Title: The Missing Gap
Lyric: 2007
Music: 2007

Short Note: It's a song appeared in my head when I was sipping coffee in Starbucks, this afternoon. The song is really like the title itself - there's a missing gap in between the "...sing the song" and "So I had been down..."

But well, since this song is meant to sing about the missing gap, so, let it be :P

And I must admit, for that "So I had been down"... till the "I'll find the way out" part, the melody was "borrowed" from The Beatles' Don't Let Me Down

This song is written for me myself, but also dedicated to a friend of mine, who has been supporting me. Unfortunately, that person also in similar but different situation.

I hope my friend will get well soon :)

(about The Missing Gap, for my story, it's the 'understanding' and 'communication' part, for my friend's story... i don't know.. my friend should know :) )


Love was in the air,
So I took a breath,
Thinking I could just feel fine.
I fell into the well.

Said that was a dream,
Shouldn't be so deep.
Shouldn't even have to take so long.
So let the bird sing the song.

So I had been down,
I'll stand (up from) where I fell.
And I had been down,
I'll wake up and smile.

So let the burden down,
And make it worthwhile.
But I'm not a clown,
I'll find the way out.

If it's not a dream,
Would I still believe,
With what I could see?

There's so much to please,
Made me wasn't me,
Made she wasn't she.

Na na na na na X n

Title: Missing You...
Lyric: 2007
Music: 2007

Short Note: This is a special song. The melody was written in my dream, at the end of July. Lyric changed for a few time, but was finalised someday around a week + after melody was 'written'

The lyric basically tells my feeling during that moment.

And few days back, this is the exact song that reminded me of the 'fairy tale' theory.


I think of you,
I dream of you.
And I hope it's you
Who'll make the dream come true.

My heart's with you,
I know it's true.
Would you call me, text me,
Say "I'm missing you?"

Take a song, take the sun, take a chance, take the rain
And let me be with you.
For the joy, for the pain, for the laugh, for the tears,
I wanna share with you
I'll be strong, I'll be strong
Though I'm missing you.

Take a break, Take a nap, Take a stand, Take a smile
And make yourself (who's) really you.
Won't you share, Won't you care, Won't you (be) dare, Won't you (be) frank,
Whether your feeling's true?
You'll be loved, You'll be loved,
While I'm missing you.

I'll sing for you,
I'll try for you.
And I found that it's you who,
Made me missing you.


P/S: Thanks to the bird who helped singing at the background (you can hear it at the starting) it definitely cheer up the song :)