw in the shopping mall last month, and who has been appearing in her memory randomly.

She was shocked and starting running away.

The guy chased after her, while asking out loud "Are you Natalia? I am Timothy!"

"But I didn't write those letter!"

Natalia slowed down, she asked "What did you just say?"

Timothy replied "Well, I retrieved a letter from a safety box, sent by a guy named Timothy, he asked me to anticipate a girl named Natalia to visit you."

Taking out a letter from his jacket, he continued: "Listen, if you can just read the letter that I had received, I believe that we can solve the puzzle - in the past one month, I had a strange memory of a lady appearing  in my mind, and yes, that lady does look like you."

Natalia started reading the letter

"Dear Timothy,

What you are gonna read is something that will blow you mind.

Yes, it was me writing to you from the future.

In year 2013, I had successfully built a time machine. I was able to do time traveling and had fun!

Something happened in the future, just right after I built the time machine - which I will further explain in the next page.

Now, right after you retrieved this letter, expect a lady who's gonna visit you - her name is Natalia.

Show her this letter, and next, show her the time machine you were building - before she can really trust what you are saying"

"So, do you wanna see the beast that I'm building? I've started it like 3 years ago, but myself from future had sent the working blueprint that will really help me to complete this thing!" Timothy said.

"Wait! I'm still very confused - how did that Timothy send us all these letter, and what time machine are you talking about?"

"Perhaps you need to read the next page of the letter" Timothy said.

With the latest iPhone 5 'scuff-gate' cases surfacing, there is even one video suggesting to get the iPhone 5 batch to be produced in October instead.

So the quick conclusion here is, get a casing if you don't want the scratches on the premium product.

One good news, though, is that iPhone 5 has better built quality in an extreme test vs Galaxy S3.
In this video:
It finally broke during the 7th drop test while Galaxy S3 screwed on the 2nd drop test itself.

So, those hot news aside, I personally think it is an opportunity for Windows Phone 8 - you can say hardware spec wise, it matches with Android devices (some has even better hardware spec)

Further more, if you Google it, the battery life of those phones have mostly been iPhone > Windows Phone > Android

So for now, we understand from an amateur test that iPhone 5's battery is > Galaxy S3

Why do I keep talking about battery life? I personally think that battery plays an important part for a smartphone - without good battery, those great features can only be enjoyed in limited time.

So back to Windows Phone 8, it's kinda interesting how it will turn out to be.

What triggered me to think more is that, yesterday I bought a phone for my father to replace his old one.

He doesn't need those 'smartphone' features as he can use the iPad.

So end up, we bought a dual-SIM colour LCD phone, with 2GB storage, keypad & camera with 10.1 hours talk time.. all for RM150.

Come to think about it, he only needs the phone for communication purpose.

Whereby, for daily smartphone users like us, I believe the most needed features are:

1) Whatsapp
2) Facebook
3) Facebook Messenger
4) Youtube
5) Map
6) Some web surfing
7) Music

All these can be done on Windows Phone 8, too.

So, assuming the battery life of the devices will still be iPhone 5 > Windows Phone 8 > Android Jelly Bean

And plus, its interface which is simple and much more informative than Android or iOS at a glance..

I would say Windows Phone 8 really has the potential

12 Sep 2001

Just a day after the shocking encounter at the mall, it was Natalia's birthday.

It was a usual day in the office, added with a bit of surprise by the colleagues, in conjunction to celebrate her full recovery from the accident last month.

When she arrived home, her sister was preparing dinner, while telling her "Hey you've got a mail"

Natalia picked up the mail from the coffee table, it was sent by a bank's safekeeping services, indicated that she has an item due for collection.

That made her feel strange, as she had never signed up any safekeeping services.

But out of curiosity, Natalia took a day off next day to collect the item.

13 Sep 2001

At the bank, she opened up the safety box, inside, it was another letter.

The letter read:

Dear Natalia,

First of all, Happy belated birthday.

I hope you have been well.

Anyway, if you see this letter, please proceed to take this letter to the home address written at the back of the letter.

A greater revelation lies ahead.


Despite feeling weird on those uncertainties, Natalia had decided to pay a visit to the address - since she had nothing to do for the rest of the day.

Yesterday went to visit my god-mother. She shared a story which helped me to come up a theory.

The story is about a dream that she had:

A relative from Singapore visited her in Kuala Selangor, in the dream. She cooked dishes for him.

He enjoyed eating the dishes, ate little rice.

He then brought her to see the place he stays in Kuala Selangor

They were chatting outside the door.

Reality: That relative could never have come back to Malaysia due to passport issue.

Most importantly, he passed away a day before she dreamed about him.

Next, My god mother had moved from Kuala Selangor more than 15 years ago.

Interestingly, during a visit to Kuala Selangor some time ago, she visited the "place" that the late relative stays.

What she saw, is a warehouse. The place where she chatted with him, has no door - it's just a wall.

My theory: Chinese believes that when a person passed away, that person would visit places that he/she would miss.

But from this dream, it also explains why abandoned houses, empty places with no people staying for a while, are famous for being haunted.

Simply, in this dream, her late relative would find a place with little presence of human, "created" a door to stay in.

Verdict: As a British action movie, it is not bad at all - it has a lot potential as 80% of story happened only in the same building.

To start with, the poster, trailer or even the movie itself looks like B-movie. But upon checking, it is a USD45million budget movie. Wow.

Next, Judge Dredd has combination of Batman's husky voice and the look that reminds me of Robocop - most importantly, three of them share the same mission - to maintain justice in the city.

After a short introduction of Dredd and how the apprentice came into the picture, the rest of the movie happened in the same apartment (a 200-storeys apartment, if not mistaken)

That is when it makes the movie interesting, where Dredd and Anderson used their talents respectively, to survive in that limited space with limited resources.

They did not show off much on the gadget - but the weapon looks interesting though.

Few flaws that I don't quite get it:
1) Anderson could have used the psychic power from the starting, it would have saved a lot of time
2) Emergency kit that could heal internal bleeding?
3) Anderson's psychic power can't work while wearing helmet, but can penetrate thru other's helmet?

But removing those flaws, this movie is an interesting movie with some good thought on a post-apocalyptic world.

Lastly, this movie has a lot of potential expanding beyond that apartment :)

Rating: 7.5/10

P/S: Judge Anderson looks like Carly Rae Jepsen. I had the image of them running for life, but suddenly, they started singing Call Me Maybe.

Apple Maps looks unfinsihed, period

I upgraded the New iPad (ok, to me it's iPad 3) to iOS 6.

No issues.

Just now, after using for a while, here's my quick review:

1) Siri is fun to use (I tested it with Mandarin & Cantonese - the voice recognition is not bad)
2) Safari feels smoother
3) It has Clocks now! Can play with alarm & stopwatch too (meh to many, but I think it's a welcome feature)
4) Apple Maps looks like an unfinished products
5) Having said that, iOS 6 lost two important applications that I love - Google Maps & YouTube (Google is still developing iPad's version)
6) BATTERY DRAIN! Battery is the reason why I love Apple product, but after the upgrade, it seems like draining faster than usual - surfing on Chrome for 45 minutes, battery dropped 10%
7) Again, on Apple Maps - it shows inaccurate data? I search the map around my housing area - Taman Metropolitan Kepong has become Bukit Jalil Recreational Park B? Whadafuq?
8) OK, some credit that applications such as Photo, has better integration with social media such as Facebook (but yes, it is already done on Android :-) ) 

I'm not sure how would Steve Jobs feel about this, but in my opinion, this will be his third turning in the grave (1st being the name "NEW iPad", 2nd being the un-inspirational iPhone5)

September 11, 2001
Almost one month past, the car-hospital incident was left behind Natalia's head.

She was in the office when her colleague talked to her in shocked mode "There's something really horrible happened in the New York City. I heard it was terrorist attack"

Natalia replied without hesitation "Yes it was really bad - the terrorists hijacked the plane and collided onto World Trade Center"

Her colleague asked "How did you know?"

Natalia paused, she was unsure. Yes, how would she know as she has been working non stop since early morning? She was so busy that she didn't even have a chance to listen to radio, and of course, no time for web surfing.

The headache came back again - she took the day off and went to shopping mall to get something from the pharmacy.

While she was walking in the shopping mall, towards a junction, she was as if having a flashback - she had seen this before, it was as if she dreamed about this exactly same scenario, same atmosphere, and if she turns right at the junction, she would meet a guy in green shirt, whom she would start talking with.

Natalia slowed down her pace. She slowly walked towards the junction, had a peek at the right corner.

To her surprise, she saw a man in green shirt, who looked exactly the same in her flashback or dream.
The guy noticed that Natalia was staring at her, and he stared at Natalia with clueless face, too.

Out of shock, she ran away from the shopping mall, headed home.

At home, she was still very confused. The guy looked so familiar, but where else did she meet with him? Do they know each other? If they know each other, why would the guy gave her the clueless look?

She frantically took out her yearbook, flipped thru the pages. No, the guy was not in any of the classes.

She closed her eyes, trying to recall who the guy was.

In her fragmented memory, she 'saw' that the guy used to hold her hand, intimately.

Natalia opened her eyes, she was even confused and what's more, she is now scared of what she had just recalled.

Just exactly who is he? What was in her mind? Where did those dream or familiar feeling come from?

If you would like to know what is it about, you can read from wiki >>here<<

What made me write this post is based on the observations on people as well as discussion with my friends.

Well, I'm one of the post 80's generation, but I found that some of the people, who are just 3 years younger than me, showed another category of Generation, I would call it as FYG generation, i.e. Facebook+YouTube+Google generation.

What makes them think they can do better than the rest is, in my opinion, that they read it from Facebook on how easily a person can be successful, or they watched youtube on how that person can easily achieve something, and get famous because of that.

One last thing, the reason why these people, including me, can get the information more organised and faster than the previous generation, is because we could make use of the internet, especially Google.

That made the FYG generation thought things can be easily done.

More than often, they seek for instructions on 'what to do', instead of thinking 'why this has to be done' or even 'how can I do this better'

Similar to the gadget that they own - they will think of 'what to own' instead of 'why do I have to own it?"

You can't blame them, as company such as Apple or Samsung are pushing the phone generation cycle yearly, while creating the 'must-have' feeling among those people.

Back to how the FYG generation react at work - they often think they have done a very good job, if you don't like it, it's ok, there's always a way out and there's another company which will appreciate me. (especially applicable if there's slight increment in another company)

They seldom seek for more responsibilities as they think they should work 'just enough'.

But of course, there are some people who are of exceptions - so this is just one of my random thoughts of the moment :)

August 13, 2001
Natalia woke up in a hospital, she didn't know how what happened.

All she could remember, was that she was as if flying thru a starry night sky, and now, woke up with occasion headache.

A nurse approached her when she noticed that she had awaken.

"How did I end up in here?" asked Natalie
"You were about to cross the road while a fast approaching car almost hit you - but just before it happened, it seemed you were pulled back by a strong force, then you collapsed right after that" the nurse replied.

"The doctor said your situation is quite stable & without any big issue, you can be discharged by tomorrow" the nurse added.

So, Natalia tried to look at her body - true, there were no bruises all over her body.

She went to bathroom to wash her face. In the mirror, she somehow thought there was a scar on her face - but it is not there anymore.

Natalia tried to call her sister - her only contactable relative in this world - but another person picked up the phone.

She had headache again, while trying to recall the actual number, she succeeded with her sister came to accompany her till the night.

The next day, she left the hospital to have the rest of the day sleeping at home.

Showered in dreamy style

You know, bears do not always take bath - it's normal because by nature, there is no bathroom, no bath equipments, bath toiletries for bears - which is very normal.

So after 2 years, I've decided to take bath. Because I didn't wanna use human's bathroom, I bathed in the living room.

Nobody is interested in my naked bath session, because I have always been naked (which is very normal)

After that, I had my sunbathing like a boss bear.

It was fun.

Verdict: It has potential, the graphic was not bad - but the storyline had too much of 'family emotions' running (more over, the guy would tell all his feelings using the video camera), which I believe most of the audience aren't interested to know.

Rating: 4/10

Verdict: The good starting was totally spoiled when illogical storyline comes in the middle till the end of the story.

Rating: 2.5/10 (1.5 was for some nice Spanish scenery and the chick)

Verdict: Good attempt to make this installment better than the last one (some interesting idea about city simulations) but some illogical twist (Luther was shot but could still fight like a healthy man?) and some overdone cheap scares produced some discounts. 

Rating: 6/10 

Many people do not know what this day exactly meant for.

It was 49 years ago when Malaya, Singapore, Sabah (was called North Borneo back then) & Sarawak formed Malaysia.

Details? Read it from wikipedia.

I read from somewhere, which is very interesting: Terengganu, Kelantan, Sabah & Sarawak are oil producing states.

But, they are also the poorest states in Malaysia, with Sabah being the poorest state.

What went wrong in the past 49 years?

It's a food for thought, by the way.

But it doesn't stop me from loving this country, which will have a lot of greens compared to others.

1) “以前,你在烈日下走兩公里的路,不奇怪。
2) “這個 Gangnam style,弄到全世界的人像傻佬一樣,一起學騎馬”

3) We saw a lady with this hairstyle

My sister said "Hey, I wanna do that hair actually"
My father: You don't have do that, we already have it at home

I need to make a follow up on the iPhone 5 launch that I followed closely earlier this morning.

i) It is a good phone because it is based on an already exist & matured technology, better processor and better camera are something expected for a new phone, in fact it will be applicable to any new phone, be it Apple, Android of Windows Phone.

ii) I've had enough on their marketing phrase such as 'it's never been done before'
On App Store, Tim even claimed.

"90% of the apps in that 700k are downloaded every month. The average customer uses over 100 apps."

"It's a revolution. It's phenomenal."

Hello? How did they come up with the stats?

To my knowledge, none of my friends use over 100 apps.

His theory was indeed revolutionary.

iii) I'm unsure this will be Steve's second turn in his grave. His first turn has to be the naming of "The NEW iPad"

I laughed when Phil said "So a lot has changed, and it's time for the connector to evolve. Our new connector is called Lightning. So we have Thunderbolt and Lightning."

My instant thought was "Ya Phil, why don't you call yourself Thor"

Lastly, iPhone 5 doesn't really give a big 'wow' factor compared to previous releases, such as Retina Display or Siri.

Conclusion: Since iPhone 5 will arrive Malaysia no earlier than November (just my wild guess), you might as well wait for the wildcard in the making: Windows Phone 8, which will also arrive in November.

Samsung has clearly closed a lot of gap with their Galaxy series, and iPhone and Samsung's android seem to be pretty much on par (except on the battery performance & processor speed)

It remains unclear if Apple is able to come up with a revolutionary successor to iPhone 5, but if they can't, Apple's big expansion might become bubbles.

One observation that I found on Tim Cook, is that he is a figure based person (in all his previous presentation, he kept focusing the sales figure and market share)

I've no doubt that he is very good in running operations, but running operations and coming up with revolutionary ideas are two different things.

Nevertheless, iPhone 5 is definitely a solid good replacement on existing smartphone, at least it will work for the next 2 years.

LTE may not be applicable to Malaysia so soon, but it is a big thing for other countries

- A6 Chips (claimed to be 2x faster)
- (Slightly) Better battery life
- Slightly better camera
- 4" 16:9 screen
- Screen is sharper (a layer has been reduced, that touch sensors are integrated right into the display itself)
- 30pin connector is replaced by "Lightning connector" (er, sounds a bit lame)
- iOS 6 (comes with cool looking Maps - replacement of Google Map as the default map)
- 20% lighter & 18% slimmer than iPhone 4S.

Overall, I think it is a better improvement compared with Samsung S2 -> S3

If you haven't owned a smartphone yet, or thinking to get a new smartphone, you won't go wrong with this one.

Nearest + earliest available place? Singapore. 21st September.

I think few years ago, an ex-blogger mentioned that Marrybrown is nicer than KFC.

After reading that post, I only tried once when I was rushing - so I didn't manage to get the real taste.

In the past 2 months, I tried twice, I can confidently say, it tastes fresher and crispier than KFC Original.

Trying it is also in support of Malaysia's brand as it is really Made in Malaysia.

So Nokia released its first Windows 8 phone, with interesting (but not being the first) technology such as wireless charging and their PureView camera system.

Currently, if you want a smartphone that you just need for normal surfing, whatsapp and youtube - with good battery life, you can consider Windows phone system.

My prediction is that, it has better battery life than Android, but slightly lose out to iPhone :)

Most importantly, the Modern UI is really a compelling reason why you can try this phone - it is really user friendly and very informative at a glance (with the live-tile)

Everyday we've been hearing sad news - robbery, murder and lately, 3 statutory rape cases that the convicted ones were found not guilty, on the reasoning of 'bright future', 'had consent from the female', 'unreliable proof by the kid of penile penetration'

In a very near future, we shall have the General Election - a chance to choose who you want to run the country in the next 5 years.

I hope my friends in Singapore (yes, majority of them are there now) would take this chance to make a difference.

If General Election turns out to be 'bad candidate selected to run the country, again', I might be doing what my ancestor from China did... again.

Yesterday was BFM's 4th year anniversary.

Had a chance to listen to interview with the founder & managing director of BFM - Malek Ali.

His quick background?

Law graduate from UK, MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, USA.

He has his family in Singapore, but he chose to stay in Malaysia for good cause - to be part of the citizens to grow Malaysia, but chose to let his kids to study in Singapore because for the time being, he trusts Singapore's education system + opportunity to learn Mandarin.

You can listen to his interview >>here<<, it's worth the listen and he definitely has good voice to be a DJ.

So as usual this afternoon my dad and I took some unknown path - so called trek-discovery.

Then we arrived at a Malay village, road is still new, with kids playing in the front yard.

We also saw Kampung chickens running around then we saw an old western guy taking out his bicycle from his car for a ride.

We continued walking and we arrived at a Chinese cemetery. That's when we decided to turn back to where we came from.

So back into the jungle, we saw a guy drove past us with this motorcycle.

We saw two guys approaching us, my father asked and we got to know we were not far from Sungai Buloh Hospital.

At a small waterwall, we saw the motorcyclist just now stopped his bike - he took out a bottle of Tiger beer.

He saw us and he said 'After work, it's nice to have beer"

I saw he had two empty glasses.

It's in a jungle - at that moment, we thought it's like those Chinese poet in old day who would travel far just to have a drink.

But now, I feel eerie.

I've been following his one column comic from newspaper to his FB.

Yes, if you are free, just give him a like on his facebook page - he deserves more than just a 'like'

My father said he read from somewhere that, when this artist has inspiration while driving, he would even park his car at the roadside just to draw it.

A very creative yet sharp artist :-)